315. Benjamin Moore, S.T.D., 1748–1816, fifth President of Columbia College, son of [98] Lieut. Samuel and Sarah Fish Moore, was married before 1879 [sic: 1779] to Charity Clarke, daughter of Maj. Clement Clarke, of New York City. He was educated at Kings (now Columbia) College, where he was graduated in 1768, and from which he received the degree of Doctor of Laws in 1789. Following graduation he taught Greek and Latin for a time, and studied theology. Later he went to England, where, in 1774, he was ordained Deacon and Priest of Chapel of Fulham Palace by the Bishop of London. On returning to America he became assistant rector of Trinity Church, New York City; of which in 1800 he became rector. The following year he was consecrated Bishop Coadjutor of St. Michael's Church, Trenton, N. J. A few months later he was elected to succeed Bishop Provost as Bishop of the Protestant Episcopal Church of the State of New York. From 1801 to 1811 he was President of Columbia College.


809. Clement C. Moore, b. July 15, 1779, d. July 10, 1863.

—Weygant, The Sacketts of America