United States 1890 veterans' schedules

77 records

  • Stillwater, Oklahoma
    Sackett, Private, L Company, 3 Ill Cav, enlisted 2 Aug 1861, discharged 10 Apr 1863, service 1y 9m
  • 2nd Ward, St Peter, Minnesota
    Addison L Sackett, 1st Sergt, E Company, 89th NY Infy, enlisted June 1861, discharged 21 Oct 1864, service 3y 4m, PO address St Peter, Minn
  • Pioneer, Missaukee County, Michigan
    Almon Sacket, Private, F Company, 24 Ohio Inft, enlisted Apr 1861, discharged June 1864, service 3y, PO address Pioneer, Missaukee Co, Mich, disability: fever sore contracted in service
  • Framingham, Middlesex, Massachusetts
    Alonzo F Sackett, Private, A Company, Mass Light Artillery, enlisted 31 May 1861, discharged 23 Dec 1863, service 2y 6m 23d, PO address South Framingham
    Alonzo F Sackett, Private, 9th Company, Mass Battery, enlisted 29 Dec 1863, discharged 6 June 1865, service 1y 5m 8d, PO address South Framingham, disability: piles
  • City of New York, New York
    Augustin Sackett, Engineer, [Regt illegible], enlisted Oct 1861, discharged Aug 1865, service 3y 10m, PO address 168 E 79th St
  • Tallmadge, Summit County, Ohio
    Charles H Sackett, Private, 2 Ohio Cal, enlisted 1862, discharged [blank], [service blank], PO address Tallmadge, Ohio, disability: sore eyes; remarks: receives pension
  • Greene, Chenango County, New York
    Charles W Sackett, "This man was said by his wife to have been in the service and I left a note for him asking that the necessary facts be sent me by mail but have heard nothing from him", PO address Greene, Chenango Co, NY
  • Sharon, Walworth County, Wisconsin
    Charles W Sackette, Private, C Company, 3 Wis Inf, enlisted 22 Jan 1862, discharged 24 Dec 1862, service 11m 2d
    Charles W Sackette, Private, 5 Battery?, 5th Wis Battery, enlisted 23 Dec 1863, discharged 6 Jun 1865, service 1y 7m, PO address Allens Grove, Wisconsin, remarks: dis[charged] close war
  • Tallmadge, Summit County, Ohio
    Clark A Sackett, Private, D Company, 164 Ohio Inft, enlisted 1 May 1864, discharged 27 Aug 1864, service 3m 27d, PO address Tallmadge, Ohio
  • Mifflin, Ashland County, Ohio
    Clark D Sacket, Bandsman, [Regt illegible], enlisted 3 Jan 1865, discharged 27 July 1865, service 6m 24d, PO address Mifflin, Ohio, disability: rheumatism & chronic diarrhea
  • Milwaukee, Milwaukee County, Wisconsin
    Clifford J Sackett, Captain, I Company, 39 Wis Inf, enlisted 2 June 1864, discharged 29 Aug 1865, service 1y 2m 27d, PO address 92 Wisconsin Str
  • City of New York, New York
    Cornelius Sackett, Private, K Company, 10 Mass Inf, enlisted 21 June 1861, discharged 1 July 1864, service 3y 0m 10d, PO address Westfield, Mass, disability: gun shot wound left leg, front of Petersburg, 18 Jun 1864
    Cornelius Sackett, Private, M Company, 3 Mass Cav, enlisted 30 Dec 1864, discharged 28 Sept 1865, service 8m 28d
  • Neshannock, Lawrence County, Pennsylvania
    Elisabeth widow of D? Sacket, Private, E Company, 11 PA Res, enlisted 4 Feb 1862, discharged 16 Sep 1862, service 7m 12d, PO address Newcastle
  • Litchfield, Bradford County, Pennsylvania
    Almira A widow of Daniel B Sackett, Private, G Company, 15 NY Inf, enlisted 23 Aug 1864, discharged 13 June 1865, service 9m 20d, PO address Litchfield, PA
  • Rochester, New York
    Daniel E Sackett, 2nd Lieutenant, 8 Company, 8 NY Cav, enlisted 1861, discharged 1862, service 8y [must mean 8m], PO address 74 Mercis? St, Rochester, NY
