Richmond Dispatch (Richmond, Va.), September 14, 1898, p. 6, col. 4.
"Court Orders.
… [List of court actions in Lynchburg for the April term, 1898, set for 17 October 1898] … Given under my hand as commissioner in chancery of the Circuit Court of Lynchburg this the 10th of September, 1898. Charles H. Sackett, Commissioner."

The Times (Richmond, Va.), May 3, 1900, p. 4, col. 4
"Traders' Bank Case
Not Sufficient Funds to Pay the Preferred Creditors.
Lynchburg, Va., May 2.—Special.—The report of the commissioner, Mr. Charles H. Sackett, in the case of Chas. M. Blackford and James E. Edmunds, trustees, vs. Traders' Bank, has been recorded. In many respects the paper is one of the most interesting that has been filed in the Clerk's office for a long time. In the first place, the subject matter is most voluminous, and would fill a book of considerable size.
Traders' Bank made an assignment in the year 1897, but the commissioner delayed submitting a report, for the reason that he deemed it advisable to wait until the accounts in the hands of numerous banks having relations with the Traders had been, at least to some extent, brought to a satisfactory settlement. For the money borrowed from the various banks numerous collateral securities had been given, and to collect these required much time. Until this phase of the matter was properly solved it was impossible for the commissioner to ascertain what assets might be relied upon. As it is, the assets are exceedingly small, and from all accounts they will not be increased to any material extent.
By Mr. Sackett's report it is seen that the creditors have been divided into three classes—the first, second and third. In the first are included all preferred creditors; in other words, those persons who secured judgments against the Traders before the deed of assignment was executed. The debts in this class amount to $2,497.52.
In the second class are the general creditors, such as depositors, persons holding certificates of deposits, etc. These amount to $71,670.25.
In the third class are the collateral creditors, amounting to something over $20,000. This class includes those debts for which collateral was given. A considerable sum was realized from some of the sureties, but, as stated, the amount of these debts is still over $20,000.
It will thus be seen that the total indebtedness approximates $95,000.
By the commissioner's report the assets in hand are shown to be $1,725.12. As from the amount the commissioner's fee of $450 and the fees of the counsel will have to be deducted, sufficient funds will not have been realized to pay the preferred creditors, whose claims, as stated, amount to $2,497.52."

Richmond Dispatch (Richmond, Va.), September 8, 1900, p. 6.
"Court Sale of That Desirable and Centrally Located Three-Story-and-Basement Brick Dwelling-House and Lot, No. 407 Eleventh Street, Between Marshall and Clay Streets.
In part execution of the decree rendered March –, 1900, by the Circuit Court of Campbell County, Va., in the suit … public auction, on the premises, on Monday, September 17, 1900 at 5:30 o'clock p.m. … Charles H. Sackett, Special Commissioner. …."
[Same announcement repeated on 12, 13, and 16 Sep 1900.]

The Times (Richmond, Va.), September 9, 1900, p. 16, col. 1
"Auction Sales—Future Days. By H. Seldon Taylor, Real Estate Agent and Auctioneer, No. 8 North Eleventh Street.
Court Sale of That Desirable and Centrally Located Three-Story and Basement Brick Dwelling-House and Lot, No. 407 Eleventh Street, Between Marshall and Clay Streets.
In part execution of the decree rendered March -, 1900, by the Circuit Court of Campbell County, Va., in the suit of Elliott, &c. vs. Elliott, $c., I will, as special commissioner thereby appointed, proceed to sell the above-mentioned HOUSE and LOT at public auction, on the premises, on Monday, September 17, 1900, at 5:30 o'clock p.m.
This house was built of the best material, in the most substantial manner, and contains 12 rooms, besides bath-rooms, kitchen, and servants' rooms, and supplied with the usual modern improvements. … Charles H. Sackett, Special Commissioner. In Campbell Circuit Court Clerk's office, April 26, 1900.
I hereby certify that Charles H. Sackett, commissioner, has executed bond as required in above decree. John E. Withers, Clerk."
[This notice is repeated in the following issues: 12, 13, 15, 16 Sep 1900.]

