Iowa marriages

29 records


  • "24 Jun 1855, Clayton, Iowa, Jesse Sackett & Elizabeth Bush." [Abstract from Ancestry transcript]
  • 1858

  • "10 Aug 1858, at Allamakee, Iowa, Orsemus Sackett, 33, to Geraldin H Mathews, 18." [Abstract from Findmypast transcript]
  • 1875

  • "4 Mar 1875, Adair County, Iowa, James B Speers & Lydia J or A Sackett." [Abstract from Ancestry transcript]
  • 1884

  • "13 Mar 1884, at Adair County, Iowa, Elijah G Sacket, of Adair Co, IA, farmer, 26, b. McClain [McLean] County, IL, father F M Sacket, mother R S Sawyer; to Elizabeth J Murphy, of Grand River Tp, Adair Co, 18, b. Adair Co, father R T Murphy, mother Martha Key. Both 1st m. By Wm Thomas, Minister of the Gospel, at R T Murphy's. Witnesses: F M & Charles Sacket." [Abstract from Ancestry image]
  • 1886

  • "15 Dec 1886, at Afton, Iowa, Thos L Sackett, b. Indiana, father Alexander Sackett, mother Gilbert; to Emily G Diven." [Abstract from Ancestry transcript]
  • 1887

  • "30 Oct 1887, at Adair County, Iowa, John A Sackett, single, b. IL, father Francis M Sackett, mother Ruth Sophia Sayers; to Effie J Key, 18, single, b. IA, father Fielden Key, mother Susan Roberts." [Abstract from Ancestry transcript]
  • 1888

  • "5 Feb 1888, at Adair County, Iowa, Mark R Hodson, 27, farmer, of Harrison Tp, Adair County, b. Indiana, father Josiah Hodson, mother Jane Hiatt; to Cora F Sackett, 15, of Harrison Tp, b. Iowa, father F M Sackett, mother Ruth Sawyer. Both 1st m. By E Jones, Justice of Peace, at residence of E Jones. Witnesses: E G & Mrs E G Sackett." [Abstract from Ancestry image]
  • 1889

  • "1 Jan 1889, ME Parsonage, Greenfield, Adair, Iowa, Wm C McCrea, of Grove Tp, Adair Co, farmer, 30, 1st m., b. Iowa, father Porter McCrea, mother Matilda Bonnett; to Lucy L Sackett, of Grove Tp, 22, 1st m., b. Ill, father Chas Sackett, mother Mary Gorden. By C W Stuart, Pastor, ME Church. Witness: Frank James." [Abstract from Ancestry image]
  • 1890

  • "11 Sep 1890, Maquoketa, Jackson, Iowa, George Woodruff Sackett, of Geneva, Ills, travelling salesman, age 25, 1st m., b. Chicago, Ills, father Geo. A Sackett, mother Harriet Woodruff; and Beldena Wilbur, of Maquoketa, Iowa, age 22, b. Maquoketa, father Thomas Wilbur, mother Ann Belden. Witnesses: Geo W Trout, Stuart B Wilbur. By T S Oadams, Clergyman." [Abstract from Ancestry image]
  • 1891

  • "12 Jan 1891, at Monticello, Iowa, Elmer Huxtable, of Scotch Grove, IA, farmer, 26, b. Rives, MI, father Thos Huxtable, mother Helen Berry; to Hattie Sackett, of Scotch Grove, 19, b. Scotch Grove, father M D Sackett, mother Nancy A Ennis. Both 1st m. By CE Little JP." [Abstract from Ancestry image]
  • 1899

  • "30 Jul 1899, at Waukon, Allamakee County, Iowa, John P Enright, single, father Patrick Enright, mother Elizabeth Charron; to Lou Sackett, single, 40, b. Plano, Illinois, 1859, father Savin Sackett, mother Sarah Gifford." [Abstract from Ancestry transcript]
  • 1900

