England & Wales Register 1939

178 households

Records of living people or of people who might be living are closed by FindMyPast for privacy reasons. Records in the 1939 Register were updated over later years, so that some married names refer to later marriages.


  • St Gabriel's Convent, The Ridge, Cold Ash, Newbury: Sackett, Lilian, servant, b. 5 Jan 1894, single, domestic duties.

BUCKINGHAMSHIRE, Eton R D (rural district)

  • Sackett household, 225 Parkway, Eton R D, Buckinghamshire: RG101/2144J/008/2, Leslie W Sackett, b. 23 Jun 1913, married, executive Malted Milk Manufacturers; & 2 closed records.

CORNWALL, Newquay U D (urban district)

  • Rowe household, 36 Fore Street, Newquay U D, Cornwall: John Rowe, b. 1886, married, managing director; Helen Beatrice Rowe, b. 1887, married, unpaid domestic duties; Ivy M L Sackett, b. 29 Oct 1905, single, domestic servant.

DENBIGHSHIRE, Aled R D (rural district)

  • Sackett household, Black Lion Hotel, Aled R D, Denbighshire, Wales: Mary Sackett, b. 12 Apr 1876, widow, hotel proprietress; Elizabeth Sheldon, b. 1872, widow, unpaid domestic duties; Arthur H Sackett, b. 12 Jan 1911, single, manager hotel & filling station; & 1 closed record.

DENBIGHSHIRE, Colwyn Bay M B (municipal borough)

  • Francis household, Maes Y Fron, Everard Road, Colwyn Bay, Denbighshire, Frederick H Francis, b. 21 Aug 1883, married, motor vehicles sales manager; Mabel Francis, b. 10 Aug 1887, married, unpaid domestic duties; Alice J Francis, b. 23 Jul 1923, single, student; Mary H Francis (later Roberts), b. 14 Jun 1929, single, at school; James Fred Francis, b. 18 Oct 1852, widower, garage proprietor retired; Edith G Child, b. 3 May 1896, married, unpaid domestic duties; 1 closed record; Marjorie D Child, b. 21 Jun 1935, under school age; Sarah A Cooper, b. 21 Mar 1859, widow, private means; Amy F Appleton, b. 4 Dec 1874, married, unpaid domestic duties; Alan S Woodhead, b. 22 Apr 1931, at school.

DEVON, Barnstaple R D (rural district)

  • Vaiser? household, Rockspray Cottage, Hangman Path, Barnstaple R D, Devon: Edith M Vaiser?, b. 1904, married, unpaid domestic duties; Winifred H Sackett, b. 1 Dec 1905, married, unpaid domestic duties; & 2 closed records.

DEVON, Dartmouth M B (municipal borough)

  • Marchant household, 9 Britannia Avenue, Dartmouth M B, Devon: Fred Marchant, b. 23 Jun 1892, married, GWR goods carman, heavy worker; Alice M Marchant, b. 21 Oct 1892, married, unpaid domestic duties.
  • Sackett household, 17 Sandquay Road, Dartmouth M B, Devon: Arthur T Sackett, b. 9 May 1890, married, engine fitter & turner marine engineering, heavy worker; Grace Sackett, b. 17 Oct 1885, married, unpaid domestic duties.

DEVON, Dawlish U D (urban district)

  • Stein household, Rougemont, Exeter Road, Dawlish, Devon: Rosalie Stein, b. 1863, widow, incapacitated; Eva Stein, b. 1884, single, housekeeper; Elizabeth Sackett, b. 18 Mar 1878, single, domestic servant; Walter Goldhill, b. 1885, married, sponge & chamois leather merchant; Sophie Goldhill, b. 1885, married, unpaid domestic duties.

DEVON, Teignmouth U D (urban district)

  • Sackett household, 1A Lower Brook Street, Teignmouth U D, Devon: Alfred T Sackett, b. 16 Oct 1866, married, retired old age, boatman; Sarah A Sackett, b. 23 May 1866, married, unpaid domestic duties.


  • Annesley household, Poole, Dorset: Annesley, Clifford, b. 4 Jan 1877, retired Lt Col RASC; Annesley, Clara M, b. 23 Dec 1876, unpaid domestic duties; Sackett (later Tucker), Maud, b. 31 Dec 1896, single, domestic service.

DORSET, Weymouth and Melcombe Regis M B (municipal borough)

  • Sackett household, 55 South View Road, Weymouth and Melcombe Regis M B, Dorset: George H Sackett, b. 15 May 1875, married, radial driller; Eliza Sackett, b. 5 Oct 1874, married, unpaid domestic duties.

ESSEX, Barking M B (municipal borough)

  • Sackett household, 40 Creekmouth, Barking, Essex: RG101/1056J/022/23, James R Sackett, b. 20 Mar 1884 [sic], married, process worker chemical factory; RG101/1056J/022/24, Annie Sackett, b. 30 Oct 1883 [sic], married, sewing machinist ladies wear.

ESSEX, Billericay U D (urban district)

  • Sackett household, Jesse Dene, Brentford Avenue, Billericay U D, Essex: RG101/1480D/003/43, William J Sackett, b. 1 Mar 1872, married, gas collector retired; RG101/1480D/003/44, Caroline Sackett, b. 8 Feb 1874, married, unpaid domestic duties.

ESSEX, Chelmsford M B (municipal borough)

  • Brown household, 74 London Road, Chelmsford, Essex: RG101/1493I/016/1, Brenda M Sackett, b. 23 Aug 1912, single, librarian & indexer.

ESSEX, Dagenham M B (municipal borough)

  • Sackett household, 5 North Close, Dagenham M B, Essex: Ernest H Sackett, b. 7 Jan 1900, married, boiler maker heavy worker; Sarah L Sackett, b. 21 Jan 1900, married, unpaid domestic duties; & 1 closed record.
  • Tanner household, 73 Gay Gardens, Dagenham, Essex: William M Tanner, b. 1889; RG101/1076A/018/22, Elsie E Sackett (later Etherington, later Cook), b. 6 Apr 1913, paid housekeeper; & 1 closed record.
  • Sackett household, 5 Ripple Villas, Ripple Road, Dagenham, Essex: Leonard M Sackett, b. 19 Nov 1898, married, foreman barge builders, heavy worker; Agnes E Sackett, b. 6 May 1896, married, unpaid domestic duties.

ESSEX, East Ham C B (county borough)

  • Stone household, 58 Monega Road, East Ham, Essex: Alexander Stone, b. 1867, plasterer; RG101/0998G/004/1, Annie R Stone (later Sackett), b. 26 Sep 1906, single, card box maker; Ivy Stone (later Gnashall), b. 15 Sep 1910, single, card box maker; & 4 others.
  • Sackett household, 115 Walton Road, East Ham, Essex: RG101/1002A/012/13, Robert J Sackett, b. 21 May 1880, married, builders labourer heavy; RG101/1002A/012/14, Maria Sackett, b. 3 Jan 1881, married, landworker potatoes & pea picker.
  • Lang household, 327 Church Road, East Ham, Essex: Edward Lang, b. 17 Sep 1897, married, general labourer; RG101/1002A/024/39, Annie Lang (later Sackett), b. 2 Mar 1898, married, unpaid domestic duties.
  • Nye household, 3 Colchester Avenue, East Ham C B, Essex: Rosetta Nye, b. 26 Dec 1911, married, unpaid domestic duties; Alexander R Nye, b. 27 Feb 1913, married, bricklayer general hand heavy worker; Brian A Nye, b. 22 Aug 1935, at home not of school age; & 1 closed record.
  • Sackett household, 54 Parkhurst Road, East Ham C B, Essex: Alfred A Sackett, b. 24 Mar 1908, married, public works contractor labourer; Florence I Sackett, b. 7 May 1910, married, unpaid domestic duties.
  • Sackett household, 249 Parkhurst Road, East Ham, Essex: RG101/1002D/015/32, Robert A Sackett, b. 30 Aug 1902, widowed, builders labourer heavy worker.
  • Whyberd Household, 81 Third Avenue, East Ham, Essex: RG101/1004G/004/21, Violet S Whyberd (later Sackett), b. 7 Jan 1901, single, ledger clerk.

