Union Cemetery, Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota

The story of a random act of genealogical kindness

Jim Tatro lives in Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota, and has been volunteering his time for the past two years (2013–14) cleaning up the Union Cemetery there. The cemetery had been neglected for some years, with headstones buried beneath layers of dirt and brush.

Probing the site with a steel rod revealed a number of concealed stones. Some of these carried the Sackett name, prompting Jim to search the Internet, where he soon found the Sackett Family Association website.

Although unfamiliar with the procedure for sending digital photographs, Jim went out of his way to enlist the necessary help and has sent pictures illustrating his discoveries.

We are most grateful to Jim, both for his work on the cemetery clean-up and for taking the trouble to make contact with this contribution to the Sackett family history.

"Our Mother / Harriet A Sackett / Born Dec 19, 1804 / Died Nov 12, 1875" (Src: Jim Tatro)
Charles D Sackett (1842–1928), son of Daniel Sackett (Src: Jim Tatro)
Liness Sackett, son of Charles D Sackett (Src: Jim Tatro)
Catherine, wife of Liness Sackett (Src: Jim Tatro)
Clarance Sackett, son of Liness Sackett (Src: Jim Tatro)
Jim Tatro at Union Cemetery
Jim Tatro at Union Cemetery
Descendants of Daniel Sacket
Daniel Sacket
(c 1803 - 1853)
Harriet A Porter
(1804 - 1875)
Sarah Sacket
(say 1830 - )
Emma E Sacket
(c 1839 - )
Maggie ___
(1834 - )
Liness C Sackett
(1869 - 1947)
Catherine ___
(1873 - 1957)
Clarance Sackett
(1900 - 1925)
Hazel Sackett
(c 1905 - )
Ethel Sackett
(c 1907 - )
Helen Sacket
(c 1873 - )