  • Brooklyn, Kings County, New York
    David H Sackett, Private, Regular A, [other details:] "don't know"
  • Barnstead, Belknap County, New Hampshire
    David N Sackett, Private, B Company, 12 NH Inf, enlisted 11 Aug 1862, discharged 17 July 1865, service 2y 11m 6d, PO address Center Barnstead, NH, disability: shot in hand & hip
  • Fairmont Township, Martin County, Minnesota
    Dudly? ? Sackett, Private, B Company, 3 MN Vol, enlisted 11 Oct 1861, discharged Mar 13 1862, service 5m 2d, PO address Fairmont, Minn, disability: chronic catarrh affecting lungs—effect? measles? in Army
  • Buffalo, Erie County, New York
    Earl M Sackett, "(out of town) unable to procure records", PO address Buffalo, NY
  • Pittsburgh, Alleghany County, Pennsylvania
    Edward Sackett, Private, E Company, 105 PA Inf, enlisted 15 July 1862, discharged 13 Apr 1865, service 2y 8m 28d, PO address 75 Logan St, Pittsburgh, PA
  • Corry, Erie County, Pennsylvania
    Edward Sackett, Private, 9 New York Co, [remainder of form blank]
  • Township 30, Chippewa County, Wisconsin
    Edward E Sacket, Private, K Company, 21 NY In, enlisted 15 Feb 1865, discharged 3 May 1865, service 2m 19d, PO address Bloomer, Chippewa Co, Wis, disability: deafness
  • Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan
    Edward H Sackett, [Rank & Company blank], 1 Mich Cav, [dates blank], PO address 93 Humboldt Avenue, disability: total loss of vision
  • Liberty, Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania
    Edwin M Sackett, Private, G Company, 80 [poss 50] NY Eng, enlisted 15 Feb 1864, discharged 13 June 1865, service 1y 3m 28d, PO address Halstead, Susqu, disability: rheumatism
  • Moberly, Randolph County, Missouri
    Enos Sackett, Private, A Company, 10 Ill Vol Cav, enlisted 23 Feb 1864, discharged 22 Nov 1865, service 1y 9m, PO address Moberly, Missouri
  • Wyaconda Township, Clark County, Missouri
    Issabell Sackett widow of Erastus Sackett, Sergeant, K Company, 1 MO Vol, enlisted 17 June 1861, discharged 1 Oct 1861, service 3m 14d, PO address Luray, Missouri
  • Cedar Creek, Wexford County, Michigan
    Frank Sackett, Private, H Company, 1st NY Drag, enlisted 16 Feb 1864, discharged 5 June 1865, service 1y 3m 29d, PO address Manton, Wexford Co, Michigan, disability: lung trouble; remarks: typhoid fever in service
  • Pine Grove, Van Buren County, Michigan
    Fred P Sackett, Musician, H Company, 20 Ind Vol, enlisted May 1861, discharged Apr 1862, [service blank], PO address Goblevill, Mich
  • Providence, Rhode Island
    Frederick M Sackett, 1st Lieut, C Company, 1 reg art, enlisted 2 May 1861, discharged 6 Oct 1863, service 2y 5m 4d, PO address Providence, remarks: wounded in arm 13 May 1863
  • Phillips, Price County, Wisconsin
    Freeman W Sackett, Priv, C Company, 38 Wis Inf, enlisted 1863, discharged 1865, service 1y 6m, PO address Worcester
  • Washington, Dutchess County, New York
    George Sackett, Lieut, R Company, 16 NY Vol, enlisted 6 Sept 1862, discharged 8 June 1865, service 2y 9m 2d, PO address Mabbetts Ville, Dut Co, NY, disability: diarrhea & rheumatism; remarks: discharged by reason of physical disability
  • Berlin, Delaware County, Ohio
    George L Sackett, Corp, G Company, [?] Inf OVI, enlisted Aug 1862, discharged 1863, service 1y, PO address West Berlin, Delaware Co, O, disability: chronic diarrhea
