Isle of Thanet Gazette, 22 January 1916, p. 6

Bygone Thanet by Chas James Feret:
"Sir Richard Burton, father of the noted African Traveller Sir Richard Francis Burton lived for many years at Sackett's Hill House at St Peter's. Here he died 2nd September 1855 aged 81. Lady Burton survived him ten years dying at Sackett's Hill House 26th October 1865, aged 83."

In the above article the writer mistakenly assumed that Sir Richard Burton of Sackett's Hill House was the father of the more famous Sir Richard Francis Burton, the Victorian explorer and translator who, among much else, brought the Kama Sutra to publication in English. The following reply, from the grandson of the Sackett's Hill Sir Richard, clears up the confusion.

Isle of Thanet Gazette, 11 March 1916, p. 6

"Colonel Burton-Brown R.A. writes me from the Hurst, Hastings, Sussex, regarding his grandfather's connection with Thanet:
"My Attention has been directed to your issue of 22nd January, Bygone Thanet. While in many particulars I think Mr C J Feret is correct there are certain errors. One in particular refers to my Grandfather Sir Richard Burton, who had nothing whatever to do with Sir Richard Francis Burton, a Captain in the Indian Army, coming into existence, and, as far as I know, never even saw him.
There is no association between the families.
My Grandfather, son of Sir John Burton, was a Yorkshire man settled in Thanet, as he was Equerry to King William IV., by whom he was styled 'The First Gentleman of Thanet'. When the King came over from Hanover from time to time and landed at Broadstairs or Ramsgate, my Grandfather met His Majesty and put him up at Sackett's Hill House. I may add that his Grandfather was one of Marlborough's Generals in Flanders and for those interested in pedigrees, I add his has traced in unbroken succession to Henry VII of England through his daughter, Margaret, making him in part Scotch but wholly British."