Abstract of will of John Sackett of Braunston, Lincoln.
Date: 10 June 1680.
Proved: Prerogative Court of Canterbury, 4 Nov 1680.
Source: National Archives, Kew, PROB 11/364 quire 155).
Testator: John Sackett, Clerk, Braunston, County of City of Lincoln.
Brother Nathaniel of Canterbury, all lands, tenements etc. in St Peter & St John, Thanet, or elsewhere, for life. Then to Nathanielís son, John.
Sister Elizabeth, £30.
Sister Patience Pulvertoft, £10.
Nephew Robert Scudder, £5.
Poor of Braunston, £5.
Old servant William Bott, 40/-.
Each current servant, 10/-.
Nephew Charles Dicus, lease of rectory of Tilmanton on condition he pays the following legacies: his brother Humfry, †††††£15; his brother John, £25; his brother Thomas, £35; his sister Sarah, £55; his sister Judith, £60 at age 21††††† and in the meantime lawful interest; his sister Katherine, 55 marks at age 21 and in the meantime lawful interest; his sister Elizabeth, 100 marks at age 21 and in the meantime lawful interest.
Danyell Pamphlet of Dumpton & John Gilloe of Newland Grange, Thaney, yeomen, guardians of Charles during his minority, 20/- each.
My most honoured Patron, Thomas Meres, 22 shilling pieces of gold.
My noble Patroness, the Lady Meres, one Ros: Real pieces of gold of King Henry VIII.
Executor: Brother Nathaniel.
Witnesses: Tho. Foreman, Wm. Tan.