Sackett, Edward

Regimental Board:
Private Edward Sackett, trade tailor, b. Ramsgate, Kent, 1822, service no. 1541, Private, Royal Warwickshire Regiment, 6th Foot, attested at Canterbury, 21 Apr 1840, aged 18 y 6 m, service entitlement 152 days, discharged in consequence of disability, 5 Jun 1845, character and conduct "indifferent".
Statement of services:
6th Foot Regiment, Private, from 21 Apr 1841 [sic: 1840], to 26 Mar 1843, 2 y 340 days, deserted at Portsmouth, 27 Mar 1843, from desertion at 10 Jun 1844, tried and sentenced to 115 days imprisonment, period from committal to sentence 11 Jun 1844 to 12 Sep 1844, imprisoned 13 Sep 1844 to 4 Jan 1845, former service forfeited by conviction of desertion, deduct 2 y 340 days, released, Private, served 5 Jan 1845 to 5 Jun 1845, 152 days, further service 6 Jun 1845 to 30 Jun 1845 when finally discharged, 25 days, total service 177 days.
Medical report:
This man suffers from constant Dyspnea with violent palpitation of his heart, the impulse of the latter can be felt over all the anterior part of his Chest and extending down to the Umbilicus his sufferings are increased on taking exercise, carrying his pack &c. His present complaint came on in 1840 after having experienced a severe wetting. He is quite incapable of performing the active duties of a soldier. His present disability is not attributable to either vice or intemperance.
Opinion of Principal Medical Officer:
Dublin, 20 Jun 1845: Edward Sackett was this day examined by a Medical Board at Dublin of which I was President & found unfit for service from Dyspnea with violent palpitations of the Heart. Discharge approved at Dublin, 30 Jun 1845.
Final description:
Private Edward Sackett, of 6 Regt of Foot, discharged at Dublin, 5 Jun 1845, age 23 7/12 years, 5ft 10 in, brown hair, grey eyes, fair complexion, trade tailor, no marks or scars.

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