England & Wales marriages index to civil register

782 records

[Sackett records complete to 1946; selected records only from 1947 to date].

  • Mar qtr 1947. Luxton, Albert E. Spouse: Bowhill. West Ham. 5a:1125.
    Mar qtr 1947. Bowhill, Amelia J. Spouse: Luxton. West Ham. 5a:1125.
  • Jun qtr 1947. Wright, Dora M. Spouse: Smith. Lewisham. 5d:315.
    Jun qtr 1947. Smith, Colin R. Spouse: Wright. Lewisham. 5d:315.
  • Dec qtr 1947. Baylis, Eileen M. Spouse: Harrison. Ilford. 5a:979.
    Dec qtr 1947. Harrison, Arthur. Spouse: Baylis. Ilford. 5a:979.
  • Dec qtr 1947. Marsh, Ronald J. Spouse: Higgins. Oxford. 6b:1977.
  • Mar qtr 1948. Sackett, George W. Spouse: Dawson. Fulham. 5c:1270.
    Mar qtr 1948. Dawson, Ivy. Spouse: Sackett. Fulham. 5c:1270.
  • Mar qtr 1948. Van Nieuwkerk, Marcus G. Spouse: Griffiths. Edmonton. 5e:616.
    Mar qtr 1948. Griffiths, Winifred M. Spouse: Van Nieuwkerk. Edmonton. 5e:616.
  • Jun qtr 1948. Sackett, Dorothy R M. Spouse: Ball. Kensington. 5c:2664.
    Jun qtr 1948. Ball, Charles G. Spouse: Sackett. Kensington. 5c:2664.
  • Sep qtr 1948. Sackett, Daphne R. Spouse: Brown. Wandsworth. 5d:2448.
    Sep qtr 1948. Brown, Stanley F. Spouse: Sackett. Wandsworth. 5d:2448.
  • Sep qtr 1948. Sackett, Margaret. Spouse: Prince. Fulham. 5c:1547.
    Sep qtr 1948. Prince, Arthur E. Spouse: Sackett. Fulham. 5c:1547.
  • Sep qtr 1948. Sackett, Nellie M. Spouse: Blake. Westminster. 5c:1094.
    Sep qtr 1948. Graarud, Nellie M. Spouse: Blake. Westminster. 5c:1094.
    Sep qtr 1948. Blake, Rustat A E. Spouse: Graarud or Sackett. Westminster. 5c:1094.
  • Dec qtr 1948. Simms, Cecilia. Spouse: Robertshaw, Kenneth. St Albans. 4b:375.
  • Sep qtr 1949. Sackett, Patricia R M. Spouse: Beacham. Bristol. 7b:512.
  • Mar qtr 1950. Sackett, Olive M. Spouse: Wilson. Hove. 5h:505.
    Mar qtr 1950. Wilson, Charles C. Spouse: Sackett. Hove. 5h:505.
  • Sep qtr 1950. Hale, Edith F. Spouse: Dean. Southampton. 6b:1423.
  • Sep qtr 1950. Dean, Leonard A. Spouse: Hale. Southampton. 6b:1423.
  • Sep qtr 1950. Price, Olive M. Spouse: Eheim. Greenwich. 5c:1599.
    Sep qtr 1950. Eheim, Anton K. Spouse: Price or Sackett. Greenwich. 5c:1599.
  • Sep qtr 1950. Sackett, Ronald. Spouse: Butchers. Tonbridge. 5b:2205.
    Sep qtr 1950. Butchers, Alma F. Spouse: Sackett. Tonbridge. 5b:2205.
  • Dec qtr 1950. Sackett, Gerald M. Spouse: Long. Bathavon. 7c:104.
  • Dec qtr 1950. Sackett, Thomas E. Spouse: Andrews. Canterbury. 5b:444.
  • Mar qtr 1951. Sackett, George L. Spouse: Tollafield. Surrey mid-eastern. 5g:503.
