Diary of George Holcomb of Stephentown, Rensselaer County, New York

The following diary contains a wealth of information about life in Stephentown, including births, marriages, deaths and funerals from June 1805 until just two months before Mr. Holcomb's death in May 1856. The diary was obtained from the Stephentown Historical Society and was transcribed and submitted by Kathy "Vary" Becker.

24 May 1819 Sister Newton & husband (Isaac) moved in Joseph Hills house near Capt. B. Sackett's. I put her on a bed (she is very ill) and drove slowly.

1 Oct 1825 Funeral for Amherst L. Sackett. He was kicked by a colt 4 months old. Kicked in the bowels. He lived 24 hours.

28 Jun 1826 Old Capt. Benjamin Sackett died. Funeral the next day, Mr. Hendrick preached at Presbyterian meetinghouse (age 71)

13 Oct 1826 Funeral of Old Widow Phebe Sackett, wife of deceased Benjamin Sackett. Died very suddenly yesterday morn. Moses Hunter preached at the meetinghouse

19 May 1828 Dr. Allen Wos lives in Calvin P. Sackett's house near the Presb. Meetinghouse. He has a store where he sells molasses and other.

20 Oct 1830 Mr. Swan m/ Miss Fidelia Sackett

15 Dec 1830 Miss Meriah Sackett died with a lingering consumption. She is the daughter of Calvin P. Sackett. Funeral on 17th at the meetinghouse. Mr. Beech preached

26 Oct 1830 Calvin P. Sackett m/ Emiline Shaw of Berlin and Hannah will be if she can to Emiline's brother. They was highly amoured in both towns with horns and guns.

18 Jun 1837 Funeral of Eliza Sackett at the home of her father, Ezra D. Sackett in New Lebanon. One Mr. Underwood preached

27 Mar 1838 This morning Lavinia Sackett, d/Ezra Sackett died. Funeral at her father's house on the 29th. A priest by the name of Brown preached. He is Presb., hired in this town to preach for a short time.

23 May 1838 Calvin Sackett Jr., m/ Miss Caroline Shaw of Berlin

25 Apr 1840 Nathan Sackett m/ Miss Nancy Owens by Elder Grant at the house of Old Mr. Zach Chapman

13 Apr 1841 James Bush m/ Hannah Sackett by Priest Hayden from Brunswick

19 Apr 1841 Calvin P. Sackett moved to Canaan. James Rowley bought his farm

25 Nov 1841 Daniel Sackett stayed with us. He is son of Calvin P. Sackett

20 Mar 1842 Cousin Samuel Holcomb (age 45) and John Sackett died

20 Feb 1843 Nathan Sackett's father-in-law is Mr. Owens in West Stockbridge

30 Nov 1844 Nathan Sackett bargained to live in my house near James M. Glasses. He moved in with wife and 2 children from P'fld

4 Jan 1846 Funeral at the new schoolhouse in our district. A child of Nathan Sackett's was burned on Thursday (1st) by taking fire in her clothes and died yesterday

26 Sep 1850 James Henry Sackett died

Website Rensselaer County, NY, USGenWeb Project, Diary of George Holcomb of Stephentown (Holcomb, George) (http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~nyrensse/). (Researched by Thurmon King & Chris Sackett).