  • "28 Feb 1900, at Mt Pleasant, Henry County, IA, James Conaro, b. NY, father Jacob Conaro, mother Ham; to Henrietta Sackett (Henrietta Wilder), b. OH, 1839, age 61, father Cassandra Sackett, mother Henrietta M Beach." [Abstract from Ancestry transcript]
  • "29 May 1900, at Grinnell, IA, Chas T Prather, single, b. Plymouth, Ind, father Wm Prather, mother Lovina Dougman; to Ella E Walls, single, 27, b. Brooklyn, IA, father Taylor Walls, mother Nancy A Walls." [Abstract from Ancestry transcript]
  • 1910

  • "25 Oct 1910, at Rock Rapids, IA, Charles Judson Collins, of Sioux Falls, SD, general workman, 32, 1st m., b. IL, father Albert Collins, mother Margaret Finnsey; to Exira May Spears, of Luverne, MN, 30, 2nd m., b. Bloomington, IL, father James B Spears, mother Lydia Sackett. By Rev J J Bushnell. Witnesses: C C Davidson, Minnie J Davidson." [Abstract from Ancestry image]
  • 1912

  • "9 Jan 1912, at Victor, Iowa County, T F Sackett, 29, b. Brooklyn, Iowa, father Kirk Sackett, mother Nancy Campbell; to Clara M De Meulenaere, b. Belgium, father Chas De Meulenaere, mother Eugena De Brenkea." [Abstract from FamilySearch transcript]
  • 1915

  • "3 Feb 1915, Dubuque County, Iowa, B Russell Sackett, of Kansas City, MO, age 31, b. Kansas, MO, father John Sackett, mother Anna; and Ruth E Hunter, of Kansas City, age 21, b. Kansas, MO, father Peter Hunter, mother Mary Malone. Both 1st m. Witnesses: Mrs Kamp, Ed J Donegan. By John Glab JP." [Abstract from Ancestry image]
  • 1916

  • "9 Aug 1916, Osceola, Iowa, Ernst Funke, b. Bodenburg, Germany, father Ernst Funke, mother Sophia Siepert; and Lucy L Sackett McCrea, 49, b. Mclean Co, IL, 1867, father Charles D Sackett, mother Mary A Gordon." [Abstract from Ancestry transcript]
  • 1917

  • "1 Dec 1917, at Cedar Falls, IA, Alton V Sackett, of Waterloo, IA, RR employee, age 30, 1st m., b. Central City, NE, father Orange E Sackett, mother Emma Chesley; to Olive Alice Crinklaw, of Cedar Falls, IA, age 29, 1st m., b. Marion, IA, father Geo B Crinklaw, mother Alice A Sims. By Rev F Miller. Witnesses: Mrs Alice A Crinklaw, Geo B Crinklaw." [Abstract from Ancestry image]
  • 1919

  • "29 Jul 1919, at Mason City, Cerro Gordo, Iowa, Mark A Sackett, of Viking, Minn, farming, 24, first m., b. Winnebago, Minnesota, father Edward L Sackett, mother Rosie Skinner; and Nellie W Walker, of Mason City, IA, 25, first m., b. Plymouth, IA, father Harry Walker, mother Edith Williams. By HS Wilkinson, Pastor. Witnesses: TJ Williams, Mrs TJ Williams." [Abstract from Ancestry image]
  • 1923

  • "17 Jul 1923, at Waterloo, Iowa, Dr Stephen Temple, of Kansas City, Kansas, osteopathic physician, 65, 2nd m., b. Lenawee County, MI, father Christopher Temple, mother Jane A Ludlow; and Jessie White Sackett, of Topeka, Kansas, 52, b. Prairieville, MI, father Jabez Bills Sackett, mother Esther M White. Witnesses: Will Blake, ??te Sackett. By J C Kelford, Baptist Minister."
  • 1925

  • "13 Mar 1925, at Glenwood, Mills County, Iowa, Harry Edwin Johnson, of Oakland, Neb, mason, 23 (next), 1st m., b. Oakland, Neb, father Gust Johnson, mother's maiden name unk; to Adelaide Elizabeth Sackett, b. Tekamah, Neb, 20 (next), 1st m., b. Tekamah, father James Calvin Sackett, mother Anna Harris. By Wm R Schoemaker, clergyman. Witnesses: J Frank Montcastle, Violet Holman." [Abstract from Ancestry image]
  • "30 Dec 1925, at Le Mars, Iowa, Leander Dorman Sackett, 30 (next), b. Cheyenne County, Kansas, railroad man, of Sioux City, Iowa, father James C Sackett, mother Anna Harris; to Imogena Hazel Fletcher, 23 (next), b. Bancroft, Nebraska, of Bancroft, father Earl Richmond Fletcher, mother Margaret Brunton. Both 1st m. Witnesses: Gladys Fletcher of Bancroft, L B Olson of Sioux City. By James A Hills, Pastor, First Presbyterian Church, Le Mars, Iowa." [Abstract from Ancestry image]
  • 1926

