Pennsylvania marriages

42 records


  • Marriages Register, North and Southampton Reformed Church, Churchville, PA, digital image,, "21 Dec 1763, Simon Bennet jong man met Klaartje Sackett jonge dagter."
  • 1768

  • Marriages Register, North and Southampton Reformed Church, Churchville, PA, digital image,, "18 May 1768, David Lee & Rebecca Sacket."
  • 1771

  • Marriages Register, Presbyterian Church, Newtown, PA, digital image,, "9 May 1771, Nathaniel Moore of Hopewel & Mary Sackett of Wrightstown."
  • 1774

  • Marriages Register, Presbyterian Church, Newtown, PA, digital image,, "30 Nov 1774, Joshua Dungan & Rachel Sackett."
  • 1784

  • Marriages Register, Southampton Baptist Church, Bucks County, PA, digital image,, "13 Jul 1784, William Wetherill & Rebecka Sacket, by licence, by Wm Van Horne."
  • 1785

  • "1785, PA, Aaron Sackett, b. CT, 1760, & Dorcas [no surname], b. MD." [Abstract from Ancestry transcript, US and International Marriage Records]
  • 1822

  • Marriages Register, North and Southampton Dutch Reformed Church, Churchville, Pennsylvania, "7 Feb 1822, Joseph Larue Sacket, of Bucks County, & Phebe Rhoads, of Philadelphia County. By consent." [Abstract from Ancestry image, Presbyterian Church Records]
  • Marriages Register, Neshaminy Presbyterian Church of Warminster, Hartsville, Pennsylvania, "25 Apr 1822, John Sacket, of Wrights Town, & Mary McEaheron, of Warminster." [Abstract from Ancestry image, Presbyterian Church Records]
  • 1838

  • "27 Dec 1838, St Luke's Evangelical Lutheran Church, Ferndale, Bucks, Albert Sackett of Wrightstown, Bucks Co. to Rachel Wyker of Tinicum." [Abstract from Ancestry image]
  • 1852

  • "8 Sep 1852, All Saints Church, Lower Dublin, Philadelphia, Moses Depue to Elenor Sackett." [Abstract from Ancestry image]
  • 1865

  • "22 Jun 1865, St Matthew's Evangelical Lutheran Church, Philadelphia, Henry C Yeager to Fraxanella Sackett, both of Philada." [Abstract from Ancestry image]
  • 1869

  • "4 Nov 1869, St Mark's Episcopal Church, Philadelphia, Winfield S Sackett to Sarah S P Abram, at 114 Adam St., Frankford, by Rev S Tweedale, witness: Charlotte Tweedale." [114 Adam St was the venue for many marriages in this register; perhaps the clergyman's house]. [Abstract from Ancestry image]
  • 1874

  • "9 Apr 1874, Bethesda Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Jacob S Brown to Margaretta E Sackett, both of Philadelphia." [Abstract from Ancestry image]
  • 1875

  • "28 Mar 1875, First United Methodist Church, Towanda, Bradford, William S Sackett to Lucy A Stephenson, both of Sheshequin Pa, by G W Chandler, married at Sheshequin, Sunday afternoon." [Abstract from Ancestry image]
  • 1876

  • "3 Apr 1876, St John's Episcopal Church, Salem, New Jersey, Amos Bissell to Mrs Sarah Ann Sackett." [Register for Salem, NJ, is included in "Pennsylvania, Church and Town Records, 1708–1985."] [Abstract from Ancestry image]
  • 1878

  • "7 Nov 1878, Bethesda Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, William P Sackett to Maria T Hubbert, both of Philadelphia." [Abstract from Ancestry image]
  • 1879

  • "6 Feb 1879, Grace Church Episcopal, Great Bend, Susquehanna, John K Whieldon to Laura E Sackett, both of Great Bend, by Leroy F Baker, witnesses: Mr & Mrs George La..k." [Abstract from Ancestry image]
  • "25 Mar 1879, St Mark's Episcopal Church, Frankford, Philadelphia, Henry Sheaff Donat to Anna Virginia Sackett, m. at Franklin St. above Harrison St, Frankford, by Rev Dr Miller, Rector, witnesses: Winfield S Donat & Maggie M Stokes." [Abstract from Ancestry image]
  • 1886

