New England Marriages Prior to 1700 (Torrey's)

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Torrey's Marriage Index is a compilation of known or presumed New England marriages occurring before 1700, arranged alphabetically by groom. It is estimated that 99% of all marriages were included. His sources included many published works as well as church and vital records, and those for Sackett records are expanded below. The information format is: name of groom, with years of birth and death (if known), name of bride, followed by her dates, date of marriage, place of marriage, and/or place(s) of principal residence.

  • BLOOMFIELD, William & 2/wf Isabel (___) [SACKETT], w Simon; aft 8 Feb 1636, bef 1645; Hartford/New London {Reg. 12:173; Sackett 14; Strang 144}
  • John SACKETT
    John & ___ ___; m Eng/Boston; by 1628; Plymouth/Providence/New Haven {Sackett 14; Babcock Anc. 91}
    [This refers to a proposed elder John Sackett who would have been the father of John Sackett of New Haven (next) and brother of Simon Sackett the colonist (below); the existence of an elder John has not been established from records, although the parentage of John of New Haven remains a mystery. —Chris Sackett, April 2014]
  • John SACKETT
    John (?1628–1684) & Agnes TINCOME/TINKHAM (–1707); 20 May 1652; New Haven {New Haven VR 3; New Haven Gen. Mag. 1583; Sackett 14, 19; Babcock Anc. 91; Moore Anc. 129}
  • John SACKETT
    John (1632–1719) & 1/wf Abigail HANNUM (1640–1690); 23 Nov 1659; Northampton/Westfield/Springfield {Hale (1952) 579; Sv. 4:2; Northampton (ms) 143; Sackett 16; Day 32; Dewey 241; Newberry 56; Brady Anc. 332, 338; Reg. 6:266, 90:158–9}
  • John SACKETT
    John (1653–1703) & Mary [WOODIN/WOODING] (1657, or 1658–1719); by 1686?, by 1690; New Haven {New Haven Gen. Mag. 1583, 2014; Sackett 28; Babcock Anc. 91–2}
  • John SACKETT
    John (1660–1745), Westfield & 1/wf Deborah FILLEY (1661–1701); 1 Dec 1686; Windsor, CT/Westfield/Wethersfield {Windsor CT VR 96, 252; Windsor CT 2:250; Sackett 24; Sv. 4:2; Reg. 6:269; Warner-Harrington 206}
  • John SACKET
    John (–1719) & 2/wf Sarah (STILES) STEWARD/ STEWART, w John; 15 Jan l690/1; Windsor, CT {Reg. 6:266; Windsor CT 2:703; Alling 22; Sackett 17; Stiles (CT) 42; Springfield Fam. (ms) 587, 669; Sv. 4:2}
  • Joseph SACKETT
    Joseph (1656–1719) & 1/wf Elizabeth (___) [BETTS]; Newtown, LI {NYGBR 65:249; Sackett 16; Strong 146; Underhill 2:91; Sv. 1:173, 4:2; Essex Ant. 9:91; TAG 11:184; Reg. 55:300}
  • Samuel SACKETT
    Samuel (1674–1709) & Elizabeth [BISSELL], m/2 John ROOT 1712; by 1698, 1700; Westfield {Sackett 27}
  • Simon SACKETT
    Simon1 (–1635) & Isabel ___, (–1635+) m/2 William BLOOMFIELD; by 1630; Cambridge {Strong 144; Sv. 4:2}
  • Simon SACKETT
    Simon (?1630–1659) & Sarah [BLOOMFIELD], m/2 ?Lambert WOODWARD; ca 1652; Springfield {Springfield Fam. (ms) 587; Sackett 14; Strong 45; Sv. 1:204, 4:2}
  • William SACKETT
    William (1662–1700) & 1/wf Sarah/Hannah CRAM?/CRAIN?; 27 Nov 1689, 26 Dec 1687; Westfield {Reg. 6:269; Sackett 24; Sv. 4:2}
  • William SACKETT
    William (1662–1700) & 2/wf Hannah GRAVES (1666–); 27 Nov 1689; Westfield {Hale (1952) 579; Deerfield 1:genealogies, 176; Reg. 6:269; Graves 11; Sackett 24; Dewey 243}

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