  • "8 Dec 1926, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Fred Graham, of Monticello, Iowa, cream hauler, age 57, b. Peterboro, Canada, father James Graham, mother Mary Ann Farley; and Hattie Huxtable, maiden name Hattie Sackett, widow, of Rothiemay, Mont, age 55, b. Scotch Grove, Iowa, father Matthew D Sackett, mother Nancy Ann Ennis. Both 2nd m. Witness: Emma V Simmonds. By JB Travis JP."
  • 1929

  • "30 Nov 1929, Monticello, Iowa, Roy Sackett, of Monticello, Iowa, farmer, age 27, 1st m., b. Scotch Grove, Iowa, father M D Sackett, mother Bertha King; and Ina B Winch, of Hopkinton, Iowa, age 25, 1st m., b. Hopkinton, father Martin Henry Crittenden Winch, mother Lucy Squires. By Roy V Porter, clergyman. Witnesses: Mrs R V Porter, Margaret Porter." [Abstract from Ancestry image]
  • 1932

  • "6 Jul 1932, Cedar Rapids, Linn, Iowa, Harvey E Sackett, of Klamath Falls, Ore, mechanic, age 43, b. Manchester, IA, father Franklin Sackett, mother Jenny Fox; and Philomena Goebel, of 2200 Pennsylvania St, Evansville, Ind, age 29, b. Poseyville, IN, father Frederick Goebel, mother Catherine Rothlein. Both 1st m. Witnesses: Mr & Mrs Albert Miller. By Ernest P Ament, Asst Pastor, Immaculate Conception Church." [Abstract from Ancestry image]
  • 1934

  • "27 Dec 1934, at Carroll, Iowa, William L Sackett, of Victor, Ia, clerk, 21, b. Victor, father Frank Sackett, mother Clara De Meulenere; to Gleanore [?Eleanore] Lucas, of Boone, 19, b. Boone, father Sam Lucas, mother Ruth Davis. Witnesses: Junior ?re Clemens, Marian Clemens. Both 1st m. By P T Lynch, Pastor." [Bride's signature written as Elnora Lucas]. [Abstract from Ancestry image]
  • 1935

  • "2 Mar 1935, at Osage, Iowa, Howard Sackett, of Cedar Falls, Iowa, machinist, 25, white, American, b. Scotch Grove, Iowa, father Clarence A Sackett, mother Louise Tritten, first m., to Ethelyn Corwin, of Cedar Falls, 28, white, American, b. Finchford, Iowa, father Israel H Corwin, mother Ethel Wilcox, first m. Witnesses: Myrtle Corwin, Robert Sackett. By John D Kern, Pastor, Baptist Church." [Abstract from Ancestry image]
  • "25 Jul 1935, Arnolds Park, Iowa, Arnold Sackett, 22, b. Winnebago, Minnesota, res. Winnebago, factory laborer, 2nd m., father Elihu E Sackett, mother Amy Maine; to Inez Pierce, 21, b. Winnebago, res. Winnebago, 1st m., father Oscar R Pierce, mother Gady I Winch. Witnesses: E E Sackett, Ada B Herson. By Theodore Foxworthy, Friends Minister." [Abstract from Ancestry image]
  • 1948

  • "31 Jan 1948, St Paul Evangelical Lutheran Church, Anamosa, Iowa, Willis Alden Sackett, 34, of Hopkinton, Iowa, father Matthew Dunham, mother Bertha King; & Dorothy Jean Dunkel, 18, of Hopkinton, father Lewis Dunkel, mother Lenora Willard. Witnesses: G Rickels, H L Bursing."

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