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Most marriage licence allegations followed the same general format, earlier ones often being written in more than one hand, suggesting a pro forma which was then filled in with the couple's details. Later allegations were often on a printed pro forma.

The allegation of 1701 of Samuel Sackett, the wig maker, is given as an example of the full text:

"31st December 1701
Which day appeared psonally Humphry Owen of St Dunstans in ye West London Gent alledged [word Thomas deleted] Samuell Sackett of the same parish peruque maker aged above twenty two years and a Bachellor intendeth to marry with Mrs Martha Owen of ye pish aforesd aged about sixteen years & a Spinster (Sister of this Allegent) with ye const of her Mother Mrs Elizabeth Owen Widdowe not knowing or beleiving any Impedimt By reason of any precontract, consangty, Affinity or any other lawfull Means whatsoever to hinder ye intended marriage of ye truth of ye premises he made oath and prayed Lysence for them to be married in ye parish Church of St Saviour Southwark in ye County of Surry.
................. Humphy Owen
J Eaton Sur.

  • "31 December 1701 Samuel Sackett, bachelor, 22+, peruque maker, of St Dunstan, West London, & Martha Owen, spinster, 16, of St Dunstan, West London, sister of Humphrey Owen, Gent., of St Dunstan, & daughter of Mrs Elizabeth Owen, widow."
  • "11 October 1749 John Wynn, bachelor, 22+, of St John, Wapping, Middlesex, & Mary Sackett, spinster, 20, of Margate, Kent, daughter of John Sackett, mariner; at Trinity Minories, London; or St John, Wapping, Middlesex; or Woodford, Essex."
  • "5 March 1759 John Gallatly, bachelor, 22, of Hornchurch, Essex, & Mary Sackett, spinster, 22, of Raynham, Essex, at Hornchurch or Raynham."
  • "19 November 1759 John Gallatly, bachelor, 21, of Romford, Essex, & Mary Sackett, spinster, 21+, of Hornchurch, Essex, at Hornchurch."
  • "16 March 1770 Henry Sackett, bachelor, 24+, of St Mary Rotherhithe, & Ann Terry, spinster, 21+, of St Mary Magdalen, Bermondsey, at either parish church."
  • "25 November 1771, Samuel Bull, bachelor, 21+, of Dagnam, Essex, & Sarah Sackett, spinster, 21+, of Dagnam, Essex, at Dagnam."
  • "17 February 1777, James Penn, widower, of Hampton, Middlesex, & Ann Sackett, widow, of Hampton, Middlesex, at Hampton."
    Not identified.
  • "22 November 1800 William Bottomley, widower, of St James, Westminster, & Mary Sackett, spinster, 21+, of St James, Westminster, at St James, Westminster."
  • "9 September 1815, Francis Sackett, bachelor, 21+, of St Mary Magdalen, Bermondsey, & Sarah Walker, spinster, 21+, of St Mary, Rotherhithe, at St Mary Magdalen, Bermondsey."
  • "27 August 1822, James Sackett, bachelor, 21+, of Navestock, Essex, & Ann Lee, spinster, 21+, of Hornchurch, Essex, at Navestock."
  • "7 July 1845 George Samuel Sackett, bachelor, 21+, of St George Hanover Square, Middlesex, & Hannah Fuggle, spinster, 21+, of Yalding, Kent, at St George Hanover Square."

Marriage Licence Allegations, Vicar-General's Office (Society of Genealogists).