Abstract of will of Melissa Sackett

Estate of Melissa Sackett, of Winchester, died 30 Sep 1909, widow.
Heirs: Grove Sackett, of Cranford, NJ, son; Frank Sackett, of Winchester, son.
Application for probate filed in Court, 6 Oct 1909.

Will made at Winchester, 9 Aug 1904.
1. Sister, Amy E Ryder, use during lifetime of house, 45 Wetmore Avenue, Winsted, & wearing apparel.
2. Frank Sackett, of Winsted, $5,000 in trust, with income to sister Amy Ryder during her lifetime.
3. Frank Sackett, $3,000 in trust, income to be used for care of house, any excess to sister at Trustee's discretion.
4. Residue, incl reversion of house, equally to sons, Grove & Frank.
5. Frank Sackett appointed executor.
6. Benefits to sister apply only during her widowhood. Benefits to sister may be replaced by payment of $15 per month.

Inventory & Appraisal.
Detailed list of assets, total $36,057, filed in Court 24 Nov 1909.

Return of Claims, total $102, filed in Court 15 Apr 1910.

Administration Account, filed in Court, 18 Apr 1910. Total assets $34,051.

Distribution, filed in Court 27 Apr 1910: various mortgage notes, bank balances, etc. to Grove Sackett $18,276; various mortgage notes, bank balances, & house at 45 Wetmore Avenue to Frank Sackett $18,276 (includes house at $3,200).