Richmond Dispatch (Richmond, Va.), October 10, 1900, p. 2, col. 3.
"Property Transfers. Richmond: … Charles H. Sackett, special commissioner, to Lucy F. Murray, lot on east side Eleventh street, between Marshall and Clay, $3,100. …"

Richmond Dispatch (Richmond, Va.), February 16, 1901, p. 6, col. 3.
"Appointed Court Clerk.
Lynchburg, Va., February 15. —(Special.)—Mr. Charles H. Sackett was to-day appointed Clerk of the Corporation Court and ex-officio Clerk of the Circuit Court, to succeed the late Samuel G. Wingfield. Mr. Sackett is a well-known lawyer of this city, and for a number of years served as deputy under Mr. George T. Peers, who has been Clerk of the Appomattox County Court for thirty-five years."

The Times (Richmond, Va.,), February 23, 1901, p. 8, col. 3.
"Mr. Sackett Resigns.
Mr. Thomas D. Davis Appointed Clerk of Lynchburg Courts.
(Special Dispatch to The Times) Lynchburg, Va., February 22.—Mr. Charles H. Sackett to-day resigned the position of clerk of Corporation and Circuit Courts, to which he was appointed by Judge Christian a few days ago. Mr. Thomas D. Davis, president of the City Council and cashier of Krise's Bank, has been appointed as Mr. Sackett's successor. He qualified this morning. The appointment is for the unexpired term of the late Samuel G. Wingfield, who was re-elected to office July last for six years."

Richmond Dispatch (Richmond, Va.), February 23, 1901, p. 4, col. 4.
"Lynchburg Court Clerk.
Recent Appointee Resigns and Place Filled.
Lynchburg, Va., February 22.—(Special.)—Mr. Charles H. Sackett, who was recently appointed Clerk of the Corporation and Circuit courts, to succeed to late Samuel G. Wingfield, resigned today. Judge Christian thereupon appointed Mr. Thomas D. Davis, who at once qualified and entered upon the duties of the office. Mr. Davis is president of the City Council, and for a number of years has been cashier of the Key's Banking Company. …."

The Times (Richmond, Va.), July 23, 1902, p. 1, col. 4.
"Committee Is After Judge C. J. Campbell
Judge Brown, Mr. Strode and Others Here.
Paper from Lynchburg
Names of Lawyers Who Signed Memorial Asking for an Investigation. Member of the Committee Talks—Will be Satisfied When Matter Is Before Proper Tribunal.
The Campbell-Crawford horse-whipping case will most likely come up in both branches of the General Assembly today at the request of members of the bars of the counties of Amherst and Nelson and the city of Lynchburg, who practice before the County Court of Amherst, and citizens of the latter county, speaking through a committee, which is now on the ground.
The committee is composed of Mr. Aubrey E. Strode, of Lynchburg; Judge J. Thompson Brown, of Nelson; Rev. A. H. Moore, commissioner of the revenue; A. D. Beard; and Messrs. Walter C. Massie and William E. Thomas, of Amherst.
Member Talks. The object of the mission of the committee can be best set forth by an interview which was had with a member of the committee last night. …
May Present Them Today. It is understood that the memorial of the Lynchburg bar on the subject, which was printed in The Times yesterday, will be presented in both Houses of the General Assembly today.
This paper, along with others of the same character, are now in the hands of the committee. The Lynchburg petition is signed by the following well known lawyers of that city: Wm. V. Wilson, Jr., Jno. G. Haythe, J. T. Noell, Jr., A. H. Burroughs, J. E. Edmunds, Volney E. Howard, Jno. L. Lee, Robert D. Yancey, F. S. Kirkpatrick, D. H. Howard, A. R. Long, J.D. Horsley, Jno. H. Christian, F. W. Whitaker, Randolph Harrison, J. H. Lewis, Chas. H. Sackett, Henry A. Minor, Jr., Jno. W. Harvey, W. M. Murrell, N. C.. Manson, Jr., D. H. T. Adams, Jr., Thos. Whitehead, Jr."

