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Sackett ancestry
Thomas Sackett the elder (say 1530–1595), labourer of St Peter in Thanet, Kent, and Joane ___
Thomas Sackett the younger (c1557–1615), yeoman of Birchington, Kent, and Martha Strowde
Simon Sackett the colonist (1595–1635), of Thanet, Kent, & Newtown (Cambridge), Massachusetts, and Isabel Pearce
Simon Sackett (1630–1659), farmer of Springfield, and Sarah Bloomfield
Capt. Joseph Sackett (1656–1719) and Elizabeth Betts
Simon Sackett (1678–1718) and Mary McGaw
Joseph S Sackett (1717–1798) and Sarah Vansant
Joseph Sackett (1762–1822) and Eleanor LaRue
Joseph Larue Sackett (1790|1800–1832) and Phebe Rhodes
Jacob R Sackett (c1823–1876) and Ann Eliza Brittin
Winfield Scott Sackett (c1850–1916) and Sarah Pharmer "Sally" Abram
George Castor Sackett Sr (1894–) and Edna I Mutch
George Castor Sackett Jr (1920–1996) and Olive Constantine
Sackett line11th great-granddaughter of Thomas Sackett the elder
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