New Hampshire marriages

11 records

  • "1 Dec 1841, Noble Sackett of Lowell, Mass, to Rooxbe S Jacobs of Barnstead, by Enos George. Certified transcript 24 Oct 1906." [Abstract from American Ancestors image]
  • "Pittsfield, NH, 1 Dec 1864 John G Lane, to Cedelia S Sackett, by Henry H Hure, Justice of the Peace. Certified transcript 12 Jan 1906." [Abstract from American Ancestors image]
  • "Nashua, 3 Apr 1867, Schuyler E Chamberlain of Nashua, to Angeline P Sackett of Barnstead, by E A Smith of Nashua, clergyman. Certified transcript 9 Aug 1906." [Abstract from American Ancestors image]
  • "Barnstead, 31 Dec 1868, John W Straw of Barnstead, 25, shoemaker, b. Barnstead, to Abbie A Sackett of Boston, 25, b. Boston, by David L Edgersley of New Durham, minister of the gospel, groom's father Dennis Straw, mother Hannah Straw, bride's father Cornelius Elms, mother Abbie A Elms b. Boston." [Abstract from American Ancestors image]
  • "Barnstead, 29 Dec 1869, Hanson H Young of Barnstead, 26, shoemaker, b. Barnstead, to Scilla A Sackett of Barnstead, 21, b. Barnstead, by Hector Canfield, minister, groom's father Samuel P Young, mother Betsey Young, bride's father Noble Sackett, mother Rooxby Sackett." [Abstract from American Ancestors image]
  • "Pittsfield, NH, 31 Dec 1877, John Eaton of Manchester, NH, 33, 2d m., to Ada Sackett of Barnstead, NH, 20, 1st m. by SSN Greely, of Pittsfield, Pastor Cong Ch., groom's father Perk Eaton, mother Pheba Eaton, bride's father Noble Sackett, mother Ruth Sackett. Certified transcript undated." [Abstract from American Ancestors image]
  • "Manchester, NH, 23 Feb 1889, Harry H Sackett of Manchester, 21, laborer, b. Manchester, NH, 1st m, to Josie Reardon of Manchester, 19, b. Manchester, 1st m., by Nathan P Kidder, Justice of the Peace, groom's father G A, mother Sarah J, bride's father John, mother Hannah. Certified transcript undated." [Abstract from American Ancestors image]
  • "Nashua, New Hampshire, 21 Mar 1922, Harry A Sackett, of Nashua, 19, salesman, b. Revere, MA; and Mildred S Spinner, of Nashua, 17, at home, b. Allston, MA. Both 1st m. By Henry H French, clergyman." [Abstract from Ancestry image]
  • "Nashua, Hillsborough, New Hampshire, 21 Mar 1922, Harry A Sackett, 19, father George P, mother Catherine Tewhig; and Mildred S Spinner, 17, father Lewis, mother Emma J Waldo." [Abstract from Ancestry transcript]
  • "17 Aug 1943, at Portsmouth, New Hampshire, Robert Blackstone Lovell, of 52 Broadway St, Lynnfield, MA, 34, divorced, 2nd m., occ. insurance, b. Melrose, MA, father Howard Burtt Lovell, of Rockport, MA, 61, retired, b. Boston, MA, mother Florence Sutton Blackstone, dec'd at 47, b. NY; to Alice Shirley Merrill Sackett, of Pembrook House, Lynnfield, Essex County, MA, 30, divorced, 2nd m., secretary, b. Westfield, NJ, father Wilbur Merrill, of Peabody, MA, 56, occ. leather, b. Peabody, mother Hazel Irene Wessell, of Peabody, 50, housewife, b. Beverly, MA. Intention of marriage recorded 10 Aug 1943. Married 17 Auug 1943 by Edward J Hopley, JP." [Abstract from Ancestry image]
  • "5 May 1944, at Manchester, New Hampshire, Paul Lincoln Sackett, of 123 Lincoln, Melrose, Middlesex, MA, 40, divorced, 2nd m., engineer, father Jasper L Sackett, d. at 55, engineer, b. Holyoke, Mass, mother Flora Lanphear, of Melrose, 71, housewife, b. Glen Falls, NY; to Priscilla Abbott, of 58 Greenlawn Ave, Newton center, MA, 28, single, occ. at home, b. Dorchester, MA, father Charles E Abbott, of Newton Center, 60, contractor, b. Townsend, MA, mother Ethel J Hixon, of Newton Center, 60, housewife, b. Chelsea, MA. Intention of marriage recorded 22 Apr 1944. Married 5 May 1944 by Rev Martin L Goslin, Minister of the Gospel." [Abstract from Ancestry image]
  • "6 May 1950, Greenville, Hillsborough County, New Hampshire, Edward Ivan Sackett, of 267 Calvary St, Waltham, Middlesex County, MA, 33, single, iron worker, b. UT, father Dwight P Sackett of Sunnyside WA living b. IL, mother Mary J Carty of Sunnyside WA living b. England; and Dorothy Mary Rodier, of Temple St, Greenville, NH, 26, single, assembler, b. NH, father Oswald O Rodier of Greenville living b. NH, mother Clarabelle Bosselait of Greenville living b. NH; both 1st m; by Rev Ernest E Brodeur, Roman Catholic Priest." [Abstract from FamilySearch image]

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