Abstract of will of William Saket of Ash, Kent.
Date: 27 June 1639.
Proved: Consistory Court of Canterbury, 31 March 1640.
Source: Kent Archives Office, PRC 31-116-81.
Testator: William Saket, mawlster, Ash.
Eldest son William, 30.
2nd son John, 15.
Son Pawle, 20.
Son Jeffary,1/-.
Daughter Elizabeth, wife of Nicholas Saffary, 5.
Daughter Mary, wife of Robard [?Chilten], 10/-.
Daughter Joan, wife of Matthew [?Jeffard], 5.
Grandchildren, Joan & Mary Philpot, 5 each.
All sons & daus (except Jeffery), equal shares in his part in an annuity "now in suit" if it is recovered.
Sons, Robert & Thomas, dwelling house, malthouses & residue.
Executors: sons Robert & Thomas.
Witnesses: Nicholas [?Essere], John Pax, John Sollay.