ESSEX, Frinton & Walton U D (urban district)

  • Sackett household, 3 & 5 Connaught Avenue, Frinton & Walton U D, Essex: RG101/1512C/009/18, Alice Sackett, b. 12 Oct 1882, divorced, cafe proprietress; RG101/1512C/009/19, Geoffrey A Sackett, b. 20 Jan 1910, married, cafe manager.

ESSEX, Hornchurch U D (urban district)

  • Sackett household, Northumberland Villa, Philip Road, Hornchurch U D, Essex: RG101/1525D/010/12, Henry Sackett, b. 27 Oct 1871, married, old age pensioner; RG101/1525D/010/13, Elizabeth L (Louisa) Sackett (later Allan), b. 8 Sep 1869, married, old age pensioner; RG101/1525D/010/14, Alfred W Sackett, b. 4 Apr 1911, single, store keeper; Alexander Allen, b. 27 Apr 1865, widowed, old age pensioner.

ESSEX, Ilford M B (municipal borough)

  • Sackett household, 173 Cranbrook Road, Ilford, Essex: RG101/1101I/014/16, Martin Sackett, b. 22 Sep 1876, married, accountants clerk; RG101/1101I/014/17, Elizabeth Sackett, b. 22 Aug 1878, married, unpaid domestic duties.
  • Sackett household, 48 Bede Road, Ilford, Essex: RG101/1106B/026/18, Thomas Sackett, b. 15 Jul 1904, married, builders lorry driver (heavy); RG101/1106B/026/19, Ethel M Sackett, b. 23 Nov 1906, married, unpaid domestic duties; & 1 closed record.

ESSEX, Leyton M B (municipal borough)

  • Sackett household, 56 Holloway Road, Leyton, Essex: RG 101/1111H, Richard J Sackett, b. 29 Dec 1864, married, retired Council employee; Alma Sackett, b. 12 Jul 1867, unpaid domestic duties; Margaret D Sackett (later Todd), b. 4 Jul 1907, single, buffet attendant; John E Sackett, b. 2 May 1912, single, carpenter.

ESSEX, Southend-on-Sea C B (county borough)

  • Sackett household, 80 York Road, Southend-on-Sea C B, Essex: RG101/1468A/005/21, Thomas Sackett, b. 24 Feb 1865, married, dock labourer (retired); RG101/1468A/005/22, Sarah Sackett, b. 20 Sep 1864, married, unpaid domestic duties.

ESSEX, Thurrock U D (urban district)

  • Sackett household, The Pod, High Street, Thurrock U D, Essex: RG101/1550E/004/10, Edith G Sackett, b. 20 Dec 1876, single, private means; Frances M Asplin, b. 1861.

ESSEX, West Ham C B (county borough)

  • Coldery household, 135 Odessa Road, West Ham, Essex: Mary I Coldery, b. 1869; RG101/1025F/011/14, Henry Sackett, b. 13 Dec 1873, single, market porter fruit & vegetable (invalid); Arthur B J Jones, b. 1917; Hannah (J) Jones, b. 1894.
  • Sackett household, 142 Corporation Street, West Ham, Essex: RG101/1031F/009/32, Rosina M Sackett (later Harris), b. 19 Oct 1914, single, printing machine operator cigarette manufacture; Rosina E Sackett, b. 24 Mar 1888, widowed, unpaid domestic duties.
  • Sackett household, 3 Pond Road, West Ham, Essex: RG101/1032D/007/9, John E Sackett, b. 16 Nov 1876, married, electrical fitters mate, heavy; RG101/1032D/007/10, Edith E Sackett, b. 16 Mar 1894, married, unpaid domestic duties; Richard A Sackett, b. 8 Aug 1920, single, plumbers mate, heavy chemical industry; & 1 closed record.

FLINTSHIRE, Rhyl U D (urban district)

  • Wilton household, Danum, Russell Road, Rhyl U D, Flintshire, Wales: Garnet E Wilton, b. 1874, married, retail tailor, hatter &c.; Alice L Wilton, b. 1874, married, housewife; Sybil D Wilton (later Sackett), b. 3 Aug 1913, single, assistant in above business (retail tailor, hatter &c.); Irene L Jennens, b. 1901, married, housewife; John W Jennens, b. 1930, at school.

FLINTSHIRE, St Asaph R D (rural district

  • Sackett household, Cartref Melies?, St Asaph Road, St Asaph R D, Flintshire, Wales: Thomas E Sackett, b. 5 Oct 1877, married, cashier-clerk wholesale fruit; Florence E Sackett, b. 4 Feb 1877, married, household duties.

GLAMORGANSHIRE, Caerphilly U D (urban district)

  • Birkett household, White Cottage, Mountain Road, Caerphilly U D, Glamorganshire, Wales: Walter Birkett, b. 1871, married, accountant to gas company; Eleanor Sackett, b. 16 Sep 1877, widowed, unpaid domestic duties.

GLAMORGANSHIRE, Rhondda U D (urban district)

  • Sackett household, 42 King Street, Gelli, Rhondda U D, Glamorganshire, Wales: Archibald Sackett, b. 15 Oct 1889, married, labourer unemployed; Mary A Sackett, b. 27 Mar 1893, married, unpaid domestic duties; Ellen R Sackett, b. 16 Jan 1923, single, sleeve? hand factory.
  • Sackett household, Under 21 Bronllwyn Road, Gelli, Rhondda U D, Glamorganshire, Wales: John Sackett, b. 19 Nov 1902, married, colliery hewer unemployed; Eunice Sackett, b. 7 May 1904, married, unpaid domestic duties.

GLOUCESTERSHIRE, Bristol C B (county borough)

  • Hill household, 65 Montreal Avenue, Bristol C B, Gloucestershire: Alfred Hill, b. 1900, married, head expt aero engine storekeeper; Grace W Hill, b. 1900, married, unpaid domestic duties; Winifred Doris Hill (later Morris, later Sackett), b. 26 Feb 1922, single, aeroplane trimmer, wings etc.; Olive C Hill (later Wiltshire), b. 1923, single, aeroplane trimmer, wings etc.
  • Sackett household, 16 Albert Villas, Bristol C B, Gloucestershire: Vincent E Sackett, b. 17 Oct 1884, married, cinema commissionaire; Kathleen M Sackett, b. 3 Oct 1895, unpaid domestic duties; Gerald M Sackett, b. 29 Oct 1928, at school; & 2 closed records; & 4 billeted signallers, RCS.

GLOUCESTERSHIRE, Stroud R D (rural district)

  • Sackett household, Holly Bank, Chalford Hill, Stroud R D, Gloucestershire: Alfred B Sackett, b. 6 Jul 1862, married, Methodist minister (retired); Lydia A Sackett, b. 21 Oct 1859, married, unpaid domestic duties.

HAMPSHIRE, Alton R D (rural district)

  • Pragnell household, Crocks House, Alton R D, Hampshire: Alice E Pragnell, b. 1905; Margaret (E R) Pragnell (later Allcock), b. 1937; George Pragnell, b. 1858; RG101/2365H/003/44, William Sackett, b. 19 Apr 1870, married, retired; Alice Susan Sackett, b. 22 Jun 1868, unpaid domestic duties.

