United States World War II army enlistment records

29 records

  • "Sackett, Albert, b. Italy or San Marino, 1903, res. Schuylkill, PA, enlisted 28 Aug 1942 at Allentown, PA, Private, educ Grammar School, civil occ semiskilled miner, single, no dependents, ht 70, wt 180."
  • "Sackett, Charles A Jr, b. Darke County, Ohio, 1924, enlisted Cincinnati, Ohio, 1 Feb 1943, Private, 3 yrs high school, single, no dependents, ht 65, wt 151."
  • "Sackett, Charles E, single, without dependents (single), b. New York, 1913, res Chester, Pennsylvania, educ Grammar school, enlisted Fort George G Meade, Maryland, 2 Apr 1942, rank Private, ht 63, wt 147." [Abstract from Ancestry transcript]
  • "Sackett, Charles W, b. PA, 1902, res. Luzerne, PA, enlisted 27 Aug 1942 at Wilkes Barre, PA, Private, educ Grammar School, semi-skilled painter, construction & maintenance, single, no dependents, ht 64, wt 170."
  • "Sackett, Charlie W, married, b. Texas, 1919, res Liberty, Texas, educ 1 year of high school, enlisted Fort Sam Houston, Texas, 4 Feb 1942, rank Private, ht 67, wt 140." [Abstract from Ancestry transcript]
  • "Sackett, Clair E, b. 1918, white, citizen, b. PA, res. NY, Broome, enlistment 31 Jan 1946 at Binghamton, NY, branch Air Corps, grade Master Sergeant, enlistment for Hawaiian Department, component Regular Army, source National Guard, education 4 years of high school."
  • "Sackett, Dewey S, b. 1897, b. Illinois, res. Pike, IL, enlisted 5 Nov 1942, at Peoria, IL, Private, educ 2 yrs high school, civil occ farm hand, single without dependents, ht 65, wt 129."
  • "Sackett, Elton S, b. Minnesota, 1918, enlisted 25 Oct 1940, at Mankato, Minnesota, branch Infantry, Private, Panama Canal Department, educ 4 yrs High School, civil occ cook, single without dependents, ht 68, wt 160."
  • "Sackett, Evart J, b. MI, 1896, res. Oakland, MI, enlisted 24 Feb 1941, at Detroit, MI, First Sergeant, Coast Artillery Corps, National Guard, educ 1 yr college, civil occ retail manager, separated, with dependents, ht 37 [sic], wt 174."
  • "Sackett, Fredric B, b. 1905, Washington State, res. Washington State, enlisted 19 Feb 1942, at Fort Custer, MI, Private, educ 1 yr college, civil occ policeman, divorced, no dependents, ht 72, wt 206."
  • "Sackett, Glen A, single, without dependents, b. Illinois, 1928, res Madison, Illinois, educ 2 years of high school, occ Tinsmiths, coppersmiths, and sheet metal workers, enlisted East St Louis, Illinois, 5 Feb 1946, rank Private, branch Signal Corps." [Abstract from Ancestry transcript]
  • "Sackett, Golden A, b. 1924, res. Alameda County, California, enlisted at San Francisco, CA, 16 Mar 1943, grade Private, educ. 2 years high school, occ. skilled welders and flame cutters, status separated with dependents, ht 5' 4", wt 093 [sic]."
  • "Sackett, Harold F, single, without dependents, b. Michigan, 1919, res Lenawee, Michigan, educ 2 years of high school, occ Semiskilled mechanics and repairmen, n.e.c., enlisted Fort Custer, Michigan, 5 Feb 1942, ht 69, wt 155." [Abstract from Ancestry transcript]
  • "Sackett, Howard J, b. Indiana, 1918, res. Champaign County, Illinois, enlisted Peoria, Illinois, 16 Apr 1941, Air Corps, Private, educ. 4 years high school, single, no dependents, ht 70, wt 155."
