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7 Patty Sackett Chrisman
Sackett Family Association membership
Patty Sackett Chrisman
Maplewood, New JerseyG.
Member # 7 (founding)
Joined 28 September 2003 mailing list subscribed: 10 Jan 2020
Member 2003–8, 2013–17.
Westfield 2012.
Patty Sackett Chrisman is one of the original members of the Sackett mailing list and of TSFA. She is originally from Portland, Oregon, but has lived on the East Coast for about 15 years and now lives in Maplewood, New Jersey with her husband Stephen and their sons James (10) and Thomas (6). Patty has a BFA (1982) and an MS (1990) in Historic Preservation from the University of Oregon. Prior to the birth of her children, Patty worked for four years as an Historian and Architectural Historian for the National Register of Historic Places at the National Park Service in Washington, D.C.
Patty has been involved in genealogy since her teens—predominantly as a way to find out about the ancestors of her much loved grandfather, Russell W. Sackett. Her grandpa’s parents divorced when he was very young, leaving him with no connection and no knowledge of his paternal family. Genealogy has proved to be quite compatible with her academic work—mostly studying the history and material culture of 17th and 18th century America. Patty truly enjoys research—particularly the use of primary documents. She is a big reader and knitting is a passion.
Patty serves as Vice Chair of the Maplewood Historic Preservation Commission and also does a bit of consulting. She is active in the elementary school as a volunteer and is a Deacon in the Presbyterian Church. Patty and her family spend weekends in the summer and fall hiking and biking and in the winter and spring all weekends are spent skiing.
TSFA Newsletter July 2004.
Sackett line11th great-granddaughter of Thomas Sackett the elder of St Peter in Thanet
Sackett ancestry
Thomas Sackett the elder (say 1530–1595), labourer of St Peter in Thanet, Kent, m. Joane ___
Thomas Sackett the younger (c1557–1615), yeoman of Birchington, Kent, m. Martha Strowde
Simon Sackett the colonist (1595–1635), of Thanet, Kent, & Newtown (Cambridge), Massachusetts, m. Isabel Pearce
John Sackett (1632–1719), farmer of Westfield, Massachusetts, m. Abigail Hannum
John Sacket (1660–1745), farmer of Westfield, m. Mahitable (Danks) Harris
Isaac Sacket (1703–1773), m. Elizabeth Shepard
Lieutenant David Sacket (1743–1838), m. Lucretia Shepard (see Sackett ancestry 2, below)
John Sackett (s1784–1847), m. Eunice Leffingwell
Elisha Shepard Sackett (c1815–), m. Maranda Hall
Charles William Sackett (1843–1926), m. Katherine Elizabeth Van Buren
Sherman Marcellas Sackett (1864–1942), m. Teresa Russell
Russell William Sackett (1898–1999), m. Helen Sippy
Sackett ancestry 2
Patty Sackett Chrisman has the distinction of being a double Sackett descendant following the marriage in her line of second cousins once removed Lieut David Sackett and Lucretia Shepard.
John Sackett (1632–1719), farmer of Westfield, m. Abigail Hannum
Samuel Sacket (1674–1709), m. Elizabeth Bissell
Benoni Sacket (1710–1785), m. Mindwell Smith
Elisabeth Sacket (1734–), m. Lieut John Shepard
Lucretia Shepard (1758–), m. Lieutenant David Sacket
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