HAMPSHIRE, Petersfield R D (rural district)

  • Ham household, Gravell Hill, Petersfield R D, Hampshire: Edith R Ham, b. 1892, married, proprietor coffee stall; Harry Ham, b. 1928, at school; Barbara M Ham, b. 1932, at school; Eileen M Day, b. 1916, married, unpaid domestic duties; Ivy K Davis (later Sackett), b. 1 Nov 1921, single, domestic.

HERTFORDSHIRE, St Albans M B (municipal borough)

  • Simms household, 48 Heath Road, St Albans M B, Hertfordshire: Amelia V Simms, b. 26 Dec 1885, widowed, unpaid domestic duties; Kathleen M Simms (later Goodrum), b. 8 Jan 1912, single, tailors machinist textile; Violet M Simms (later Lane), b. 2 Jan 1916, single, printers folding machinist; Harry C Simms, b. 19 May 1919, single, resistance transformer & coil minder; Cecilia Simms (later Robertshaw), b. 21 Dec 1921, single, printing folding machinist.

KENT, Ashford U D (urban district)

  • 59 Magazine Road, Ashford U D, Kent: Edward T Brunton, b. 1859, single, draper retail; Rosie E Quested, b. 8 Sep 1876, widowed, unpaid domestic duties; RG101/1681A/010/32, Emily Ada Sackett, b. 6 Aug 1880, single, unpaid domestic duties; Florence E Willett, b. 15 Feb 1879, widowed, unpaid domestic duties.
  • Sackett household, 31 Cudworth Road, Ashford U D, Kent: RG101/1684F/002/39, Ernest H Sackett, b. 2 Sep 1874, married, metal assistant heavy worker; RG101/1684F/002/40, Rosita Sackett, b. 24 Jun 1872, married, unpaid domestic duties; Kenneth D Poulter, b. 1907, school master.

KENT, Bridge and Blean R D (rural district)

  • Twist household, The Old Hall, Nargate Street, Bridge and Blean R D, Kent: Ernest F Twist, b. 1878, Colonel (Army retired); Kathleen F G Twist, b. 1904; Edith L Allen, b. 1899, domestic servant; RG101/1803C/014/23, Dorris L Sackett, b. 8 Nov 1911, single, domestic servant; Ruby E Sayer (Etheridge), b. 1922, domestic servant; & 1 closed record.
  • Sackett household, 12 Tanford Lane, Bridge and Blean R D, Kent: RG101/1804G/012/43, Thomas Sackett, b. 16 Sep 1912, married, chauffeur; & 1 closed record.

KENT, Broadstairs and St Peter's U D (urban district)

  • Payne household, 7 Seafield Road, Broadstairs and St Peter's U D, Kent: Sydie? G Payne, b. 1883, commercial traveller (food stuffs etc); Maud C Payne, b. 1886; RG101/1686B/009/40, Jane I E Sackett, b. 25 Dec 1893, single, unpaid domestic duties (trained hosp nurse); Ruth H Dymes, b. 1896; Leonard Syms, b. 1896; & 3 closed records.
  • Woodward household, 37 Upton Road, Broadstairs and St Peter's U D, Kent: RG101/1686A/012/39, Harriet Woodward, b. 29 Jan 1856, incapacitated, widowed; Mabel H Woodward, b. 3 Feb 1888, dairy bookkeeper, single; Rosa Woodward, b. 30 Sep 1865, unpaid domestic duties, single.

KENT, Canterbury C B (county borough)

  • Clifford household, 2 Prickle Lane, Canterbury C B, Kent: Cyril C Clifford, b. 1888, plasterer; RG101/1676D/012/35, William J Sackett, b. 28 Sep 1911, married, plasterer; & 3 closed records.
  • Sackett household, 20 St Gregory's Road, Canterbury C B, Kent: RG101/1678B/013/24, Percy E Sackett, b. 22 Apr 1904, married, government lorry driver; RG101/1678B/013/25, Patience Sackett, b. 1 Sep 1907, household duties; RG101/1678B/013/27, Percy T J Sackett, b. 12 Feb 1933, at school; & 2 closed records.
  • Carey household, 51 St Gregory's Road, Canterbury C B, Kent: George W Carey, b. 1859, labourer gas stoker (retired); Florence B Carey, b. 1890, unpaid domestic duties; RG101/1678B/017/7, Emily E Sackett, b. 10 Mar 1916, single, unpaid domestic duties; & 8 closed records.
  • Sackett household, 48 Athelstan Road, Canterbury C B, Kent: RG101/1679F/004/17, Herbert G Sackett, b. 4 Jun 1910, married, Municipal Health Authority controlled apprentice labourer heavy; RG101/1679F/004/18, Bertha T Sackett, b. 4 Nov 1911, married, unpaid domestic duties; & 4 closed records.
  • Sackett household, Kent & Canterbury Hospital, Ethelbert Road, Canterbury C B, Kent: RG101/1680H/006/6, Lessie C Sackett, patient, b. 9 Aug 1888, married, unpaid domestic duties.

KENT, Chislehurst and Sidcup U D (urban district)

  • Sackett household, Ash Lodge, Lubbock Road, Chislehurst and Sidcup U D, Kent: RG101/1242C/003/40, Dorothy M Sackett, b. 28 May 1899, single, school teacher (head, secondary school).

KENT, Dover M B (municipal borough)

  • Richards household, 46 Dour Street, Dover M B, Kent: Edward A Richards, b. 1902; Emily Richards, b. 1907; RG101/1712A/028/22, George E Sackett, b. 5 Mar 1870, widowed, boot repairer; & 1 closed record.

KENT, Dover R D (rural district)

  • Sackett household, 2 Archers Court Cottages, Archers Court Road, Dover R D, Kent: RG101/1814E/004/13, John Smith Sackett, b. 6 Feb 1874, married, horticultural nursery labourer, heavy worker; RG101/1814E/004/14, May E Jane Sackett, b. 19 Apr 1886, married, unpaid domestic duties; Anne Hopper, b. 1862, widowed, incapacitated; Sylvia Hopper, b. 1915, single, incapacitated.

KENT, Eastry R D (rural district)

  • Batey household, 21 Roman Way, Eastry R D, Kent: Matthew Batey, b. 1892, married, colliery hewer, heavy worker; Edith M Batey (later Sackett), b. 7 Jul 1922, single, at home; Matthew D Batey, b. 1926, at school.
  • Sackett household, Paramour Street, Eastry R D, Kent: RG101/1819C/007/25, Ernest Sackett, b. 27 Apr 1887, married, mkt gardener labourer, heavy worker; RG101/1819C/007/26, Ernest E Sackett, b. 10 Mar 1915, single, lorry driver.
  • Sackett household, The Cross, High Street, Eastry R D, Kent: RG101/1819E/010/40, Thomas A Sackett, b. 31 Dec 1873, widowed, shopkeeper general confectioner tobac; Nellie E Mott, b. 25 Feb 1900, married, housekeeper.
  • Sackett household, Rosa, Eastry R D, Kent: RG101/1819J/006/3, Frank P Sackett, b. 22 Aug 1881, married, incapacitated; RG101/1819J/006/4, Rosa H Sackett, b. 7 Aug 1872, married, incapacitated; RG101/1819J/006/5, Reginald G Sackett, b. 6 Feb 1910, single, agricultural labourer; Emily M Bartholomew, b. 1895, single, housekeeper.
  • Setterfield household, Plumstone Farm, Eastry R D, Kent: Sidney Setterfield, b. 1890, single, farmer; RG101/1820D/014/27, William C Sackett, b. 31 Aug 1902, single, tractor driver.
  • Sackett household, 4 Laundry Cottages, Laundry Road, Eastry R D, Kent: RG101/1820H/013/21, Frank W Sackett, b. 11 Sep 1908, married, maintenance engineer at laundry, heavy worker; RG101/1820H/013/22, Ellen M Sackett, b. 5 May 1911, married, unpaid domestic duties; & 3 closed records.

