Abstract of will of Vincent Andrew Sackett of Northwood, St Peter's, Kent.
Date: 15 March 1882.
Proved: Canterbury, 21 July 1883.
Source: National Archives.
Will of Vincent Andrew Sackett, yeoman, of Northwood, St Peter's, died 5 June 1883 at Northwood. Will proved Canterbury 21 July 1883. 147 2s 11d. Executors: Barzillai Cock, Northwood, yeoman, & Charles Giles, 19 Holmesdale Road, Bromley, Kent, mason.
Vincent Andrew Sackett, yeoman, of Northwood, St Peter's, Thanet, Kent.
Executors & trustees: my natural son Barzillai Cock commonly known as Barzillai Sackett, of Northwood, yeoman, & Charles Giles of Bromley, Kent, stonemason. Just debts, funeral expenses, testamentary expenses to be paid out of first rents & profits to come to hand eafter my decease due to my estate.
To trustees, Homestead containing 5 acres with 2 cottages & other buildings situate at Northwood & to their heirs & assigns upon trust to permit my son-in-law George Taylor to have the use of the cottage in which he now lives during the term of his natural life. Upon further trust to permit my two grandchildren George Taylor & Mary Jane Matilda Taylor to use & occupy the other lands & buildings forming the said homestead during the life of my son-in-law George Taylor, they maintaining the said son-in-law & finding him all necessary food, drink, & clothing or in lieu paying him out of rents & profits of same said homestead the sum of 8/0d weekly.
After death of son-in-law, Trustees to possess homestead & buildings thereon in trust. Cottage son-in-law now lives in, plus outkitchen & barn & one moiety or half-part of farmlands of homestead as the same is now marked out for my grandson George Taylor & his heirs. Cottage in which I now reside & pantile lodge & remaining moiety or half of land upon trust for my granddaughter Mary Jane Matilda Taylor & her heirs for her own sole & separate use free from debts, control & engagements of any husband with whom she may intermarry. Provided always in the event of death of either of my grandchildren George Taylor or Mary Jane Matilda Taylor without legitimate issue, total passes to survivor. If both die then all passes to Barzillai Cock/Sackett & his children as tenants in common. Title deeds to homestead to be held by Barzillai Cock/Sackett or his heirs, but to be produced for inspection by the Taylors on request. Right of way on foot, but not for farm carts, along road in front of grandson's cottage to Mary Jane Matilda Taylor or other occupiers of cottage & pantile lodge. Privy & well in yard to be used in common by owners of both cottages & lodge.
To Elizabeth Cock commonly called Elizabeth Sackett, all household furniture, goods & effects, & right to live in cottage where testator now lives for 6 months after his decease rent free.
Residue to Barzillai Cock/Sackett.
Will signed by making mark.
Witnesses: A. Bromley Burrows, solicitor, Ramsgate, & H. Smith, his clerk.