Died in Tallmadge March 4th. 1854 Mrs. Amelia A., wife of Mr. George Chapman, and daughter of Dea. Clark Sackett. After a very severe illness of four days. Never was her intellect more active than during her sickness, almost to the moment of her death; and with full knowledge that she must die, she had no fear; she looked upon death and made her arrangements, with entire calmness. For her husbands and babes sake, she would have chosen to live, for Jesus sake, she was willing to die.
Her death scene forcibly impressed the words "Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord, yea saith the spirit; for they rest from their labors and their works do follow them". A calm, humble, consistent useful Christian life, led for nearly twelve years since her public profession, prepared for that peaceful death.
Affliction was not wanting. In addition to such sickness in her family just two weeks before her own death, God took to himself her child of one year and seven months of age. She showed that it was good for her to be afflicted. The Church, community, her relatives above all her family, have lost much by her removal; but we all feel, she has gained her crown.
Copied from the Ohio Observer of March 15th, 1854.

—Bronson, History of Tallmadge