KENT, Gillingham M B (municipal borough)

  • Taylor household, 165 Edwin Road, Gillingham M B, Kent: Sidney Taylor, b. 1880, married, tool room turner; Rose E Taylor, b. 1888, married, unpaid domestic duties; Herbert Taylor, b. 1914, single, aircraft fitter; Nellie R Taylor (later Sackett), b. 19 May 1919, single, shop assistant.

KENT, Hythe M B (municipal borough)

  • Sackett household, 20 St Leonards Road, Hythe M B, Kent: RG101/1742H/002/5, Benjamin R Sackett, b. 15 Feb 1860, widowed, clerk hosiery manufacture (retired); Emily F Ashdown, b. 5 May 1887, widowed, unpaid domestic duties.

KENT, Maidstone R D (rural district)

  • Sackett household, Styles Cottage, Maidstone R D, Kent: RG101/1828E/019/20, Frank W Sackett, b. 12 Dec 1894, married, general labourer manufacturer; RG101/1828E/019/21, Lydia E Sackett, b. 4 Aug 1892, married, unpaid domestic duties; Geoffrey F Sackett, b. 16 Feb 1922, single, lorry driver's mate; & 1 closed record.
  • Sackett household, Sutton Street, Bearsted, Maidstone R D, Kent: RG101/1866F/002/27, Sidney F Sackett, b. 31 Dec 1893, married, incapacitated; RG101/1866F/002/28, Alice J Sackett, b. 3 Jan 1898, married, daily worker & unpaid house duties; Edmund F Moon, b. 1880, single, road sweeper (incapacitated).
  • 10 Council Cotts, Kenward Rd, Yalding, Maidstone RD: Butler, Ellen Rosina, b. 25 Jan 1899, married, unpaid domestic duties; & 1 closed record.

KENT, Malling R D (rural district)

  • Elcombe household, Snoll Hatch, Malling R D, Kent: William Elcombe, b. 1893, married, farm labourer; May M Elcombe, b. 1890, married, unpaid domestic duties; Donald W Elcombe, b. 1920, single, general labourer; Lily May Elcombe (later Sackett), b. 29 Apr 1923, domestic servant; John A Elcombe, b. 1936, under school age; Frederick Homewood, b. 1893, incapacitated.

KENT, Margate M B (municipal borough)

  • Sackett household, 19 Prospect Road, Margate M B, Kent: RG101/1751G/008/7, Frederick G T Sackett, b. 17 Aug 1877, married, building trade operative plaster & cement worker; RG101/1751G/008/8, Florence M Sackett, b. 7 Sep 1880, married, unpaid domestic duties.
  • Sackett household, Tauria, Nash Road, Margate M B, Kent: RG101/1752G/010/20, Frederick Sackett, b. 18 May 1912, married, motor driver public works, contractor's labourer (heavy); RG101/1752G/010/21, Ivy L Sackett, b. 12 Jan 1916, married, unpaid domestic duties.
  • Sackett household, The Shanty, Lydden Hill, Margate M B, Kent: RG101/1752G/020/25, John T E Sackett, b. 6 Dec 1897, married, chef; Clara A Sacket (later Farmer), b. 15 Sep 1900, married, unpaid domestics.
  • Sackett household, 7 Beatrice Road, Margate M B, Kent: RG101/1754F/023/6, William J Sackett, b. 6 Jun 1907, married, public works contractors labourer, heavy worker; RG101/1754F/023/7, Lillian G Sackett, b. 6 Oct 1914, married, unpaid domestic duties; RG101/1754F/023/9, George E Sackett, b. 19 Apr 1872, married, old age pensioner; RG101/1754F/023/10, Rose Sackett, b. 21 Aug 1872, married, old age pensioner; & 3? closed records.
  • Sackett household, 18 Drapers Avenue, Margate M B, Kent: RG101/1754G/019/11, George W Sackett, b. 29 Jun 1900, married, locomotive fireman, heavy worker; RG101/1754G/019/12, Grace Sackett, b. 11 Sep 1903, married, unpaid domestic duties; William M Sackett, b. 23 Jul 1933, at school.
  • Burton household, 6 Marlowe Road, Margate M B, Kent: William Burton, b. 31 Aug 1893, married, incapacitated car driver; Marian G Burton, b. 15 Jan 1901, married, unpaid domestic duties; RG101/1756B/015/43, Annie E Sackett, b. 4 Feb 1867, widowed, unpaid domestic duties, old age pensioner; & 5 closed records.

KENT, Orpington U D (urban district)

  • Sackett household, 9 Hilda Vale, Orpington, Kent: RG101/1269B/021/21, Frank Sackett, b. 19 Aug 1897, married, plumbers hot water fitter, heavy worker; RG101/1269B/021/22, Ethel Sackett, b. 20 Dec 1896, married, unpaid domestic duties; Walter John Baldery, b. 1880, married, foreman plasterer; & 1 closed record.
  • Sackett household, Hermon, Orpington, Kent: RG101/1762E/004/37, Frederick C Sackett, b. 20 May 1870, married, caravangelist employee (retired); RG101/1762E/004/38, Jessie G Sackett, b. 30 Apr 1869, married, housewife.

KENT, Ramsgate M B (municipal borough)

  • Underdown household, 3 Elms Avenue, Ramsgate M B, Kent: William H Underdown, b. 1866, married, shipsmith retired; Clara Underdown, b. 1877, married, unpaid domestic duties; RG101/1763J/010/6, Edna Amies (later Sackett), b. 5 Jan 1913, single, assistant relieving officer Kent CC.
  • Sackett household, 55 Boundary Road, Ramsgate M B, Kent: RG101/1764F/004/2, Harriett Sackett, b. 8 Nov 1858, widowed, unpaid domestic duties; RG101/1764F/004/3, Albert A E Sackett, b. 23 May 1894, single, waiter RAF officers mess.
  • Sackett household, 18 Church Road, Ramsgate M B, Kent: RG101/1764F/009/20, Leslie J Sackett, b. 11 Apr 1907, married, coal hoist labourer below ground, heavy worker; RG101/1764F/009/21, Lottie A S Sackett, b. 4 Jul 1910, married, unpaid domestic duties.
  • Roser household, 21 South Eastern Road, Ramsgate M B, Kent: RG101/1764I/005/7, Doris M Sackett (later Jarvis), b. 13 Feb 1903, single, housekeeper; Martha E Roser, b. 1854, widowed, unpaid domestic duties.
  • Sackett household, 8 Salisbury Avenue, Ramsgate M B, Kent: RG101/1766A/013/20, Agnes M Sackett, b. 20 Feb 1879, widowed, unpaid domestic duties; RG101/1766A/013/21, Olive F Sackett, b. 6 Aug 1912, single, unpaid domestic duties; RG101/1766A/013/22, Stanley W Sackett, b. 22 Oct 1914, single, musician; RG101/1766A/013/23, John D Sackett, b. 22 Oct 1914, single, van driver (motor).
  • Sackett household, 26 St Luke's Roaod, Ramsgate M B, Kent: RG101/1766A/024/17, Clara G Sackett, b. 9 Sep 1868, widowed, unpaid domestic duties.
  • Sackett household, 3 Ann's Road, Ramsgate M B, Kent: RG101/1766C/016/8, Herbert L Sackett, b. 3 Mar 1900, married, public works contractor's labourer, heavy worker; RG101/1766C/016/9, Bessie I (R) Sackett, b. 16 Mar 1903, married, unpaid domestic duties; Herbert J Sackett, b. 16 May 1927, at school; & 1 closed record.
  • Aubrey household, 38 Duncan Road, Ramsgate M B, Kent: George F A Aubrey, b. 1877, married, builders foreman; Sarah A E Aubrey, b. 1875, married, unpaid domestic duties; RG101/1766F/018/4, Lilian K Adams (later Sackett), b. 21 Feb 1915, single, dairy clerk.
  • Sackett household, 7 Mill Cottages, Ramsgate M B, Kent: RG101/1766H/019/28, George F Sackett, b. 9 Sep 1893, married, odd motor driving & cleaning; RG101/1766H/019/29, Laura L Sackett, b. 1 Nov 1892, married, unpaid domestic duties; & 4 closed records.
  • Atchison household, 25 Augusta Road, Ramsgate M B, Kent: RG101/1767A/012/37, John G Atchison, b. 12 Feb 1915, miner, labourer; Georgina P Atchison, b. 12 Aug 1918, unpaid domestic duties; & 1 closed record.
  • Sackett household, 82 Manston Road, Ramsgate M B, Kent: RG101/1767D/008/12, William F Sackett, b. 21 Sep 1890, married, general carrier, heavy worker; RG101/1767D/008/13, Ethel Sackett, b. 6 Jan 1892, married, unpaid domestic; Wilfred G Sackett, b. 24 Sep 1919, single, advertisement representative.