  • East Otto, Cattaraugus County, New York
    George O Sackett, Private, G Company, 9 NY Cav, enlisted Sept 1864, discharged June 1865, service 9m, PO address East Otto, Catt Co, NY, disability: stomach & liver trouble
  • White Haven, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania
    George O Sackett, Corporal, H Company, 112 P V, enlisted 9 Feb 1864, discharged 29 Jan 1866, service 1y 11m 20d, PO address White Haven, Penn
  • Kansas City, Jackson County, Missouri
    George T Sackett [or Sachett], Color Sergt, C Company, 13 Ill Inf, enlisted 24 May 1861, discharged 18 June 1864, service 3y 0m 24d, PO address 809 Oak Street
  • Scio, Washtenaw County, Michigan
    George U Sackett, Private, C Company, 1 [?] US Inf, enlisted 9 Sep 1861, discharged 18 Sep 1864, service 3y 9d, PO address Dexter, Michigan, disability: crippled in right foot, strained back, and affected eyesight
  • Edmore, Montcalm County, Michigan
    Hiram Sackett, Private, K Company, 27 NY Vol, enlisted 5 Sep 1861, discharged 3 May 1863
    Hiram Sackett, Private, L Company, 2 NY [?], enlisted 16 Jan 1864, discharged 14 Sept 1865, service 3y 7m 24d, PO address Edmore, Mich, disability: gun shot wound right shoulder, [injury] to right index finger
  • Riley, Putnam County, Ohio
    Homer W Sackett, Private, B Company, 150 O A [or N?] G, enlisted 2 May 1864, discharged 23 Aug 1864, service 3m 21d, PO address Ottawa, Putnam Co, O
  • Neversink, Sullivan County, New York
    James E Sackett, Private, K Company, 143 NY? I, enlisted 9 Sep 1862, discharged 25 Oct 1863, [service blank], PO address Grahamsville
  • Orange, Delaware County, Ohio
    James F Sackett, Private, H Company, 145 Ohio Inf, enlisted 2 May 1864, discharged 24 Aug 1864, service 3m 24d, PO address Lewis Centre, Del Co, Ohio
  • Liberty, Putnam County, Ohio
    James H Sackett, Private, U R soldier, I? Company, 49 Ohio V I, enlisted 28 Aug 1862, discharged 26 June 1865, [service blank], PO address Leipsic, Putnam Co, Ohio
  • Vermontville, Eaton County, Michigan
    James P Sackett, Private, I Company, 184 NY I, enlisted 1 Sep 1864, discharged 29 June 1865, service 9m 28d, PO address Vermontville, Eaton Co, Michigan
  • Winnemucca, McDermitt, Golconda & Battle Mountain, Humboldt County, Nevada
    James U Sackett, Private, E Company, [service details blank], PO address Winnemucca, Nev, disability: diarrhea
  • Reynolds, Montcalm County, Michigan
    Jane Sackett former widow of Elias E Crane, Priv, ? Company, 7 Ill Inf, enlisted 1861, discharged ?, PO address Howard City, Mich, remarks: came home on furlough & died
  • Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania
    Jas J Sackett, Private, [Regt:] Penn, service about 2y, PO address Wilkes-Barre, PA
  • Victor, Ontario County, New York
    John Sackett, Private, I Company, 108 [poss 118] NY Inf, enlisted July 1862, discharged 12 Jan 1863, [service blank], PO address Fisher, Ontario, NY, disability: wounded; remarks: cannot find out anything
  • Victor, Ontario County, New York
    John Sackett, Private, C Company, first NY Cav, [dates blank], PO address Victor, Ontario, NY, disability: insane by hardships
  • Greene, Chenango County, New York
    John H Sackett, Private, H Company, 168 NY Inf, enlisted 18 Sep 1862, discharged 31 Oct 1865, service 3y 1m 13d, PO address Greene, Chenango Co, NY