The Times Dispatch (Richmond, Va.), February 22, 1907, p. 5, col. 2.
"Litigation Over It
Serves Notice of Suit Regarding Revermont on Mayor.
[Special to The Times-Dispatch.] Lynchburg, Va., February 21.—Notice was served on Mayor Smith today by attorneys representing the Rivermont Realty Company, that proceedings will be instituted in the clerk's office of the Circuit Court of Campbell County on March 18th for the purpose of having the court pass upon the rights of the city and the company in the streets of Rivermont.
The company, which some time since succeeded the Rivermont Company to its rights in Rivermont, claims certain rights …under the reservations of the old company….
The Rivermont Realty Company will be represented by Mr. A. Caperton Braxton, of the Richmond firm of Braxton, Eggleston & Williams; Caskle & Coleman and Sackett & Sackett, of this city. …"

The Times Dispatch (Richmond, Va.), July 22, 1908, p. 3, col. 3.
"Says Treasurer Drew Too Much—Commissioner Sackett Reports That Mr. Peebles Has Drawn $3,100 Over Legal Allowance. [Special to The Times-Dispatch.]
Amherst, Va., July 21.—Treasurer J. R. Peebles, of Nelson County, will have to return to the county the sum of $3,100, with interest for a number of years, provided the supervisors of that county sustain the report of Commissioner Sackett, to whom this matter was referred. This is the sum which it is claimed that Mr. Peeble has drawn as salary or commissions as county treasurer in excess of what he was entitled to draw under the law.
The matter of the overdraft of salary by Mr. Peebles has been agitated in Nelson county for some time. Last fall a hot campaign was waged against him for the office by Mr. H. B. Lee, in which this charge was made. Mr. Peebles was re-elected, but growing out of this contest soon thereafter the matter was taken up by the board of supervisors, and Mr. C. H. Sackett, of Lynchburg, was employed to report to the board how much Mr. Peebles was overdrawn.
Action on the Sackett report has been postponed to August 14th.
Quite a representative crowd of Nelson citizens were present on last Friday in Lovingston, when this matter was under discussion by the board, and much interest is being manifested by Nelson tax-payers. Mr. H. L. Brown, a prominent young attorney of that county, representing a number of taxpayers, is insisting that Mr. Peebles refund to the county the entire amount due, as shown by the Sackett report. Commonwealth's Attorney S. B. Whitehead advised the board to compromise with Peebles by accepting from him in full settlement the sum of $800."

The Times Dispatch (Richmond, Va.), July 26, 1908, Society at Home and Abroad, p. 21, col. 3.
"Blue Ridge Social News. …Recent arrivals are … C. H. Sackett, Lynchburg, Va.; …."

The Times Dispatch (Richmond, Va.), November 23, 1909, p. 4, col. 3.
"Memorial to Judge Horsley.
Will Be Prepared by Lynchburg Bar and Presented to Court.
[Special to The Times-Dispatch.] Lynchburg, Va., November 22.—The Lynchburg bar met this morning in the room of the Corporation Court for the purpose of taking steps for a memorial to the life and character of the late Judge John D. Horsley, one of the oldest members of the local bar. The result of the meeting was that resolutions will be reported to an adjourned meeting on December 6, after which they will be presented in open court to Judge Christian for recordation.
Upon motion of F. W. Whitaker, a committee, consisting of J. Tinsley Coleman, George E. Caskie, John L. Lee, Charles H. Sackett, Leon Goodman and S. M. Kemp, was appointed to draft and present to the courts a suitable memorial, the committee being instructed to select representatives to present them to the two local State courts."

—researched and transcribed by Jean Carpenter