Ozem Sacket

FatherDaniel Sacket (1693-1776)
MotherMary Weller (c 1707-1789)
Marriage1763, WestfieldGMercy Weller1,6,7
Ozem Sacket, son of Daniel Sacket and Mary Weller, was born in Westfield, Hampden County, MassachusettsG, on 24 January 1736/371,2,3 and baptized at the Church of Christ, WestfieldG, on 6 February 1737.4 He died aged 64 in WestfieldG on 17 June 1801.1,5 He married in WestfieldG on 5 May 1763, Mercy Weller, daughter of Jonathan Weller and Mary Bridgeman.1,6,7 Mercy was born in about 17458 and died aged 67 in WestfieldG on 4 May 1812.9
     Ozem served as a sergeant in the American Revolutionary War in his brother Captain Daniel Sacket's Company.10
     In 1790 Ozem was living in Westfield, Hampden County, MassachusettsG. In his household were three men, three boys, and three females.11
     Ozem made his will at WestfieldG on 26 June 1799, naming his wife Mercy, and his children, Jonathan, Mercy, Sophia, Aaron, Warham, Ozem, Charles, and Harriet. After providing for Mercy's widow's third, he left specified lands to his sons, Jonathan, Aaron, Ozem, and Charles, a sum of $168 to his son Warham, and sums of money or money's worth in household goods to his daughters, Mercy, Sophia, and Harriet. In detailing the lands to go to each son, Ozem revealed that his home lot was bordered to the east by his brother Gad's home lot and to the west by his brother Moses's lot, perhaps indicating an earlier subdivision of lands.
     Ozem was listed in the 1800 census as a householder in WestfieldG.12
Abstract of will of Ozem Sacket of Westfield, Massachusetts.
Date: 26 Jun 1799.
Source: The Sacketts of America.
Testator: Ozem Sacket, yeoman of Westfield, Hampshire County, Massachusetts.
Wife Mercy, use of one-third of real estate for life.
Sons, Jonathan, Aaron, Ozem, & Charles, lands as follows:
Jonathan, various specified lands.
Aaron, various specified lands.
Ozem, various specified lands.
Charles, various specified lands.
Aaron, Ozem, & Charles, house & home lot equally, Aaron's one-third to the east, Charles's third in the middle, & Ozem's third to the west, the whole bounded to the east by Gad Sacket's home lot & to the west by Moses Sacket's home lot.
Daughters, Sophia & Harriet, right to live in dwelling house while they are single.
Son Warham, $168 in addition to that already given.
Daughter Sophia, $133, half in household goods & half in money.
Daughter Harriet, $100, half in household goods & half in money.
Daughter Mercy, wife of Henry Brass, $50 in household articles in addition to that already received.
Son Aaron, residue, paying legacies.
Executor: son Aaron.
Witnesses: Frederick Fowler, King Parks, Warham Parks.