  • Reynolds, Montcalm County, Michigan
    John J Sackett alias John J Smith, Priv, E Company, 128 Ind Inf, enlisted 18 Dec 1863, discharged 10 Apr 1866, service 2y 3m 22d, PO address Howard City, Mich
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    Mary A Sackett wid Joseph Sackett, Corporal, I Company, 188 Pa Inf, enlisted 25 Feb 1864, discharged 14 Dec 1865, service 1y 9m 20d, PO address 9 Worrall St, Frankford, Phila, Pa
  • St Paul, Ramsey County, Minnesota
    Lorenzo D Sackett, Drummer, H Company, 51st Wis Inf, enlisted 1862, discharged [blank], PO address St Paul, 7 Lyons Court
  • Manchester, Washtenaw County, Michigan
    Maria Sackett formerly widow of George Larzalere?, Private, H Company, 4 Mich Inf, enlisted 9 Feb 1863, discharged 25 Dec 1863, service 10m 16d, PO address Clinton, Mich
  • Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, Ohio
    Mark Sackett, Private, H Company, O P V I?, enlisted 14 Apl 1861, discharged 21 July 1861, service 3m 8d
    Mark Sackett, Private, K Company, 83 P V I?, enlisted 26 Aug 1861, discharged 26 Oct 1863, service 2y 4m, PO address 85 Rhodes Av, disability: shot through right leg and arm; remarks: 14 battles
  • Plymouth, Wayne County, Michigan
    Martin Sackett, Private, I Company, 7 Mich Inf, enlisted Jan 1862, discharged 25 Jan 1863, service 1y, PO address Bell Branch, Wayne Co, Mich
  • Mayfield, Grand Traverse, Michigan
    Morris N Sackett, Private, K Company, 193 [poss 143] Penn Inft, enlisted 16 July 1862
    Morris N Sackett, Private, H Company, 45 Penn Inft, enlisted 16 Mar 1864, discharged 18 Feb 1865, service 2y 7m 2d, PO address Kingsley, Gr Traverse Co, Mich, disability: gun shot wound in left thigh
  • Barnstead, Bellknap County, New Hampshire
    Rooxbe? widow of Noble Sackett, Private, B Company, 12 NH Inf, enlisted 13 Aug 1862, discharged 29 Aug 1863, service 1y 0m 16d
    Rooxbe? widow of Noble Sackett, Private, E Company, 18 NH Inf, enlisted 13 Sept 1864, discharged 10 June 1865, service 8m 27d, PO address Centre Barnstead, NH
  • Westfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts
    Noble D Sackett, Private, C Company, 27 Mass Inf, enlisted 23 Sep 1861, discharged 31 Oct 1864, service 3y 1m 8d, PO address Westfield, Mass, disability: chills & fever which have followed him ever since
  • Avon, Livingston County, New York
    Orange Sackett, 1st Lieut, G Company, 136 NY Inf, enlisted 2 Aug 1862, discharged 20 June 1865, service 2y 10m 18d, PO address Village of Avon
  • Lone Tree, Merrick County, Nebraska
    Orange E Sackett, Corporal, A Company, 114 Ills Vols, enlisted 11 Aug 1862, discharged 11 Aug 1865, service 3y 0m 0d, PO address Central City, Nebraska
  • Moscow, Hillsdale County, Michigan
    Philetus Sackett, Private, B Company, 6 Mch NA [?HA, Heavy Artillery], enlisted 3 Dec 1863, discharged 5 Sept 1865, service 1y 9m 2d, PO address North Adams
  • Franklin, Delaware County, New York
    Porter M Sackett, Private, 8 NY Inf, enlisted 6 Jan 1864, discharged 30 June 1865, service 1y 5m 25d, PO address Croton, NY, disability: rheumatism
  • Waterloo, Seneca County, New York
    Martha Sackett widow of Richard B Sackett, Private, G Company, 85 NY Inf, enlisted 24 Dec 1863, discharged [blank], PO address Waterloo, Seneca Co, New York, remarks: Died in Andertonville Prison
  • Cameron, Steuben County, New York