    Mar qtr 1951. Tollafield, Bridget K. Spouse: Sackett. Surrey mid-eastern. 5g:503.
  • Mar qtr 1952. Sackett, Bertram E F. Spouse: Earl. Surrey Mid Eastern. 5g:511.
    Mar qtr 1952. Earl, Sheila D. Spouse: Sackett. Surrey Mid Eastern. 5g:511.
  • Mar qtr 1952. Sackett, Geoffrey A A P. Spouse: Nuth. Bristol. 7b:200.
    Mar qtr 1952. Nuth, Mary. Spouse: Sackett. Bristol. 7b:200.
  • Sep qtr 1952. Sackett, Doris. Spouse: Hillen. Salisbury. 7c:1338.
    Sep qtr 1952. Hillen, Frederick. Spouse: Sackett or Pitt. Salisbury. 7c:1338.
  • Sep qtr 1952. Sackett, Rosa D. Spouse: Wellard. Bridge. 5b:137.
  • Dec qtr 1952. Sandford, Philip H S. Spouse: Cowlishaw. Sheffield. 2d:455.
    Dec qtr 1952. Cowlishaw, Dorothy. Spouse: Sandford. Sheffield. 2d:455.
  • Jun qtr 1953. Sackett, Margaret. Spouse: Rees. Pontypridd. 8B:920.
    Jun qtr 1953. Rees, David R. Spouse: Sackett. Pontypridd. 8B:920.
  • Mar qtr 1954. Sackett, Leonard G. Spouse: Barbara L Naris. Fulham. 5c:1167.
  • Mar qtr 1954. Sackett, Richard C. Spouse: Suett. Romford. 5a:1391.
    Mar qtr 1954. Suett, Maureen D. Spouse: Sackett. Romford. 5a:1391.
  • Jun qtr 1954. Sackett, Francis R. Spouse: Durham. St. Olave (Bermondsey). 5c:128.
    Jun qtr 1954. Durham, Gladys V. Spouse: Sackett. St. Olave (Bermondsey). 5c:128.
  • Sep qtr 1954. Sackett, Edmund J C. Spouse: Phillips. Bristol. 7b:593.
  • Mar qtr 1955. Sackett, Bryan C. Spouse: Hill or Morris. Bristol. 7b:407.
  • Sep qtr 1955. Sackett, Norman L. Spouse: McQueen. East Ham. 5a:80.
    Sep qtr 1955. McQueen, Bessie S L. Spouse: Sackett. East Ham. 5a:80.
  • Dec qtr 1956. Sackett, Barbara A. Spouse: Biddulph. Thanet. 5b:1329.
    Dec qtr 1956. Biddulph, Brian C. Spouse: Sackett. Thanet. 5b:1329.
  • Mar qtr 1957. Sackett, Henry D. Spouse: Smith. Romford. 5a:1240.
    Mar qtr 1957. Smith, Barbara E. Spouse: Sackett. Romford. 5a:1240.
  • Jun qtr 1957. Sackett, Richard R. Spouse: Pike. Fulham. 5c:864.
    Jun qtr 1957. Pike, Dorothy C. Spouse: Sackett. Fulham. 5c:864.
  • Sep qtr 1957. Sackett, Malcolm F. Spouse: Galletly. Thanet. 5b:1998.
    Sep qtr 1957. Galletly, Mary E. Spouse: Sackett. Thanet. 5b:1998.
  • Mar qtr 1959. Blake, Nellie M. Spouse: Gehlcken. Thanet. 5b:1872.
    Mar qtr 1959. Gehlcken, Albert P. Spouse: Blake. Thanet. 5b:1872.
  • Sep qtr 1959. Sackett, Ian F W. Spouse: Durkan. Anglesey West. 5a:75.
  • Dec qtr 1960. Sackett, Clara A. Spouse: Farmer. Stoke. 9b:1273.
