Samuel Sackett MD

FatherReuben Sackett (1732-1803)
MotherMercy Finney (1729/30-1805)
Marriage1777, Sharon, Litchfield CountyGSarah Manning2,3,4,5
Marriage1819, Fayette CountyGEve Stentz5
Samuel Sackett MD, son of Reuben Sackett and Mercy Finney, was born in Kent, Litchfield County, ConnecticutG, on 1 April 1754.1,2 He died aged 78 in Georges Township, Fayette County, PennsylvaniaG, on 13 February 18332 and was buried at Mount Moriah Baptist Cemetery, Smithfield, Fayette CountyG.6,7 He married first in Sharon, Litchfield CountyG, on 10 February 1777, Sarah Manning.2,3,4,5 She died in 1813.2 He married second in Fayette CountyG on 10 January 1819, Eve Stentz, daughter of Philip Daniel Stentz and Catharine Elizabeth Hertzog.5 Eve was born in 1765.7 She died aged about 81 in 1846 and was buried at Mount Moriah Baptist CemeteryG.7
     Samuel was an army surgeon during the American Revolutionary War, serving in Adjutant John Minten's 2nd Regiment from 1778 to 1781.8,6
     Samuel was an inhabitant and taxpayer of Menallen, Fayette County, PennsylvaniaG, in 1783.9 He bought a plot of land in Union Township, Fayette CountyG, on 22 June 178610 and was a taxpayer there in 1786 and 1788.11
     In 1790 Samuel was living in Springhill Township, Fayette County, PennsylvaniaG. In his household were one man, three boys, and four females.12
     In 1798 Samuel owned and occupied a log-built house in Springhill TownshipG. The house measured 26 feet by 30 feet on a plot of 40 perches (a quarter of an acre). The value of the property was assessed at $140 on which he paid a tax of 28 cents. He was also the tenant of 67 acres of land in Springhill. He also owned unoccupied land comprising 216 acres in Wharton Township, Fayette County.13,14,15,16
     Samuel was listed in the 1800 census as a householder in SpringhillG.17
     Samuel was named as a beneficiary in his father's will made in Warren, Connecticut, on 19 March 1800. He was then living away and would receive his inheritance if he returned and made claim within ten years. He was to receive £10 from his brother Alexander, the only son still living in Warren, who would then inherit their father's estate.18
     Samuel was named as a beneficiary in his mother's will made in Warren, ConnecticutG, on 16 October 1804. He was living some way away and would receive his inheritance if he returned and made claim within five years.
     Samuel was listed in the 1810 census as a householder in German Township, Fayette CountyG.19
     Samuel and his second wife, Eve, were among the original members who met at Dr Sackett's house, a mile south of Smithfield, to organize the Smithfield Methodist Episcopal Church in about 1819.20 In 1820 he was listed in SpringhillG.21 In 1830 he was living in Georges Township, Fayette CountyG.22
     Dr Samuel evidently had a sense of history and carefully kept his personal papers. Family letters have been preserved and images and transcriptions are at Sackett letters, Yuma Territorial Prison Museum collection.
Dr Samuel Sackett (1754–1833), Mount Moriah Baptist Cemetery, Smithfield, PA
(Src: Find a Grave, Joe)

Children of Samuel Sackett MD and Sarah Manning

662. Samuel Sacket, M. D., 1754–1833, of East Greenwich, Conn., and Fayette County, Penn., son of (204) Reuben and Mercy Finney Sacket, was married Feb. 10, 1777, to Sarah Manning, 17_ –1813. Dr. Sacket began the practice of his profession as a physician and surgeon in the Revolutionary Army. In 1781 he was at Uniontown, Fayette County, Penn., and seven years later settled permanently at Morgantown, in same county. He was a farmer as well as a physician, and the farm he then lived on was at a recent date in the possession of one of his descendants.
1534. Reuben T. Sacket, b. Jan. 16, 1778, d. in year 1823.
1535. David Filer Sacket, M. D., b. Jan. 18, 1780, d. in 1864; m. Martha Milliken.
1536. Betsey Sacket, b. Apr. 4, 1782.
1537. Lucinda Sacket, b. Mar. 5, 1784.
1538. Alexander Sacket, M. D., b. Jan. 10, 1786, d. in year 1814.
1539. Mary A. Sacket, b. Sept. 3, 1788.
1540. Anne Sacket, b. Nov. 9, 1790.
1541. Lydia Sacket, b. Nov. 22, 1792.
1542. Samuel Sacket, b. Sept. 20, 1795, d. Apr. 27, 1860; m. Priscilla Caldwell.
1543. Sarah Sacket, b. Oct. 20, 1797.

