Hon Jehial Sackett

FatherSamuel Sackett (1747-1816)
MotherThankful Wood
Death1832, Dutchess County, New York StateG,1
Marriage1790Samantha Knapp1
Hon Jehial Sackett, son of Samuel Sackett and Thankful Wood, was born on 24 July 1768.1 He died aged 63 in Dutchess County, New York StateG, on 4 April 18321 and was buried at Bangall Baptist Church Cemetery, Bangall, Dutchess CountyG.2 He married in about 1790, Samantha Knapp, daughter of Phineas Knapp and Mercy Rundle.1 Samantha was born on 28 April 1773.3 She died aged 71 on 5 April 1845 and was buried at Bangall Baptist Church CemeteryG.4
     Jehiel was taxed on his house and farm in Stanford, Dutchess CountyG, in the years 1799 to 1803.5
     In 1800, 1810, 1820, and 1830 Jehiel was listed in the census as a householder in Stanford, Dutchess County, New York StateG.6,7,8,9
     Jehial was named in his father's will made in StanfordG on 1 April 1812. He was to inherit a sum of $1,000, to be received after his mother's death. He and his brother Samuel Jr were appointed executors of the will, which was proved in Poughkeepsie on 3 September 1816.10
     Jehial's widow Samantha made her will at StanfordG on 2 October 1844. Probate was granted by the Dutchess County Surrogate's Office on 7 May 1845 to her sons Artemus and Phineas, executors of the will. Of her eleven surviving children (Cornelia, her eldest child, had died in 1826), all were named in the will except for Niram, who had removed in 1829 to Chautauqua County in the far west of New York State.10
Will of Samantha Sackett of Stanford, Dutchess County
Date: 2 Oct 1844.
Proved: Dutchess County Surrogate's Office, Poughkeepsie, NY, 7 May 1845.
Beneficiaries:3 daughters, Sally wife of George Guernsey, Tamena wife of Ezekiel Guernsey, & Samantha E wife of Smith Tompkins, to share all household furniture & wearing apparel.
Son John O Sackett, a note held against George Guernsey for about $60 plus interest.
Daughter Samantha, a note held against Stephen Sackett for about $112 plus interest.
Son Samuel J Sackett, one of best cows.
Sons Asa A Sackett & Isaac H Sackett, to share remainder of stock & farming utensils.
Sons Asa A & Isaac H, half each of real estate, Isaac's half share subject to reversion to John T Sackett, Asa A Sackett, & Samantha Tompkins.
Executors: Artemus E Sackett & Phineas K Sackett.
Witnesses: John Thompson, Harriet E Bullis.

Children of Hon Jehial Sackett and Samantha Knapp

730. Hon. Jehial Sackett, 1768–1832, of Stamford, Dutchess County, N. Y., son of (280) Samuel and Thankful Wood Sackett, was married to Semantha Knapp, 1773–___, daughter of Phineas Knapp. Jehial Sackett was a life-long and highly respected resident of Dutchess County. He took an intelligent interest in public affairs. In 1805 and for several years thereafter he was Superintendent of the Poor. In 1816 and 1817 he represented the town of Bangall in the County Board of Supervisors, and in 1818 was a member of the Lower House of the State Legislature.
1750. Camelia Sackett, b. June 19, 1792; m Asa Alling.
1751. Stephen Sackett, b. Jan. 26, 1794, d. in 1871; m. Rachel Barton.
1752. Sally Sackett, b. Nov. 2; m. George Guernsey.
1753. Niram Sackett, b. Oct. 31, 1797, d. Oct. 22, 1869; m. Catherine Thorn.
1754. Artemus E. Sackett, b. Dec. 12, 1799; m. Laura Hoffman.
1755. Tamena Sackett, b. Nov. 28, 1801; m. Ezekiel B. Guernsey.
1756. Phineas Sackett, b. Nov. 20, 1803; m. Eunice Guernsey.
1757. Samuel J. Sackett, b. Apr. 25, 1806; m. ___ Case.
1758. John T. Sackett, b. Nov. 27, 1808, d. in 1882; m. Maria Guernsey.
1759. Isaac H. Sackett, b. Nov. 28, 1810.
1760. Asa Alling Sackett, b. Jan. 6, 1813; m. Rhoda Green.
1761. Semantha Sackett, b. Apr. 20, 1816; m. Smith Tompkins.

Stanford Meeting
At a very numerous and respectable meeting of the Electors of the Town of Stanford, friendly to the General and State Administrations, convened pursuant to public notice at the house of Stephen Dewel in said Town, on Thursday the 16th day of March, inst. Jehiel Sackett, Esqr. was chosen Chairman, and Silas Germond, Junr. Secretary.
[Passed numerous resolutions relating to a County Convention to be attended by the Chairman, Secretary and four other named electors, resolutions expressing confidence in James Monroe, President of the United States, and in De Witt Clinton, Governor of this State, and a resolution expressing no confidence in late Governor Daniel D Tompkins as a result of his "recent unstable, inconsistent, and selfish conduct" and his "immense defalcation in his accounts".]
Resolved, That the proceedings of this meeting be signed by the Chairman and Secretary, and published in the Newspapers printed in Poughkeepsie.
Jehiel Sackett, Chairman.
Silas Germond, Jun. Secretary.
After the meeting had adjourned and many retired, those remaining, and whose names are hereto annexed, expressed an anxiety to have their names accompany the resolutions, as shewing their entire approbation of the proceedings of the meeting.
Jehiel Sackett, [& 61 others, including] Samuel Sacket.

Poughkeepsie Journal, Poughkeepsie, New York, 22 Mar 1820, p 3

 Notes & Citations

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