  • Sackett household, 62 Manston Road, Ramsgate M B, Kent: RG101/1767D/009/5, Arthur D Sackett, b. 19 Oct 1899, married, monumental & general mason; RG101/1767D/009/6, Olive M Sackett, b. 23 Sep 1902, married, unpaid domestic duties; Joan M Sackett, b. 21 Mar 1933, at school; Barbara A Sackett (later Biddulph), b. 8 Jul 1934, at school.
  • Ray household, 112 Margate Road, Ramsgate M B, Kent: William E Ray, b. 1913, married, grocer provision general dealer; Wilma M Ray, b. 1917, married, unpaid domestic duties; Edward A Sackett, b. 8 Jun 1925, single, errand boy (general store and off licence).
  • Sackett household, 221 Margate Road, Ramsgate M B, Kent: RG101/1768A/011/35, Emma M Sackett, b. 26 Jan 1875, widowed, unpaid home duties; RG101/1768A/011/36, Frederick H Sackett, b. 12 Apr 1915, single, shop asst grocery & provision.
  • Sackett household, 3 Edith Cottages, Ramsgate M B, Kent: RG101/1768A/013/42, Edward S R Sackett, b. 4 Apr 1902, married, general labourer, heavy worker; RG101/1768A/013/43, Doris L Sackett, b. 8 Sep 1903, married, unpaid domestic duties; RG101/1768A/013/44, Rose D L Sackett, b. 2 Apr 1922, single, seeking work.
  • Sackett household, 40 Warten Road, Ramsgate M B, Kent: RG101/1768G/003/44, Arthur D Sackett, b. 28 Apr 1865, married, master monumental & general stone mason; RG101/1768G/004/1, Florence Sackett, b. 22 Dec 1873, married, unpaid domestic duties; RG101/1768G/004/2, Florence M B Sackett, b. 24 Aug 1902, single, assistant kindergarten mistress.

KENT, Swale R D (rural district)

  • Maytum household, Woodside Cottages, Swale R D, Kent: Arthur W Maytum, b. 1857, married, carpenter joiner retired; Ellen Maytum, b. 1857, married, unpaid domestic duties; Tryphena B Sackett, b. 5 Apr 1885, widowed, land worker; RG101/1851A/004/21, Stephen G A Sackett, b. 29 Dec 1913, single, journeyman baker.
  • Sackett household, Lepwood, School Lane, Swale R D, Kent: RG101/1855C/006/4, Thomas S Sackett, b. 16 Nov 1908, married, general labourer HM Dockyard Chatham; RG101/1855C/006/5, Margaret A Sackett, b. 15 Sep 1908, married, unpaid domestic duties; & 2 closed records.

KENT, Tenterden R D (rural district)

  • Sackett household, Park Farm, Hop Pickers, Tenterden R D, Kent: RG101/1856C/009/38, Winifred Sackett, b. 12 May 1898, married, domestic; RG101/1856C/009/39, Winifred M Sackett (later Bunce), b. 22 Sep 1920, single, laundress; & 3 closed records.

KENT, Tonbridge R D (rural district)

  • 2 Brookfield Villas, Station Road, Hazel Street, Tonbridge R D, Kent: RG101/1861B/002/28, Herbert R Hook, b. 6 Sep 1904, married, bus driver; Lily A Hook (later Richardson), b. 27 Dec 1905, married, unpaid domestic duties; 2 closed records.
  • Capel, Five Oak Green, Tudeley, Tonbridge R D, Kent: RG101/1861C/023/38, Nellie Scola, b. 23 Apr 1907, married, unpaid domestic duties; 1 closed record; RG101/1861C/023/40, William Scola, b. 9 Nov 1932, at school.

LANCASHIRE, Manchester C B (county borough)

  • Sackett household, 48 Homeshead Crescent, Manchester, Lancashire: Edgar C Sackett, b. 21 Apr 1902, married, committee clerk, education committee; Doris C Sackett, b. 26 Mar 1902, married, unpaid domestic duties.

LANCASHIRE, Thornton Cleveleys U D (urban district)

  • Sackett household, Shop, 69 Victoria Road, Thornton Cleveleys U D, Lancashire: Gladys M Sackett, b. 10 May 1891, single, shop keeper ladies outfitter.

LONDON, Bermondsey

  • Sackett household, 60 Crosby Row, Bermondsey, London: RG101/0037A/007/43, John Sackett, b. 20 Jun 1904, single, theatrical; RG101/0037A/007/44, John D Avery, b. 1914, single, general labourer.
  • Sackett household, 42 Harold Estate, Bermondsey, London: RG101/0039F/011/28, George W Sackett, b. 25 Aug 1899, married, electrical meter reader collector; RG101/0039F/011/29, Mary K Sackett, b. 12 Jul 1903, married, unpaid domestic duties; & 2 closed records.
  • Sackett household, 66 St James Road, Bermondsey, London: RG101/0043B/002/1, Timothy Sackett, b. 7 May 1893, married, shopkeeper greengrocery; RG101/0043B/002/2, Matilda L Sackett, b. 3 Feb 1896, married, unpaid domestic duties; Francis R Sackett, b. 17 May 1922, single, fruit salesman; Henry A Sackett, b. 4 Jan 1916, married, fruit salesman; RG101/0043B/002/5, Beatrice L Sackett, b. 15 Nov 1912, married, factory worker tinned foods; RG101/0043B/002/6, Robert T Hunt, b. 1908, married, chemistry salesman.

LONDON, Camberwell

  • Sackett (Pitts) household, 79 Camberwell Grove, Camberwell, London: RG101/0085A/004/4, Dorothy E Sackett (later Pitts), b. 24 Jun 1910, single, optical lens worker fitter; RG101/0085A/004/5, Albert J Marson, b. 1903, married, asphalt spreader; RG101/0085A/004/6, Phyllis E Marson, b. 1906, married, unpaid domestic duties; & 2 closed records.
  • Sackett household, 5 Lewes House, Peckham Park Road, Camberwell, London: RG101/0092J/002/16, Joseph Sackett, b. 18 May 1901, married, deal porter at dock, heavy worker; RG101/0092J/002/17, Margaret (M) Sackett, b. 28 Feb 1901, married, wood machinist, heavy worker; Annie M Sackett (later Thompson), b. 13 Apr 1922, single, factory hand stacker.

LONDON, Chelsea

  • 7 Chelsea Manor Buildings, Chelsea, London: RG101/0111D/008/1, Minnie Wakefield, b. 1898, married, daily house work; RG101/0111D/008/3, Rose (Rosalie Ada) Wakefield (later Sackett), b. 12 Feb 1923, single, confectionary hand; & 1 closed record.