  • "12 Mar 1886, license issued, John H Sodan, b. New York State, 18 Mar 1839, res. Gt Bend, cotton carder, first m. dissolved by death of wife; and Carrie Sackett, age 24, res. Gt Bend, house keeper, not m. before." [Abstract from Ancestry image]
  • 1889

  • "10 Oct 1889, New Geneva, Fayette, Pennsylvania, Samuel Merchent Sackett, 26, b. Fayette County, farmer, of Springhill, father Wm Sackett, mother Amelia Sackett; to Cora L. Ramsey, 25, b. Fayette County, of Springhill, father James Ramsey, mother Mary Ramsey."
  • 1895

  • "16 Oct 1895, Allegheny County, PA, Harry O Sackett, b. Sewickley [sic], 12 May 1868, res. Sewickley, clerk, to Cora Palmer, b. Cadiz, Ohio, 25 Jul 1868, res. Sewickley. Both 1st m. By Rev N Luccock." [Abstract from Ancestry image]
  • 1897

  • "24 Sep 1897, St Mark's Episcopal Church, Philadelphia, Jacob R Sackett, 22, to Linda Hamell, 21, at Rectory, witnesses: Mrs Kate Holeman, Mrs Harding, by J B Harding, clergyman." [Abstract from Ancestry image]
  • 1899

  • "1899, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Russell R Sackett & Lillian M Wilson." [Abstract from Ancestry image]
  • "License, 27 Feb 1899, Philadelphia County, PA, John H Sackett, b. Phila, PA, 23 Sep 1879, of 1526 E Montgomery Ave, salesman, prev. m. no; & Mary Virginia Fussell, b. Phila, 25 Feb 1878, of 1949 Patton St, prev. m. no." [Abstract from FindMyPast image] "Consent, Mary A Hubbard [sic], of 1526 E Montgomery Ave, Pha, grandmother of John H Sackett residing same house, who is 20. I consent to marriage of my grandson to Mary V Fussell. Parents are living but have deserted their son & contributed no support for years. [Signed] Mary A Hubbert." [Abstract from FindMyPast image] "Certificate, 1 March 1899, married John H Sackett and Miss Mary V Fussell, by John Graham, Minister of the Gospel, 3227 Montgomery Ave." [Abstract from FindMyPast image]
  • "21 Mar 1899, Luzerne, PA, George Sackett & Ella N Dunbar." [Abstract from Ancestry database]
  • 1907

  • "19 Jan 1907, Church of the Transfiguration, Philadelphia, Emile Heydenreich of no. 1133 [?] St, Brooklyn, to Annabell Sackett of Hamilton Court, Phila, by Hibbert H P Roche." [Abstract from Ancestry image]
  • "14 May 1907, Uniontown, Fayette, Pennsylvania, Alexander A Sackett, 26, miner, of Uniontown, b. Spriinghill, PA, father Hugh Sackett, mother Annie Sackett; to Della M Burchinal, 18, of Monongalia Co, W Va, b. Monongalia, father Wm Burchinal, mother Laverna." [Abstract from Ancestry image]
  • 1909

  • "21 Sep 1909, Hallstead Boro, Susquehanna, Pennsylvania, Bert E. Sackett, b. Liberty Township, Susq Co Pa, 27 Jul 1891, of Hallstead, clerk, father T.D. Sackett; to May Sweet, b. Binghamton, NY, 20 Jun 1893, of Hallstead, housekeeper, father Lewis Sweet." [Abstract from Ancestry image]
  • 1912

  • "9 Apr 1912, Uniontown, Fayette, Pennsylvania, Harry C Sackett, 26, farmer, of Smithfield, b. Springhill Twp, father Hugh Sackett, mother Annie Sackett; to Edith Emme, 19, of Haydentown, b. Dawson, father Samuel Emme, mother Ella Emme. By J S Bromley, Minister of the Gospel." [Abstract from Ancestry image]
  • "31 Aug 1912, Trinity Church, Oxford, Philadelphia, Clifford Wagner [sic] Sackett, 24, to Mary Edna Wright, 23, both of Phila, parents: Winfield S & Sarah S Sackett and Howard & Sarah Anne Wright, by Martin Damer?, clergyman, witnesses: Samuel H Wright & Florence Va Sackett." [Abstract from Ancestry image]
  • 1917

