Will of Solomon Sakett, of St Peter in Thanet, Kent.
Date: November 1490.
Proved: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury, 25 February 1490/91.
Source: Kent Archives Office, PRC 17-5-263.
Wife Jone, most of lands.
Land at Solys Hill to be sold to cover debts and bequests.
Thomas Sprakling, 2 acres of land.
[The first 29 lines are in Latin, not yet deciphered. The following, in English, starts at line 30. The date of the will, in the Latin section, appears to be Novembris mille CCCCXC, i.e. November 1490. This checks with the regnal year—sixth year of the reign of Harry the seventh—in the English section. Henry VII came to the throne on 22 August 1485.]
"This is the last wyll of me aforesaid Salamond Sakut made ye day and yere above writen yt sixte yere rynyng of kyng Harry the severnth upon all my landez and tenements wt th apporten-nces which landez and ten-[ements] Thomas Rooke Rich- Hanyng Ro-t Norwode and ye said Rob-t Cramte beyng feoffes fyrst y wyll yat my said feffeiz Anone aft my deceasse shall sell one Acrs of land lying att solys hyll abbuttyng upon ye comy-n wey A …ise west and … Acrs of woode lying at … ye money therof reaylys-d y wyll ye said feffeiz shall [delyn-] ye money to my exec-s for to pay my dettes and bequestez also y wyll anone aft my deceasse that my feffeiz shall ynfeffe ye said Thomas Spraclyng and yn ii Acrs of lands lying and beyng att Soly hill havyng and holdyng to ye said Thomas is heirs and assigneiz for ev-rmore … y wyll yat my said feffeiz shall suffre ye said Jone my wyffe have hold and occupy all my other lands and ten[emen]te wt th apporten-nces as long as ye said Jone is sole woman kepyng sufficient repacion- and due ye lord of ye Fee and when yt so fortunetly yat ye said Jone my wyfe mary wt any man or deceasse then y wyll yat my said feffeiz or there assigneiz shall sell all ye said lands and ten-tes wt th apporten-nces to hym yt wyll give moost therefor yn money thereof … I wyll it shalbe [spaseth?] in this forme folowyng fyrst y give and bequeathe to an honest pryste for to syng and pray for my soule and for the soules which y am bounde for and for all cristens in ye church be the space and time of 12 month 10 marcs also I bequeath 10 aycres for to bye a yassoboke for ye said church also I bequeath 10li forto bye wt A vestment wt all ye ornaments for ye said church also I bequeath 26s 8d to bye wt a [sensor] [laton] and [ongylte] for the said church also y bequeath 5li forto bye wt A [Foadyr] of lead to laid wt ye North roofe of ye said church also I bequeath to the church workes of Woodchurch 6s 8d to ye church workes of ye Freirs of Sand[wich?] 13s 4d Also I wyll yt my said exec-s shall distribut among pouer people most nedyng in the Pisshez of Minst- and sent Laurens in eny p-ish of ye said 6s 8d It-m I bequeath than to margaret Spraclyng yf she be dwellyng wt ye said Jone my wyfe tyll she come to age 20 It-m I bequeath to Frier Ric Aloam 5 aycrs forto syng and pray for my soule and for all cristen soulez and syng at whare so en it please hym and if it so fortune ye said Frier Ric deceasse or ye forsaid lands be solde then I wyll yt my said execut-s and feffeiz shall divyd ye said 5 aycrs to A Frier of ye hous in sand[wich?] as ye said Frier Rc wyll elicte and chose and syng and fullfill the di-yers … and also I wyll yat my said exors so for my soulle and all cristen- soulez in ye said church of sent peters be ye space of 7 yeres in masses and dirige and other goode workes eny of ye said 7 yeres 6s 8d The residue of ye money it shalbe disposed aft discrecion of my said exers and feffeiz as they se best forto be don god to please my sowle to p-vaylle Also I bequeath to eche of my feffeiz for their laburs 3s 4d Gyven the day and yere above wryten This wytnes & Robt Lasynby vicyr of ye said church Rich [Baston] sen Rich [Hanyne] Robt Sakett and Edward [Lyderers].
Probate fuit XXvth Febr … … … … …"