LONDON, Deptford

  • Sackett household, 253 Malpas Road, Deptford, London: RG101/0126D/019/15, William G Sackett, b. 22 Nov 1891, married, railway clerk; RG101/0126D/019/16, Amy V Sackett, b. 8 Dec 1896, married, drapery dealer; & 2 closed records.
  • Sackett household, 88 Aspinall Road, Deptford, London: Thomas Sackett, b. 10 May 1906, married, clerical salesman; Grace M Sackett, b. 31 Jan 1909, married, shirt machinist.

LONDON, Fulham

  • Curl household, 61 Chelmsford Street, Fulham, London: RG101/0160F/007/42, Frederick Curl, b. 15 Jun 1906, single, Elec Railway Fitters Assistant; Mary E Curl, b. 27 Sep 1875, widow, school cleaner; Mary E Curl Jun [later Hunt], b. 11 Apr 1902, factory hand KLG.
  • Greenwood household, Garvan Road, Fulham, London: RG101/0160A/008/33, Charles Greenwood, b. 23 Feb 1886, married, public work, labourer, heavy worker; Catherine M Greenwood, b. 31 May 1888, unpaid domestic duties; Frederick J N Greenwood, b. 23 Jan 1921, single, public works, labourer, heavy worker; & 1 closed record.
  • Sackett household, 219A Stephendale Road, Fulham, London: RG101/0151A/018/1, Ellen Sackett, b. 18 Jun 1900, married, unpaid domestic duties; RG101/0151A/018/2, Alfred Sackett, b. 5 Jun 1900, married, builders general labourer (foreman), heavy worker; Alfred Sackett, b. 26 Sep 1919, single, lift porter; & 5 closed records.
  • Sackett household, 37 Althea Street, Fulham, London: RG101/0152H/005/31, John R Sackett, b. 7 Dec 1909, married, builders labourer; RG101/0152H/005/32, Violet P Sackett, b. 7 Jun 1913, married, unpaid domestic duties.
  • Sackett household, 39 Althea Street, Fulham, London: RG101/0152H/005/35, William H Sackett, b. 14 Jun 1905, married, general labourer, heavy work; RG101/0152H/005/36, Doris M (B) Sackett, b. 15 Jul 1910, married, unpaid domestic duties; & 1 closed record.
  • Sackett household, 87 St Olaf Road, Fulham, London: RG101/0158F/011/12, George Sackett, b. 13 Dec 1871, married, taxi driver; RG101/0158F/011/13, Mary A Sackett, b. 27 Mar 1869, married, unpaid domestic duties; RG101/0158F/011/14, George T J Sackett, b. 31 Jan 1901, married, lorry driver; RG101/0158F/011/15, Margaret E Sackett, b. 28 Jan 1899, married, unpaid domestic duties; & 1 closed record.
  • Sackett household, 36 Hannell Road, Fulham, London: Harry S Sackett, b. 28 May 1871, married, car washer; Mary Sackett, b. 25 Oct 1874, married, unpaid domestic duties; Emily Ware (later Cook), b. 1924, single, factory hand.
  • Sackett household, 44 Hannell Road, Fulham, London: RG101/0159D/007/19, Richard H Sackett, b. 3 Nov 1898, married, garage hand; RG101/0159D/007/20, Elisth B Sackett, b. 6 Mar 1898, married, charwoman.
  • Sackett household, 5 Reporton Road, Fulham, London: Walter Edwin Sackett, b. 5 Jun 1900, married, general labourer; & 1 closed record.
  • Sackett household, 4 Kenneth Road, Fulham, London: Henry S Sackett, b. 30 Apr 1889, married, coal porter; Susan Sackett, b. 25 Jun 1889, married, cleaner.
  • Sackett household, 40 Lurgan Avenue, Fulham, London: Dorothy I Sackett (later Lee), b. 27 Jan 1913, widow, cleaner daily help; Dorothy R M Sackett (later Ball), b. 17 Jun 1929, school; Richard Roy Sackett, b. 19 Mar 1934, school.
  • Sackett household, 26 Laundry Road, Fulham, London: George E Sackett, b. 27 Sep 1875, widowed, taxi washer.
  • Sackett household, 163 Estcourt Road, Fulham, London: Frank Sackett, b. 27 Mar 1909, married, motor driver builders lorry; Esther A Sackett, b. 12 Apr 1908, married, unpaid domestic duties; John T Kaill, b. 1914, single, general labourer; & 1 closed record.
  • Sackett household, 212 Munster Road, Fulham, London: Edward G Sackett, b. 2 Apr 1917, married, general labourer; & 2 closed records.

LONDON, Greenwich

  • Sackett household, 48 Mayhill Road, Greenwich, London: RG101/0164I/002/15, Rose E Sackett, b. 12 Apr 1874, widowed, unpaid domestic duties; RG101/0164I/002/16, Gladys W Sackett, b. 26 Jul 1897, single, maid maternity home; RG101/0164I/002/17, Sydney C (N) Sackett, b. 25 Apr 1903 (or 25 Mar 1903), married, clerical officer C S.
  • Sackett household, 37 Maryon Road, Greenwich, London: RG101/0165H/003/42, Emily A Sackett, b. 17 Apr 1876, widowed, unpaid domestic duties; RG101/0165H/003/43, Edith S Sackett (later Freeman), b. 30 Sep 1900, single, civil servant s/typist; RG101/0165H/003/44, Dorothy E Sackett (later Nichols), b. 5 Nov 1903, single, unpaid domestic duties.
  • Sackett household, Flat 22, Mulberry Close, Greenwich, London: RG101/0168A/010/9, John E Sackett, b. 16 Oct 1888, married, heating & ventilating eng.; RG101/0168A/010/10, Ethel O Sackett, b. 11 May 1887, married, unpaid domestic duties; RG101/0168A/010/11, Victor S Sackett, b. 22 Apr 1894, single, draughtsman elect & mech.

LONDON, Hammersmith

  • Sackett household, 13 Gransden Road, Hammersmith, London: RG101/0215E/015/35, William Sackett, b. 10 Apr 1872, married, taxi-cab driver; RG101/0215E/015/36, Florence Sackett, b. 18 Nov 1877, married, unpaid domestic duties; RG101/0215E/015/37, Elsie F (Emma) Sackett, b. 6 Jan 1911, single, drapers assistant.
  • Sackett household, 43 Rylett Crescent, Hammersmith, London: RG101/0215H/003/18, William G F Sackett, b. 1 Apr 1905, married, motor engineer taxi driver; & 1 closed record.

LONDON, Islington

  • Sackett household, 42 Dartmouth Park Hill, Islington, London: RG101/0257H/004/38, Algernon P (Percy A) Sackett, b. 22 Dec 1900, married, lorry driver; RG101/0257H/004/39, Dorothy Sackett, b. 18 Apr 1912, married, tailoress (gents); Olive Dicken, b. 1907, single, tailoress (gents).
  • Sackett household, 4 Middleton Grove, Islington, London: RG101/0288D/014/7, Margaret G Sackett (later Slater), b. 20 Sep 1911, single, private teacher shorthand typist translator.

LONDON, Kensington

  • Richardson household, Eardley Crescent, Kensington, London, RG101/0312E/013/5, Eleanor A Richardson (later Sackett), b. 18 Jul 1908, single, civil servant (shorthand typist).
  • Stanhope Court Hotel, 46-52 Stanhope Gardens, South Kensington, London: Dorothy G Sackett, b. 1 Oct 1888, single, hotel manager.

