Mary Sackett

FatherJohn Sackett (1757-1834)
MotherAnn Hooper (c 1756-1841)
Mary Sackett, daughter of John Sackett and Ann Hooper, was born in St John in Thanet, KentG, on 25 June 17891 and baptized at St John in ThanetG on 22 July 1789.1 She died aged 73 in St John in ThanetG on 18 April 18632 and was buried at St John in ThanetG on 24 April 1863.3 She was unmarried.
     Mary continued to live at 27 Hawley Square, MargateG, the house she had inherited from her parents, and was listed under "gentry" in directories in 1847, 1851, and 1858.4,5,6
     Mary was named as a beneficiary in her father's will made in St John in ThanetG on 21 July 1831. She was left investments valued at £1,700, held in trust until the death of her mother Ann.7
     Mary was named as a beneficiary in her mother's will made in Margate, KentG, on 2 April 1840. She was to inherit her mother's personal estate, except for various specified items bequeathed to her Swinford nephews and niece, the children of her deceased sister Ann, and was sole executrix of the will.8
     In 1851 Mary was living at Abbey House, Minster, KentG, in the household of John Swinford, and was recorded in the census as Mary Sackett, a visitor, unmarried, aged 61, of no occupation, and born in Margate, Kent. John Swinford, a substantial farmer of some 400 acres, employing 12 men and six boys, was Mary's brother-in-law, widower of her deceased sister Ann.9
     In 1861 she was living at 27 Hawley Square, Margate, KentG, and was recorded as Mary Sackett, house proprietor, head of household, unmarried, aged 71 and born in Margate.10
     Mary made her will in St John in Thanet, KentG, on 14 August 1855, naming as beneficiaries her nephews John Sackett Swinford, Daniel Swinford, Henry Herbert Swinford and James Smith Swinford, her niece Ann Swinford, her great-nephew Sackett Swinford, and her great-niece Mary Thornton.11 The main beneficiaries of Mary's substantial estate (her personal estate alone was valued at nearly £5,000) were two of her nephews: John Sackett Swinford and Daniel Swinford, sons of her deceased sister Ann. They were executors of the will and were to inherit the residue of the estate after specified bequests to the other nephews and to Mary's niece, who received various personal items and cash amounts. The will was proved on 22 June 1863.
Abstract of will of Mary Sackett of St John's, Margate, Kent.
Date: 14 August 1855.
Proved: Principal Probate Registry, 22 June 1863.
Source: Somerset House Indexes).
Personal estate under £5,000.
Testatrix: Mary Sackett, spinster, of St John's, Margate, Kent, died 18 April 1863 at Margate.
Niece Ann Thornton, wife of Henry Thornton of Margate, surgeon, all linen, clothes, jewels, trinkets & personal adornments, 2 china jugs from sitting room mantelpiece, silver salver, silver coffee pot, liquor stand, all for own absolute use; & £800.
Godchild Mary Thornton, watch, chain seals & appendages, piano, music stool & music, work table & writing desk, to be delivered to her mother as soon as possible after my decease, & £10 (to be given to her mother).
Nephews John Sackett Swinford, Daniel Swinford, Henry Herbert Swinford, James Smith Swinford, & niece Ann Thornton, rest of plate & china, equally divided.
Nephew John Sackett Swinford, bookcase & books.
Nephews Henry Herbert Swinford & James Smith Swinford, £350 [unclear whether each, or share].
Relation Herbert Hooper, £10.
Godchild Sackett Swinford, one of sons of Daniel Swinford, £10 (to be given to his father).
Servant Elizabeth Kennet, if living with me at time of my decease, £20 plus the furniture in the small bedroom she uses.
All of the above to be paid free of duty.
Nephews John Sackett Swinford & Daniel Swinford, residue to be divided equally as tenants in common & not as joint tenants.
Executors: John Sackett Swinford, Nash Court, St John's, gent, nephew; & Daniel Swinford, Alland Court, Minster, gent, nephew.
Witnesses: William Brooke, Samuel Pointon.
Codicil dated 18 May 1861, due to death of grand-niece Mary Thornton.
Bequests made to Mary Thornton to be transferred to niece Ann Thornton, plus 2 old china jars, 2 old china vases, & 2 old china butter boats to match.
Witnesses: Ann Evans, Jane Kennet, 27 Hawley Square.
Ann Evans swore an oath identifying codicil at Margate 10 June 1863 before Wm Brooke, Comm. of Oaths.

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