Children of Ozem Sacket and Mercy Weller

166. Ozem Sacket, 1736–1801, of Westfield, Mass., son of (35) Daniel and Mary Weller Sacket, was married, in 1763, to Mercy Weller. He participated in the war of the Revolution as a Sergeant in Capt. Daniel Sacket's Company of Col. John Moseley's Hampshire County Regiment, and in October, 1776, marched with regiment under command of Lieut. Colonel Timothy Robinson to reinforce the Northern Army.
Will of Ozem Sacket
     In the name of God Amen. I Ozem Sacket of Westfield, in the County of Hampshire, yoeman, Being at present in sound and perfect mind and memory (Blessed be God) therefor, do make and publish this my last Will and Testament in manner following, viz: My soul and immortal part I commit and resign to God . . . as to worldly goods and estate I give and bequeath it in manner following, viz: Firstly I give unto my beloved wife Mercy Sacket the use & improvement of one third of my real estate during her natural life, & my lands I give and bequeath to my four sons, Jonathan Sacket, Aaron Sacket, Ozem Sacket, & Charles Sacket as follows: To Jonathan Sacket I give my Plumb Lot so called which lies on south side of road below my house and is bounded Northwardly in part on sd road and south on the river and Eastwardly on Israel Moseleys & Mr. Aaron Kings land and contains Six Acres more or less. Likewise I give to my sd son Jonathan one fourth part in quantity and quality of a certain piece of land that I own near Old Mill Pond so called which I bot principally of Moses Weller, but a small part was bot of Warham Parks and John Weller, ye whole contains about forty acres more or less, I also give to my sd son Jonathan the Westerly half of a lot of land I bot of Lt. Silas Bush & Widow Hannah Noble & lies on the mill pond Plain ye whole lot contains fourteen acres more or less, I likewise give sd Jonathan one long lot so called bounded on two sides by land of Gent. Wm. Shepherd & on the road at the east end & is four feet in width & the length not known.
     To my sons Aaron, Ozem and Charles I give and bequeath my house barn and home lot whereon I now live to be divided in equal quantities between them and subject to the incumbrances and reservations that shall be made in this Will. Aaron to take his third on the east side of said lot and Charles his third part in the middle of sd lot and Ozem his third part on the West side, ye whole bounds east on Gad Sackets home lot & west on Moses Sackets home lot and North on the Great Brook & and South on the road and Gad Kelloggs home lot; the buildings altho on the ground that I give to Aaron and Charles are to be considered during the life of said buildings to be the joint property of sd Aaron, Ozem and Charles and likewise subject to the widows dower, and likewise I give to my two daughters Sophia Sacket and Harriet Sacket the right and privilege of living in the dwelling house during the time they shall continue single and unmarried and no longer, and likewise it is my will that my sd sons Aaron Ozem and Charles shall have a joint rite to occupancy and improvement of garden and barnyard during the life of the house and barn and no longer. To my sd son Aaron I give my Handshet lot so called lying South of my house and contains two acres & one quarter & bounds south on the river North on the road West on Saml Mather Esqrs. land & East on my Plumb lot so called. I likewise give my sd son Aaron the fourth part in quantity and quality of a lot near the Old Mill Bond bot of Moses Weller & others. Likewise I give to sd Aaron the easterly half of a lot of land I bot of Lt. Silas Bush & Widow Hannah Noble which lies in the mill pond plain. Likewise I give and bequeath to my son Ozem Sacket one fourth part in quantity and quality of my land near the Old Mill Pond which I bot of Moses Weller & others. Likewise I give to my sd son Ozem about six acres of land more or less that lies North of my house & north of the great brook & runs up the hill to Hampton plain field so called at the North end & is bounded westerly on Asher Sackets land. Likewise I give to sd Ozem four acres of land in the New Field so called, bounded Southwardly on Moses Sackets land & Northwardly on John Lees land & I likewise give sd Ozem about six acres of land at the Mill Pond being a piece that I bot of Warham Parks Esqr. & is bounded south on Sackets Brook so called and East on Arm Brook & Northwardly on my own land.
     To my son Charles Sacket I give and bequeath in addition to his gift of part of the home lot and buildings & as above described I give him one fourth part of the mill pond lot bot of Moses Weller, John Miller and Warham Parks, the whole of which land I consider at forty acres more or less.
     To my son Warham Sacket I give and bequeath in addition to what I have heretofor given him the sum of One Hundred and sixty eight dollars to be paid to him in one year from the time of my decease in manner as I shall provide in this Instrument. To my daughter Sophia I give the sum of One Hundred and thirty three dollars and thirty three cents to be paid in one year after my decease, on half of it to be paid in furniture and utensils out of the house at a price to be agreed upon by my Executors and her or in case they can not agree then the sd articles shall be appraised by two men one to be chosen by each of the parties, and the other half to be paid in money. To my daughter Harriet I give the sum of One Hundred dollars to be paid in the same proportion time and manner as Sophia is to be paid. To my daughter Mercy the wife of Henry Brass I give the sum of Fifty Dollars in addition to what she has already received, to be paid in articles out of the house the whole in the same manner that ye other two daughters are to receive their parts of sd articles and if they can not agree either respecting the price or the articles to be received then each of the parties are to choose one man & they jointly shall determine as to the articles each one shall receive and the price. Furthermore I give unto my son Aaron Sacket all the residue of my property either in stock or cattle or debts due to me or of any other description whatever on condition that he shall pay and settle the legacies which I have given to my son Warham and my daughters Mary, Sophia and Harriet in the manner and within the time prescribed by me in this my last Will and Testament & do hereby declare it to be my will and intention that if my wife Mercy Sacket shall choose to have her thirds set out in severality then & in that case that they shall be set out to her in equal and in due proportion from each and every piece of land that I have given to my sons that equal justice may be done to all & furthermore it is my will and order that my son Aaron shall out of the stock and debts due & other personal property bequeathed to him pay and settle all my just debts & charges & I do constitute and appoint my son Aaron Sole executor of this my Last Will and Testament. I give my lot in New Field so called containing sixteen acres more or less the one half to my son Charles and the other half to be equally divided between Aaron and Ozem. In Testimony and Confirmation of all the above matter I hereunto set my hand and seal this twenty sixth day of June in the year of out Lord Seventeen Hundred & Ninety Nine hereby publishing & declaring this to be my last Will and Testament.
Ozem Sacket
Signed, Sealed Published and Declared in
presence of us. Frederick Fowler, King Parks,
Warham Parks.
Record of Children.
489. Jonathan Sacket, b. in year 1763, d. in year 1829; m. Joana ___.
490. Aaron Sacket, b. in year 1772, d. in year 1848.
491. Jared Sacket, d. unmarried.
492. Mercy Sacket, m. Henry Brass.
493. Sophia Sackett, b. in year 1770, d. in year 1846.
494. Warham Sacket, m. Eunice Foot.
495. Ozem Sacket, b. in year 1777, d. in year 1846.
496. Charles Sacket, b. in year 1780, d. in year 1848; m. Sarah Woods.
497. Harriet Sacket, b. in year 1785, d. in year 1875; m. ___ Burt.

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