that we, Hopestill & Thankfull King of New Marlborough in the County of Berkshire & Commonwealth of Massachusetts, for & in consideration of the sum of Ninety Pounds Lawfull Money to us in hand well & truly paid by Ezra Fellows of Sheffield in the County of Berkshire Gentn: the Rect. whereof we hereby acknowledge & ourselves therewith fully Satisfied & contented & thereof & of every part & parcle thereof Do Exonerate acquit & Discharge him the said Ezra Fellows his heris Excors & Administrators forever by these Presents have given, granted bargained sold conveyed & confirmed, & by these presents do freely fully & absolutely give grant Bargain Sell, aliene convey & confirm unto him the said Ezra Fellows, sundry tracts or parcles of Land the same being the whole of the Land the following heire own [sic: herein?] lying & being in Sheffield aforesaid & is known by the name of Sacket Farm, the whole to contain three Shares or three fifths of the whole of said farm (viz) one Share which same by the said Thankfull one Share by Samuel Sacket late of Sheffield Decd. & the other Share by Rachel Sacket Decd. with a Reservation of the Improvement of the widows third belonging to said Estate.
TO HAVE & TO HOLD the said granted Premises with the appurtenances & Privelidges to the same belonging or in any wise appertaining to him the said Ezra his heirs & assigns forever to him & his only proper use Benefit & Behoof forever. And we the said Hopestill & Thankfull, for our Selves our heirs Executors & Administrators do Covenant, promise & grant to & with him the said Ezra Fellows his heirs & assigns, that before the Ensealing hereof we are the true sole & Lawfull owners of the above Bargained Premises & are lawfuly Seized & possessed of the same in our own Right as a good, perfect & absolute Estate of Inheritance in fee simple & have in our Selves good Right full power & Lawfull Authority to grant Bargain, Sell, convey & confirm said Bargained Premises in manner aforesaid & that the said Ezra Fellows his heirs & assigns, shall & may from time to time & at all times forever hereafter by force & Virtue of these presents, Lawfully, peacably & quietly, have, hold use, Occupy, possess & Enjoy the said Demised & Bargained Premises, with the appurtenances, free & Clear, & freely & clearly acquited, Exonerated & Discharged of & from all manner of former or other gifts, grants Bargains, Sales, Leases, Mortgages, wills, Entails, Jointures, Dowries, Except the above Reservation, Judgments, Executions or Incumbrances of what name or nature soever, that might in any measure or Degree obstruct or make Void this present Deed. Furthermore we the said Hopestill & Thankfull, for our Selves, heirs Executors & Administrators Do Covenant & Engage the above Demised Premises to him the said Ezra Fellows, his heirs & assiigns, against the Lawfull Claims & Demands of any person or persons whatsoever, forever hereafter to warrant secure & Defend by these presents.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF we have hereunto set our hands & Seals this 6th: Day of May in the Year of our Lord 1782.
Signed, Sealed & Delivered
Hopestill King (& Seal)
Thankfull King (her mark & Seal)
in presence of
Lem Barnard
John Hubbard.
Berkshire SS: 6th: Day of May 1782. Hopestill King & Thankfull King acknowledged the within Instrument to be their free act & Deed.
Before me Lem Barnard Justs Peace
April 15th: 1783. Recd. & Recorded from the Original by Moses Hopkins, Regr.

—Transcript of unsourced typewritten document found on several Ancestry trees, Dec 2019