  • "1917, Philadelphia, PA, G Castor Sackett, to Edna I Mutch." [Abstract from Ancestry database, Marriage Index]
  • 1919

  • "6 Nov 1919, Great Bend, Susquehanna, Pennsylvania, Floyd William Sackett, 22, father Harvey Sackett, mother Minnie Sackett nee Rice; and Mary Fae Snow, 17, father Jno. G. Snow, mother Rita A. White nee Barrager." [Abstract from database]
  • 1928

  • "1928, Philadelphia, PA, Russell N Sacket, & Gladys M Bickley." [Abstract from Ancestry database, Marriage Index]
  • 1936

  • "14 Nov 1936, St Mark's Evangelical Lutheran, Butler, Clarence W Herold of RD5 to Irene L Sackett of Butler Pa." [Abstract from Ancestry image]
  • 1938

  • "License, sworn 16 Dec 1938, issued 19 Dec 1938, Susquehanna County, PA, Samuel E Sackett, retired, b. Liberty Twp, PA, res. Great Bend, PA, age 69, m. twice, wives d. May 1902, 28 Oct 1934, father Edwin M Sackett dec'd b. Ulster Co NY, mother Lydia J Ousterhout dec'd b. Liberty Twp PA; & Elizabeth Tibbets, housekeeper, b. Cornwall, England, res. Hallstead, PA, age 60, m. once, husband d. 5 Mar 1933, father Isaac Dawes dec'd b. England, mother Emily J Downing dec'd b. England. Married 20 Dec 1938 at Hallstead, PA, by Rev Joseph B Harrison." [Abstract from FamilySearch image]
  • 1941

  • Marriages Register, Calvin Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, "24 Jan 1942, Keith Le Roy Sackett & Laura Caroline Aiken." [Abstract from Ancestry image, Presbyterian Church Records]
  • 1942

  • "19 Jun 1942, George Cepull, 30, father Frank Cepull, mother Florence Heffner; and Margaret Goughenour, 24, father Leroy Sackett, mother Lillian Quinn." [Abstract from Ancestry database]
  • 1945

  • "18 Jul 1945, Allegheny, PA, Philip M Sackett, 22, father Leroy Sackett, mother Lillian Quinn; and Marcella S Brassart, 20, father Marceau Brassart, mother Martha Plotchard." [Abstract from Ancestry database]
  • 1946

  • "19 Jul 1946, Allegheny, PA, Richard Sylvester Sackett, 20, father Leroy S Sackett, mother Lillian Quinn; and Gladys Baughman Hughes, 23, father August C Baughman, mother Ivy V Eckhardt." [Abstract from Ancestry database]
  • 1947

  • "License, 13 Jun 1947, at Erie, Pennsylvania, m. at West Springfield, PA, 13 Jun 1947, Robert W Sackett, of 147 Maumee Avenue, Toledo, OH, 32, b. Altoona, PA, 1 Jul 1914, prev. m. no, bus driver, father Denver W Sackett, of 130½ Poplar, Conneaut, OH, carpenter, b. DuBois, PA, mother May Lloyd dec'd, b. Westover, PA; to Violet R Smith, of 147 Maumee Avenue, 22, b. Clendenin, W Va, 8 Apr 1925, prev. m. no, laundry worker, father Charles D Smith, of Clendenin, W Va, b. Falling Rock, W Va, mother Evie Naylor dec'd, b. Clendenin, W Va. By Mark H King, JP." [Abstract from FamilySearch image]
  • 1949

  • "6 Sep 1949, Allegheny, PA, George Pogan, 26, father Tom Pogan, mother Sarah Grasha; and Ruth Koedel, 27, father Leroy Sackett, mother Lillian Quinn."
  • 1950

  • "1950, Philadelphia, PA, 858315, Sackett (Horner), Elaine. Horner (Sackett), Charles J." [Abstract from FamilySearch image, PA, Philadelphia Marriage Indexes]

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