Dr. Samuel Sackett, son of Reuben Sackett, was born April 5, 1754, died February 13, 1833. In his diary, still preserved, he says he was born at East Greenwich, Kent, Litchfield county, Connecticut. On August 2, 1774, he was living in Spencertown, Connecticut. He studied medicine, and during the revolutionary war served in the Continental army as surgeon. On February 10, 1777, he was married, and in 1780, in company with his brother Aaron, he came to Western Pennsylvania. In a letter still preserved, dated Shistee Settlement, Youghiogheny county, October 27, 1780, he writes to friends in Connecticut: "I do not think I can cross the mountains back home until spring. There are no doctors here between Pittsburgh and Wheeling, and all the way is thickly settled. It is a healthy looking country. I do not think I will get much to do until I get acquainted with the people. Tell Jonathan Hamilton I think this is the best place for land jobbing in the thirteen states, and in case of invasion by Indians it is supposed that fifteen hundred men would rid them out." In the family record, under date of September 15, 1781, he writes: "We set out from New England to come to Redstone township, and arrived at Beesontown, or Uniontown, on October 16, 1781. The following children were born at Beesonstone: Betsey, April 4, 1782; Lucinda, March 5, 1784; Alexander, January 10, 1786; Mary Anna, September 3, 1788. On November 10, 1788, we moved to Georges creek, Fayette county, Pennsylvania, where the following children were born: Annie, November 9, 1790; Lydia, November 22, 1792; Samuel, September 21, 1795; Sarah, October 20, 1797; married Dr. Louis Marchant, of Huguenot descent." These entries are in the doctor's handwriting. His eldest son, Alexander, born in Pennsylvania, studied medicine with his father and served as surgeon in the war of 1812. He was attached to General Harrison's command and died of fever at Fort Meigs, aged twenty-seven years. His first born son Reuben (not name previously) learned the printer's trade in Pittsburgh in 1802 at the Gazette office. In 1803 he went to Alexandria, on the Red river, Louisiana, where he was thrown from his horse and killed, being then aged forty-nine years. His second son, David (not mentioned previously), learned the saddler's trade in Pittsburgh and later studied medicine with his father. He located in Centerville, Indiana, where he died, aged eighty-four years. His children: Guiliema, Elizabeth, James, Alexander, Emily, Mary, Martha, David, Margaret and Agnes.
     Dr. Sackett was probably the first physician to practice in Fayette county. He was skilful, successful in his practice and held in highest esteem. He moved in 1788 from Uniontown to the fame [farm] yet known as the old Sackett homestead on Georges Creek, one mile south of Smithfield. He continued his practice and cultivated his farm until his death in 1833. Dr. Sackett's wife was Sarah Manning, to whom he was married in Sharon, Connecticut, by Rev. Smith, February 10, 1777. Children (not previously mentioned): Reuben, born January 16, 1778, died 1823; David Filer, January 18, 1780, died 1864, married Martha Milliken. They were born at Kent, East Greenwich, Litchfield.
     The Sacketts have in their possession many souvenirs of the good doctor, dating back into the eighteenth century. There are nineteen copies of the Pittsburgh Gazette to which paper he was a subscriber, and on which his son was a compositor, dates 1794, 1795 and 1796. There are fourteen letters over one hundred years old written him from friends in Connecticut. There are $700 in Continental money, the largest note being for $80, the smallest two shillings. Probably this money represents his pay as surgeon in the army. There is a doctor's account book printed in London in 1603, and an account book of Dr. Sackett's in which the oldest date is 1774.

—John W Jordan, Genealogical and Personal History of Fayette County, Pennsylvania (1912)

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