California marriages & divorces

16 records


  • "17 Sep 1895, Los Angeles, California, Fred Fuller, 20, b. Kansas, of Ohio, and Sue Settle, 20, b. CA, of Norwalk." [Abstract from Ancestry image]
  • 1921

  • License & certificate, "26 Oct 1921, Pasadena, Los Angeles, California, Eugene F Sacket, 33, b. Pennsylvania, res. Pasadena, Los Angeles County, plumber, hwd? & plumbing shop, father Frederick G Sacket b. OH, mother Ida Hess b. NY; & Jean Adair Brown, 29, b. California, res. Pasadena, telephone clerk, father William Giles Brown b. IL, mother Ellen Mary Raub b. NY. Both 1st m. Witnesses: May Belle Sacket of Pasadena, A B Brown of Oakland, Alameda County. By Merle N Smith, Clergyman." [Abstract from FamilySearch image]
  • 1923

  • "2 Jul 1923 (date recorded), Sackett, Florence M, and Harold S Gray, Los Angeles, CA." [Abstract from Ancestry image]
  • 1943

  • License & certificate, "20 Sep 1943, Santa Ana, Orange County, California, Francis Allen Sackett, b. Oregon, age 27, res. San Diego; and Isis Maurine Johnston, b. California, age 23, res. Santa Ana. Witnesses: William C Ridley, Jean Johnston, both of Santa Ana. By E C Morlan, Minister of the Gospel Seventh-day Adventists." [Abstract from FamilySearch image]
  • 1945

  • "25 Jul 1945, at Los Angeles, California, Edgar E Liebe, of 5922 Hereford Dr, LA, 24, 1st m., b. San Antonio, Texas, occ. USMC, father Fritz Liebe b. San Antonio, mother Pauline Elizabeth Eckart b. Texas; to Edna Olson, maiden name Sackett, of 114 Myrtle, Montebello, 22, 2nd m., occ. butcher, father Carl E Sackett b. CA, mother Eleanor Mae Rogers b. IN." [Abstract from FamilySearch image]
  • 1946

  • License & certificate, "21 Feb 1946, Long Beach, California, Donald Melvin Sackett, of 1060 Newport Avenue, Long Beach, 26, 1st m., b. Frisco, Utah, mechanic, S & S Plastic Co, father Frank Sackett b. UT, mother Etta May Ellison b. UT; to Beatrice Eugene Kelley, of 1941 Walnut Ave, Long Beach, 22, 1st m., b. South Dakota, secretary, Union Plastics Co, father Sterling Kelley b. IL, mother Mable F Butts b. Nebraska. By John H Peters, Pastor St Paul Luth Ch." [Abstract from FamilySearch image]
  • "19 Jun 1946, Unknown, California, Wilbur S Sackett and Katherine A Collins." [Abstract from Ancestry image]
  • 1950

  • "30 Jan 1950, Alameda, California, Sheldon F Sackett, 47, and Elizabth E Worthington, 31." [Abstract from Ancestry image]
  • "19 Apr 1950, Ventura County, California, Lloyd R Allen, 24, and Gloria G Sackett, 17." [Abstract from Ancestry transcript]
  • 1964

  • "19 Oct 1964, Sacramento, California, Leo G Sackett, 21, & Janet J Lamb, 18." [Abstract from Ancestry transcript]
  • "9 Dec 1964, Los Angeles, CA, Edward W Graham, 49, and Marcella S Sackett, 39." [Abstract from Ancestry transcript]
  • 1968

  • "12 Dec 1968, Santa Clara, California, Stella M Sackett, 48, and Albert O Larson, 41." [Abstract from Ancestry image]
  • 1969

  • "11 Apr 1969, San Diego City, California, Rex E Sackett, 19, and Sharon A Straughn, 21." [Abstract from Ancestry image]
  • 1973

  • "Jun 1973, divorce, Santa Clara, California, Gordon S Adams and Jenny P Peeters."
  • 1974

  • "Aug 1974, divorce, Los Angeles, California, Willis W Sackett and Marion J Reid."
  • 1975

  • "7 Jun 1975, Los Angeles, California, Willis W Sackett, 49, and Patricia J Millraney, 31."

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