LONDON, Lambeth

  • Pilcher household, 130 Upper Tulse Hill, Lambeth, London: Charles N Pilcher, b. 1861, single, retired; Helen Pilcher, b. 1859; Mary A Pilcher, b. 1858; RG101/0366J/016/31, Lily Sackett, b. 22 Aug 1893, single, paid domestic; Colin P Crockford, b. 1896.

LONDON, Poplar

  • Bromley House, Leonards Street, Poplar, London: Margaret Sackett, b. 19 Nov 1875, inmate, married, charwoman.

LONDON, St Pancras

  • Sackett household, 95 Stanhope Street, St Pancras, London: RG101/0473G/012/10, Ellen Sackett, b. 15 Apr 1872, married, daily housework.

LONDON, Southwark

  • Johnson household, 21 Pilgrim House, Tabard Street, Southwark, London: Eliza J Johnson, b. 1861, widow, unpaid domestic duties; RG101/0513J/015/26, Charlotte Sackett, b. 24 Jan 1891, married, unpaid domestic duties; RG101/0513J/015/27, Henry Sackett, b. 21 Mar 1891, married, street trader, news vendor; Thomas A B Balderson, b. 1915; & 2 closed records.

LONDON, Wandsworth

  • Sackett household, 33 Pendle Road, Wandsworth, London: RG101/0584I/002/23, Ada Sackett, b. 23 Jul 1875, widow, unpaid domestic duties.
  • Farlead household, 11 Alderbrook Road, Wandsworth, London: RG101/0600F/013/42, Q W Sackett, b. 20 Aug 1873, widow, private means; & 5 other named individuals; & 5 closed records.

LONDON, Westminster

  • Sackett household, 156 Tachbrook Street, Westminster, London: RG101/0629G/010/37, Emily Sackett, b. 10 Sep NK, single, cleaner service flats.
  • Dawson household, 34 Charlwood Street, Westminster, London: Joseph Dawson, b. 1899; Teveriana Dawson, b. 1895; B Douglas (Austin), b. 1899; RG101/0629G/025/30, Hilda Sackett, b. 9 Dec 1894, single, temp civil service (later: domestic duties unpaid); Ellen Weller, b. 1887.

LONDON, Woolwich

  • Sackett household, 2 Arsenal Road, Woolwich, London: RG101/0659I/024/37, Richard W Sackett, b. 25 Nov 1904 [sic: 1903], married, police sergeant Met. Police; & 1 closed record.


  • Friern Hospital, New Southgate, N11, Sylvester O Quards, b. 1905, inmate, single, occupation none.
  • Sackett household, 145 Elm Drive, Harrow U D, Middlesex: RG101/0782C/014/3, Stanley G Sackett, married, b. 11 Jan 1908, insurance agent; Muriel E Sackett, married, b. 10 Jul 1908, unpaid domestic duties; 2 closed records; Charlotte Sackett, b. 18 Mar 1877, divorced, unpaid domestic duties.

MIDDLESEX, Hornsey M B (municipal borough)

  • Sackett household, 3 Carysfort Road, Hornsey M B, Middlesex: RG101/0859I/006/4, Claude L A Sackett, b. 12 Dec 1910, married, chef. police reserve serving at present; RG101/0859I/006/5, Lena Alma Sackett (later Shapland, later Snelling), b. 15 Jun 1915, married, unpaid domestic duties; & 2 closed records.
  • Francis household, 26 Cromwell Avenue, Hornsey M B, Middlesex: Eliza Francis, b. 1870, widow, paid domestic duties; RG101/0861J/016/38, Eugenia Francis (later Sackett), b. 3 May 1907, single, paid domestic duties.


  • Williams household, 26 Cherry Avenue, Southall, Middlesex: David B Williams, b. 19 Sep 1912 (amended in 1947 to 19 Sep 1913), married, contractor's labourer; Lily Williams, married, b. 9 Dec 1913, unpaid domestic duties; Joshua W Williams, single, b. 20 Oct 1921, labourer Hayes Breckles?.

MIDDLESEX, Uxbridge U D (urban district)

  • Gilbertson household, 25 Weald Road, Uxbridge U D, Middlesex: John E Gilbertson, b. 20 Sep 1900, single, senior examiner Aeronautical Inspection Directorate, Air Ministry; RG101/0940I/013/28, Doris Sackett (later Gilbertson), b. 23 Sep 1900, married, house keeper.

MIDDLESEX, Wembley M B (municipal borough)

  • Sackett household, 281 Woodcock Hill, Wembley M B, Middlesex: RG101/0954B/010/3, Percival M Sackett, b. 26 Jul 1905, married, assistant sales manager; RG101/0954B/010/4, Doris M G Sackett, b. 14 Jul 1906, married, unpaid domestic duties.

NORTHAMPTONSHIRE, Rushden U D (urban district)

  • Corby household, 90 Westfield Avenue, Rushden U D, Northamptonshire: Harry Corby, b. 1882, widowed, boot operative packer; Ronald W Sackett, b. 31 Jul 1908, married, electrical instructor Air Ministry, RAF Henlow; Ivy M Sackett, b. 2 Mar 1912, married, boot operative machinist.

NOTTINGHAMSHIRE, Newark M B (municipal borough)

  • Streets household, 10 Top Row, Beacon Hill, Newark M B, Nottinghamshire: Stanley Edward Streets, b. 1901, married, machinist ball bearing; Emma May Streets, b. 1902, married, unpaid domestic duties; Ivy Sackett, b. 7 Jun 1904, married, unpaid domestic duties; & 4 closed records.

RUTLAND, Uppingham R D (rural district)

  • Sackett household, Wistaria House, Ayston Road, Uppingham, Rutland: Alfred B Sackett, b. 23 Mar 1895, married, headmaster Kingswood School; Dorothy E Sackett, b. 3 Mar 1898, married, unpaid domestic duties; 1 closed record; Helen A Gough?, b. 1904, single, secretary; Edith A White, b. 1910, single, children's nurse; Hilda L R Hines?, b. 1913, single, domestic servant.

SOMERSET, Keynsham U D (urban district)

  • Long household, 26 St George's Road, Keynsham U D, Somerset: Richard Long, b. 1895, married, cinema attendant; Winifred Long, b. 1903, married, unpaid domestic duties; Margaret I Long (later Sackett), b. 16 Mar 1932, at school; Anthony Long, b. 1938, under school age.

SOMERSET, Yeoovil R D (rural district)

  • The Manor, North Perrott, (now occupied by Boys Preparatory School), Yeovil R D, Somerset: Grace M Sackett, b. 9 Nov 1908, single, secretary (school).

SURREY, Carshalton U D (urban district)

  • Sackett household, 49 Longlands Avenue, Carshalton, Surrey: RG101/1327D/014/8, Alan E Sackett, b. 20 Jul 1912, married, commercial traveller paint; & 1 closed record.

SURREY, Croydon C B (county borough)

  • Sackett household, Grant Road, Croydon, Surrey: RG101/1288A/003/23, Alfred Sackett, b. 25 Oct 1881 [sic: 1880], married, builder, plumber & hot water fitter; RG101/1288A/003/24, Fanny Sackett, b. 18 Apr 1883, married, unpaid domestic duties.
  • Sackett household, 24 Bramley Hill, Croydon, Surrey: RG101/1293E/016/36, Donald A Sackett, b. 25 Feb 1908, married, sales manager motor trade; RG101/1293E/016/37, May R Sackett, b. 25 Aug 1912, married, unpaid domestic duties.
  • Wardley household, 13 Mulgrave Road, Croydon, Arthur W Wardley, b. 19 Aug 1882, married, export merchant; Jessie A L Wardley, b. 24 Jun 1894, married, unpaid domestic duties; Margaret H Wardley (later Martin), b. 14 Jan 1917, single, shorthand typist; & 1 or more closed record(s).

