3962. Alexander Sacket, b. Jan 22 1820, d. in 1864, m. Caroline C. Gilbert.

3962. Alexander Sackett, 1820–1864, son of (1535) Dr. David F. and Martha Milliken Sackett, was married, Feb. 20, 1845, to Cornelia Clark Gilbert, daughter of William Gilbert and his wife Anna Delamater. Mr. Sackett was a Union veteran of the Civil War. He enlisted in 8th Iowa Cavalry, which was attached to the 15th Army Corps. After participating with credit in several engagements he was captured by the Confederates in McCook's raid at Newman, Georgia, and suffered confinement in several prisons. At length, in 1864, he was exchanged, and broken in health started north on the steamer General Lyon, which was lost with all on board between Fortress Monroe and Wilmington. In 1869 his widow married Hampton Olney, who died in 1883. In 1905 she was residing with her son, James A. Sackett, on a farm they own jointly near Dudley, Ill.


6890. Mary E. Sackett, b. Nov. 31, 1845; m. Leonard Knox.
6891. Thomas S. Sackett, b. Nov. 1, 1847; m. Amanda Piper.
6892. Emma E. Sackett, b. Apr. 15, 1849; m. Joseph Beach.
6893. Daniel M. Sackett, b. Aug. 31, 1851; m. Anna Conwell.
6894. Jennie Sackett, b. Oct. 28, 1853.
6895. Charles J. Sackett, b. Oct. 18, 1855; unmarried in 1905.
6896. James A. Sackett, b. May 20, 1857; unmarried in 1905.
6897. Clara A. Sackett, b. Apr. 10, 1859.
6898. William Sackett, b. Dec. 7, 1861, d. in 1865.

—Weygant, The Sacketts of America