Richard Price

427 Richard Price
Sackett Family Association membership
Richard Price
Newport Beach & Lake Arrowhead, CaliforniaG.
Member # 427
Joined 11 December 2013 mailing list subscribed: 8 Jan 2020
Richard's brother Martin Price is a Sackett Family Association member.
Member 2014–20, 2021–; Vice President 2017–18; President 2018–20.
Richard was approved as a member of the Sons of the American Revolution on 25 June 2015, his ancestor Buell Sackett having served as a Private in the 5th Connecticut Continental Regiment.
     He was admitted to membership of the Winthrop Society on 5 July 2017 in affirmation of his descent from Simon Sackett the colonist.
Sackett line12th great-grandson of Thomas Sackett the elder of St Peter in Thanet
Sackett ancestry
Thomas Sackett the elder (say 1530–1595), labourer of St Peter in Thanet, Kent = Joane ___
Thomas Sackett the younger (c1557–1615), yeoman of Birchington, Kent = Martha Strowde
Simon Sackett the colonist (1595–1635), of Thanet, Kent, & Newtown (Cambridge), Massachusetts = Isabel Pearce
John Sackett (1632–1719), farmer of Westfield, Massachusetts = Abigail Hannum
John Sacket (1660–1745), farmer of Westfield = Deborah Filley
Benjamin Sacket (1698–1753) = Thankful King (see Sackett ancestry 2, below)
Benjamin Sacket (1731–after 1776) = Dorothy Buell
Major Buell Sackett (1763–1840) = Sally Earl Beach
Nathan Sackett (1794–1874) = Martha Patricia Daukin
John Benjamin Sackett (c1828–1879) = Elizabeth Bandy
Laura Ellen Sackett (1866–1943) = William Henry Brill
Leah Brill (1893–1971) = Edward Dally
Morris/Maurice Edward Dally (1908–1927) = Malda Gropp
Eunice Maree Dally (1925–1979) = Richard Albert Przybylski
Sackett ancestry 2
Richard Price has the distinction of being a double Sackett descendant following the marriage in his line of first cousins Benjamin Sacket and Thankful King.
John Sackett (1632–1719), farmer of Westfield = Abigail Hannum
Abigail Sacket (1683–1721) = David King
Thankful King (1704–1785) = Benjamin Sacket
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