1388. Kirtland Sackett, 1831, of Napa, Cal. son of (613) Pliny and Nancy Bartell Sackett, was married, Nov. 5, 1861, to Nancy Henery, daughter of Samuel Henery. He was born at Boston Center, Erie Co., N. Y., and accompanied his parents to Berien County, Mich., in 1838. When well advanced in his "teens" he went to Niles, Mich., and there served an apprenticeship as a wheelwright. He subsequently worked at his trade in Chicago, Ottawa, and Peru in Ill., and at St. Louis and Weston in Missouri. In 1851 he engaged in the wagon making business on his own account at St. Joseph, Mo., making a specialty of fitting out trains for emigrant parties, who were taking the overland route to the Pacific slope. In 1852, with his own teams and wagons, he joined one of these companies, consisting of 33 men, one woman and one child, and journeyed with them through the Indian country, over the Salt Lake route, down the Humbolt, up Carson, and over the mountains to Lake Tahoe, reaching Sacramento in the month of August. There, after trying his hand at mining, he again engaged in wagon making, but soon removed to Napa, Cal., where, after making a return trip to New York State and a prospecting tour through Northern California, he settled down to the life of a farmer, at which occupation he, in 1906, was still engaged.


3509. Hattie Sackett, b. Aug. 13, 1862; m. John J. Koster.
3509a. George K. Sackett, b. May 27, 1866; m. Lena Bass.
3509b. Ella Sackett, b. June 21, 1868; m. Wm. S. Skinner.
3510. Samuel H. Sackett, b. Mar. 31, 1870; m. Ethel Chatterley.
3511. Charles P. Sackett, b. Feb. 25, 1872; m. Mamie Briody.
3512. Margaret Sackett, b. July 11, 1875; m. William Imrie.

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