SURREY, Dorking U D (urban district)

  • Sackett household, Yew Gates, Box Hill Road, Dorking, Surrey: RG101/1884F/010/6, Arthur V Sackett, b. 2 Nov 1899, married, grocer & provision merchant; RG101/1884F/010/7, Doris M Sackett, b. 9 Jan 1909, married, unpaid domestic duties; Thelma I Collins, b. 1906; Florence Weaver, b. 1878; Henry Weaver, b. 1878; & 3 closed records.

SURREY, Guildford R D (rural district)

  • Russell household, Vachery Lodge, Horsham Road, Guildford R D, Surrey: Robert R Russell, b. 1882, married, chauffeur; Violeta E J Russell, b. 1894, married; RG101/1953G/006/27, May G E Sackett, b. 12 Apr 1892, married, unpaid domestic duties; ; Gladys M Ball (Beeching), b. 1899; Gladys Durrant, b. 1891; Mary F E Henderson, b. 1879; Gwendoline Miles (Robbins), b. 1916; Mabel Perry, b. 1909; Sheila E H Sackett (later Rolloson), b. 11 Jan 1884, single, children's undernurse; Lois I Townsend, b. 1907; Ellen E Woodgin, b. 1885; & 2 closed records.

SURREY, Kingston-upon-Thames

  • Marr, household, 27 Eureka Road, Kingston-upon-Thames: RG 101/1350C, Charles F Marr, b. 2 Dec 1893, married, traveller, credit tailors; Elsie M Marr, b. 24 Apr 1896, married, unpaid domestic duties; Leonard H Marr, b. 29 May 1921, single, apprentice tool maker.

SURREY, Malden and Coombe M B (municipal borough)

  • Sackett household, 34 Leyfield, Malden and Coombe M B, Surrey: RG101/1354D/006/8, Edward L Sackett, b. 29 May 1896, married, higher executive officer, Ministry of Labour, ARP First Aid, part-time, Malden & Coombe; RG101/1354D/006/9, Ethel V Sackett, b. 25 May 1899, married, unpaid domestic duties, Womens Vol Service, housewives service, Malden & Coombe; Daphne R Sackett (later Brown), b. 3 May 1926, at school; Norman R Sackett, b. 30 May 1930, at school; Ernest A Campbell, b. 1912, single, confectionary traveller.

SUSSEX, Battle

  • Slater household, Brickwall, Battle, Sussex: Arthur Ross Slater, b. 2 Sep 1902, married, schoolmaster retired, ARP warden; Elsie Ross Slater, b. 3 Nov 1898, married, unpaid domestic duties.

SUSSEX, Eastbourne C B (county borough)

  • Sackett household, 26 Burlington Place, Eastbourne, Sussex: Eileen M Sackett, b. 13 Nov 1898, married, nurse.
  • Tibbits household, 130 Royal Parade, Eastbourne C B, Sussex: RG101/2468C/010/35, Annie C Sackett, b. 13 Oct 1871, single, unpaid domestic duties; Elizabeth Tibbitts, b. 1858, widow, private means.

SUSSEX, Hailsham R D (rural district)

  • Sackett household, Compton, High Street, Ninfield nr. Battle, Hailsham, Sussex: Frank G Sackett, b. 1 Nov 1885, married, actuary retired; Olive M Sackett (later Wilson), b. 7 Apr 1898, married, unpaid domestic duties; & 1 closed record.

SUSSEX, Hastings C B (county borough)

  • Sackett household, 14 Silchester Road (shop), Hastings C B, Sussex: Wallace R Sackett, b. 7 Sep 1895, married, master tailor (ladies); Emily E Sackett, b. 25 Apr 1896, married, unpaid domestic duties.

SUSSEX, Hove M B (municipal borough)

  • Sackett household, 67 Ellen Street, Hove M B, Sussex: Alfred Sackett, b. 28 May 1878, married, incapacitated; Rose E Sackett, b. 29 May 1886, married, unpaid domestic duties.
  • Sackett household, 37 Shirley Street, Hove M B, Sussex: George Sackett, b. 31 Oct 1883, single, greengrocer, shop keeper; Frederick Sackett, b. 24 Feb 1887, single, greengrocer shop keeper.
  • Whittingham household, 48 St Aubyns, Hove, Sussex: Wilhemina E Whittingham, b. 1881, widowed, independent; Roy E B Willis, b. 1895, married, hotel proprietor; Maude Willis, b. 1896, married, hotel proprietress; Clara Sackett, b. 3 Mar 1864, widowed, independent; & 8 others.
  • Cox household, 36 Landseer Road, Hove, Sussex: Herbert W G Cox, b. 10 May 1909, married, painter engineer; Dorothy A Cox, b. 7 Jun 1904, married, unpaid domestic duties; 1 closed record; Annie Sackett, b. 28 Mar 1870, widow, unpaid domestic duties; Lily R Clifford, b. 1902, married, publishers clerk; Frances M Codling, b. 1904, widow, publishers clerk.

SUSSEX, Southwick

  • Southwick, Sussex: Sackett, Alexander A, b. 11 Aug 1881, widower, commercial traveller ret. [5th of 5 in household; 2nd named is Alice C Ford; other records are closed.]

SUSSEX, Uckfield

  • Perkins household, The Vineyard, Rotherfield, Uckfield, Sussex: Herbert M Perkins, b. 12 Oct 1878, married, master builder; Adaline Perkins, b. 18 Oct 1898 [sic], married, unpaid domestic duties; Arabella Stoby, b. 28 Aug 1867, married, unpaid domestic duties; Bessie S Stoby, b. ? Dec 1902, single, company secretary.

WILTSHIRE, Amesbury R D (rural district)

  • Pitt household, High Street, Amesbury R D, Wiltshire: Frederick C Pitt, b. 1880, married, bricklayer; Florence M Pitt, b. 1894, married, unpaid domestic duties; Doris Sackett (later Hillen), b. 2 Jul 1915, married, unpaid domestic duties; & 1 closed record.

YORKSHIRE, Goole R D, (rural district)

  • Hotchin household, 54 High Street, Goole R D, Yorkshire (West Riding): Thomas H Hotchin, b. 1887, married, master tailor; Maud Hotchin, b. 1883, married, unpaid domestic duties; Catherine L Sackett, b. 11 Jan 1907, single, school teacher.

YORKSHIRE, Kingston-upon-Hull C B, (county borough)

  • Sackett household, 267 Alliance Avenue, Kingston-upon-Hull, Yorkshire (East Riding): George Y Sackett, b. 13 May 1875, married, locomotive engineman; Catherine R Sackett, b. 27 Jun 1874, married, unpaid domestic duties.
  • Wilson household, 3 Liverpool Terrace, Kingston-upon-Hull C B, Yorkshire (East Riding): Matilda F Wilson, b. 1895, married, unpaid domestic duties; Harriet J Sackett, b. 16 Mar 1864, widowed, unpaid domestic duties.

YORKSHIRE, Sowerby Bridge U D (urban district)

  • Sackett household, 14 Rochdale Road, Sowerby Bridge U D, Yorkshire (West Riding): Benjamin Howard Sackett, b. 29 Apr 1903, married, Congregational minister; Winifred Faith Sackett, b. 11 Oct 1913, married, unpaid domestic duties.

YORKSHIRE, Stocksbridge U D (urban district)

  • Sackett household, Wood Lynne, Pot House Lane, Stocksbridge, Yorkshire: George W Sackett, b. 26 Mar 1873, married, Congregational Minister; Mary H Sackett, b. 1 Feb 1890, married, unpaid domestic duties.

"1939 Register," UK, digital image, FindMyPast (http://findmypast.co.uk). (Researched & transcribed by Chris Sackett).