  • "Sackett, James H, b. Texas, 1921, res. Kinney, Texas, enlisted 14 Aug 1940 at Fort Clark Brackettville, branch Quartermaster Corps, grade Private, 3-yr enlistment, educ 4 yrs high school, civil occ semiskilled occupations in production of beverages, single, without dependents, ht 67, wt 125."
  • "Sackett, Karl E, b. California, 1903, res. Los Angeles, CA, enlisted 29 Jul 1942 at Los Angeles, Private, educ 1 yr high school, occ driver, separated, no dependents, ht 67, wt 154."
  • "Sackett, Lavern F, b. Montana, 1922, res. Van Buren County, Michigan, enlisted 26 Oct 1942 at Kalamazoo, MI, Private, educ 4 years high school, occ shipping and receiving clerk, married, ht 68, wt 140."
  • "Sackett, Leland R Jr, b. Oregon, 1923, res. Yamhill, Oregon, enlisted 7 Apr 1943 at Sheppard Field Witchita Falls, Texas, Private, Air Corps, educ 2 yrs college, single, no dependents, ht 60, wt 101."
  • "Sackett, Leo F, b. MO, 1859 [sic: 1915], res. St Louis City, MO, enlisted 6 Jan 1940 in Covington, Kentucky, enlistment for Alaska, regular army, educ post-graduate, civil occ foreman, transportation, communications, and utilities, widower with dependents, ht 26 [sic], wt 352 [sic]." [Awaiting corrections to Ancestry transcript].
  • "Sackett, Paul H, b. Nebraska, 1917, res. Spokane, Washington State, enlisted Spokane 29 May 1942, for duration of War, grade Private, educ 2 yrs high school, civil occ structural and ornamental metal worker, married, ht 68, wt 156."
  • "Sackett, Richard S, b. Pennsylvania, 1925, enlisted New Cumberland, Pennsylvania, 28 Dec 1943, for duration of War, grade Private, educ 3 yrs high school, civil occ. unskilled nonprocess, single, without dependents."
  • "Sackett, Robert F, b. Ohio, 1926, res. Ohio, enlisted Fort Hayes, Columbus, 9 Apr 1945, rank Private, civil occ semiskilled chaffeurs and drivers, single, no dependents."
  • "Sackett, Samuel N, b. NY, 1855 [sic: 1919], res. Broome, NY, enlisted 5 Oct 1939, Philippine Department, regular army, educ 2 yrs college, civil occ lithographer, single, without dependents, ht 96 [sic], wt 699 [sic]." [Awaiting corrections to Ancestry transcript].
  • "Sackett, Sidney, Jr, b. Coleman, Texas, 1910, enlisted Fort Bliss, El Paso, Texas, 27 Feb 1942, for duration of War, grade Private, educ 4 yrs high school, civil occ farm hand, animal and livestock, single, without dependents, ht 68, wt 148."
  • "Sackett, Stanley E, single, without dependents (single), 1923, educ 1 year of college, occ Actors and actresses, enlisted 9 Jan 1942, Air Corps, ht 69, wt 147." [Abstract from Ancestry transcript]
  • "Sackett, Walter L, b. New Jersey, 1901, res. Cook, Illinois, enlisted 29 Sep 1942 in Chicago, IL, Private, educ 1 yr college, post office clerk, married, ht 67, wt 150."
  • "Sackett, Wilbur S, b. Dist of Columbia, 1922, res Los Angeles, California, educ Grammar school, enlisted Fort MacArthur, San Pedro, California, 1 Feb 1943, rank Private, ht -, wt 138." [Abstract from Ancestry transcript]
  • "Sackitt, Wilford E, b. Michigan, 1921, res. Calhoun, Michigan, educ. 1 yr college, motor vehicle mechanic, enlisted Kalamazoo, Michigan, 17 Jul 1942, ht 70, wt 145."
  • "Sackett, William M, b. WI, 1866 [sic: 1920], res. Waupaca, WI, enlisted 26 Oct 1939, at Camp Ruston, Puerto Rican Department, regular army, educ 4 yrs college, ht 40 [sic], wt 884 [sic]." [Awaiting corrections to Ancestry transcript].

"US World War II Army Enlistment Records, 1938–1946," database, Ancestry.com. (Researched by Chris Sackett).