    Dec qtr 1960. Farmer, George A. Spouse: Sackett. Stoke. 9b:1273.
  • Dec qtr 1960. Sackett, Jean M. Spouse: Stevens. Chester. 10a:314.
    Dec qtr 1960. Stevens, Richard S. Spouse: Sackett. Chester. 10a:314.
  • Jun qtr 1961. Sackett, Agnes M D. Spouse: Brindle. Nelson. 10e:997.
    Jun qtr 1961. Brindle, Ian S. Spouse: Sackett. Nelson. 10e:997.
  • Jun qtr 1961. Sackett, Jean L. Spouse: Cate. St. Olave (Bermondsey). 5c:135.
    Jun qtr 1961. Cate, Ralph E. Spouse: Sackett. St. Olave (Bermondsey). 5c:135.
  • Sep qtr 1961. Keyho, John A. Spouse: Eddolls. Salisbury. 7c:1504.
    Sep qtr 1961. Eddolls, Rosalyn K. Spouse: Keyho. Salisbury. 7c:1504.
  • Dec qtr 1962. Sackett, Dennis. Spouse: Sackett or Graham. Bodmin. 7a:20.
    Dec qtr 1962. Graham, Edna M. Spouse: Sackett. Bodmin. 7a:20.
  • Jun qtr 1964. Whittle, Ethel E. Spouse: Vallens. Weymouth. 7c:1617.
    Jun qtr 1964. Vallens, Frank H A. Spouse: Whittle. Weymouth. 7c:1617.
  • Mar qtr 1966. Parchot, Jeffrey A A. Spouse: Criddle. Southam. 9c:2653.
    Mar qtr 1966. Criddle, Ann F. Spouse: Parchot. Southam. 9c:2653.
  • Mar qtr 1971. Sackett, Linda S. Spouse: Hawkes. Bristol. 7b:196.
    Mar qtr 1971. Hawkes, William T. Spouse: Sackett. Bristol. 7b:196.
  • Jun qtr 1971. Baker, Vera K. Spouse: Calvert. Bristol. 7b:126.
    Jun qtr 1971. Calvert, Norman H. Spouse: Baker. Bristol. 7b:126.
  • Dec qtr 1971. Sackett, Edith G. Spouse: Freeman. Uckfield. 5h:923.
    Dec qtr 1971. Freeman, Raymond O. Spouse: Sackett. Uckfield. 5h:923.
  • Dec qtr 1973. Sackett, Dorothy E. Spouse: Nichols. Uckfield. 5h:834.
    Dec qtr 1973. Nichols, William J. Spouse: Sackett. Uckfield. 5h:834.
  • Mar qtr 1974. Sackett, Andrew D. Spouse: Batt. Bristol. 7b:119.
    Mar qtr 1974. Batt, Jean M. Spouse: Sackett. Bristol. 7b:119.
  • Sep qtr 1974. Sackett, Geoffrey F. Spouse: Crundwell. Maidstone. 16:1402.
    Sep qtr 1974. Crundwell, Kathleen D. Spouse: Sackett. Maidstone. 16:1402.
  • Dec qtr 1974. Sackett, Julia M. Spouse: Thomas. Bristol. 22:0319.
    Dec qtr 1974. Thomas, Robert M. Spouse: Sackett. Bristol. 22:0319.
  • Dec qtr 1975. Sackett, Robert A. Spouse: Lang. Brentwood. 9:1401.
    Dec qtr 1975. Lang, Annie. Spouse: Sackett. Brentwood. 9:1401.
  • Mar qtr 1977. Sackett, Bertram E F. Spouse: McCormack. Croydon. 11:1279.
    Mar qtr 1977. McCormack, Doris M. Spouse: Sackett. Croydon. 11:1279.
  • May 1986. Van Nieuwkerk, Marcus G. Spouse: Goreham. Enfield. 12:339.
    May 1986. Goreham, Barbara F. Spouse: Van Nieuwkerk. Enfield. 12:339.

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