The Sackett Family Association Reunion 2010
Portland, Oregon

Gallery by Don Hertzler

Mount Hood behind old Fort Vancouver
Presenting Tom Smith's memorial
Tom Smith served as our president in 2010. After a valiant fight, he succumbed to a cancer before the year was out. He was a beloved charter member and reliable leader of The Sackett Family Association.
Memorial to Tom Smith
Brass plate for memorial
Kathryn reading plaque for Thurmon's service award
Thurmon accepting the service award
Service Award for Thurmon
Kathryn surprising Thurmon with an 80th birthday cake
You can tell Thurmon is pleased
Laughing at Sylvia's comment
The birthday cake
Debbie and Steve Barbee
Becky (Jean's daughter) and Jean Carpenter
Richard and Sharon Powalka
Don and Glenna Hertzler
Terri and John Sackett
Howard Sackett (father of Darlene Sackett) and sister, Eleanor Graff
Howard Sackett and sister, Eileen Dahlheim
Thurmon and Sylvia King
Glenna Hertzler and Robert Sackett holding a silhouette made by his grandfather, X. Ackley Sackett
Silhouette made by X. Ackley Sackett
Back of silhouette made by X. Ackley Sackett
Quilt of honored families on wall of Clark County Genealogy Society, Vancouver, WA
Notice the label in yellow on one of the quilted books
A family shot at the class on Thursday
Oops! Notice Thurmon and Don goofing off on the back row
Lethene Parks, teaching a class on Preservation of Photos and Documents and Brick Wall Problems
Class in session