Committee records, 2006

Results of the Committee Elections held in April 2006

The following members were elected unanimously to serve on TSFA Committee for the ensuing year:

  • Thurmon King, President
  • Liesa Robarge, Vice President
  • Nancy Cluff Siders, Discussion List Administrator
  • Chris Sackett, Web Administrator & Secretary
  • Thurmon King, Historian
  • Darlene Sackett, Newsletter Editor
  • Tom Smith, Registrar
  • Members at Large: Patty Sackett Chrisman, Wendy Sacket, Don Hertzler, Glenna Hertzler, Mary Lou Sackett.

  • Minutes of a Meeting of the Committee of The Sackett Family Association held at the Holiday Inn Hotel, Cambridge, MA, on 2 September 2006

    Present: Thurmon King, Liesa Robarge, Chris Sackett, Tom Smith, Glenna Hertzler, Mary Lou Sackett, Don Hertzler

    Observers: Lester Sackett, Mary Lou Petrie, Steven & Debbie Barbee, John Sackett (of NJ), Frank Robarge, Toni Smith, Sylvia King, Ted & Marian Sinkewiz

    Apologies: Darlene Sackett, Nancy Cluff Siders, Patty Sackett Chrisman, Wendy Sacket

    1. Minutes & Resolutions
    The Minutes of the meeting held on 12 September 2004 were approved and Resolutions of the Committee passed on 29-31 January 2005, 3-4 February 2005, and 14-16 February 2005, were ratified.

    2. Registrar
    Tom Smith reported that the number of members was 147, doubling the number at formation in September 2003.

    3. Historian
    Thurmon King reported that the number of individuals in his database had increased by more than 5,000 over the last two years to 28,364. These comprise Sackett descendants, their spouses, and spouses' parents. He paid tribute to members of the Sackett Family Association who were so willing to share their information. The addition of so much more data had given rise to a number of "orphan lines" and efforts continued to identify parents of these individuals.

    4. DNA Project
    Tom Smith reported that 17 TSFA members had participated so far in the DNA Project, with results back from 16 of these. Two clear groups had emerged — descendants of Simon Sackett the colonist, and descendants of the Vermont Sackett line. Some tests matched neither of these lines and could not be otherwise grouped. It had not proved possible yet to answer the original key question of whether Simon the colonist and John Sackett of New Haven were related. More test participants who were descendants of John of New Haven were needed.
    The basic 12-marker test costs $99. A general fund has been set up to assist participants with the cost and members may contribute to this online.
    Tom was working with John Lisle on a method of presenting the test results online for members' information.

    5. Reunions
    Liesa Robarge proposed that the decision to hold biennial reunions be rescinded in favor of annual events. She noted that, with the next reunion planned to be held in Thanet, Kent, in 2008, there would be a four-year gap before another event would be held in the USA.
    It was decided to plan for a reunion in Fort Wayne, Indiana, from 15 to 18 August 2007, to tie in with the Genealogy Convention, and to continue planning for a Kent, England, reunion in 2008.
    It was resolved to create a 2007 Reunion Committee and to invite proposals for Chairman.
    On the proposal of Liesa Robarge, Vice President, it was resolved that Arabella Sackett be appointed Chairman of the 2008 Reunion Committee.

    6. Monument to Simon Sackett
    Following a visit to the area of Cambridge where Simon Sackett the colonist had lived and died, the idea emerged of seeking to erect a monument to Simon, perhaps in the Old Burying Ground in Cambridge. Simon was one of the eight founders of Newtown and, although his burial place was not recorded, it was to be hoped that the Cambridge authorities would consider this appropriate. Lester Sackett would make enquiries, initially with the Cambridge Historical Commission.

    Resolution of the Committee 3 October 2006

    Resolution of the Committee of The Sackett Family Association approved by email 3 October 2006 by Thurmon King, Tom Smith, Chris Sackett, and Darlene Sackett, with no other members dissenting.

    On the proposal of Thurmon King, President, it was resolved that Mary Lou Sackett be appointed Chairman of the 2007 Reunion Committee.