    Rochambean Sackett alias Bowns? William, P[rivate], F Company, 78 NY Inf, enlisted 16 Feb 1864, discharged 5 Aug 1865, service 9m, PO address [blank], remarks: Re-enlisted vet. Served 2 years previous to his present record of 9 mos. No information on the subject
    [Rochambean is probably the surname and Sackett the given name, following the style of most of page]
  • Bill Creek, Burt County, Nebraska
    Samuel L Sackett, Private, H Company, 38 NY Inf, enlisted 24 May 1861, discharged 2 Jan 1863, service 1y 7m 9d, PO address Craig, Burt, Nebr, disability: shot in right arm; remarks: discharged on surgeons certificate
  • Bill Creek, Burt County, Nebraska
    Samuel L Sackett, Private, H Company, 111 NY Inf, enlisted 2 Sep 1864, discharged 4 June 1865, service 9m 2d, PO address Craig, Burt Co, Nebraska
  • Westfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts
    Seth Sackett, Private, F Company, 32 Mass Inf, enlisted 17 July 1863, discharged 29 June 1865, service 1y 11m 12d, PO address Westfield, Mass, disability: chills & fever & chronic diarrhea
  • Andover, Allegany County, New York
    Volney D Sackett, Private, G Company, 46 Penn Vol, enlisted 4 Sep 1861, discharged 21 July 1864, service 2y 2m 2d, PO address Andover, NY, disability: right leg shot off
  • Mamoroneck, Westchester County, New York
    Walter T Sackett, Prvt, L Company, 3 NY LA, enlisted 20 Sep 1864, discharged 7 July 1865, service 9m 18d, PO address North Tarrytown, NY
  • Harrison, Gosper County, Nebraska
    William Sackett, Private, I Company, 154 Ill Inf, enlisted 4 Feb 1865, discharged 18 Sep 1865, service 7m 14d, PO address Bertrand
  • State Road Fork, Magoffin County, Kentucky
    William Sackett, US Sol, [service details blank], PO address State Road Fork, Magoffin Co
  • Westfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts
    William C Sackett, Private, K Company, 27 Mass Vol, enlisted 1862, discharged 1865, service 3y, PO address Westfield, disability: pneumonia, pleurisy
  • Canton & Morley, Saint Lawrence County, New York
    William S Sackett, Corporal, D Company, 39 NY Inf, enlisted 3 Sep 1864, discharged 7 June 1865, service 9m 4d, PO address Morley, NY, disability: chronic rheumatism
  • Grand Rapids, Kent County, Michigan
    William W Sackett, Private, L Company, 5 US Art, enlisted 8 Aug 1862, discharged 8 Aug 1865, service 3y 0m 0d, PO address 36 W Fulton, disability: rheumatism & piles; remarks: prisoner 38 days [?ubbic]
  • Lanesboro, Filmore County, Minnesota
    Wm W Sackett, Private, A Company, 2 Minn Infty, enlisted 26 June 1861, discharged 6 June 1862, service 11m 10d, PO address Lanesboro, Minn
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    Winfield S Sackett, Corporal, I Company, 3 US Inf, enlisted 4 Nov 1865, discharged 4 Nov 1868, service 3y, PO address Station 3 23 Ward, disability: no
  • Sheridan, Chautauqua County, New York
    Alice Shelley formerly widow of Zavin J Sackett, Private, I Company, 49 NY Vol Inf, enlisted Aug 1861, discharged 27 June 1865, [service blank], PO address Sheridan, Chaut Co, NY
  • Newburgh, Orange County, New York
    Charles H Weygant, Col, A Company, 127 NY Inf, enlisted 5 Sep 1862, discharged 20 July 1865, service 2y 10m 15d, PO address 139 Third St, Newburgh, NY

"1890 Veterans Schedules." Digital image. Ancestry.com. http://search.ancestry.com/. Original data: Special Schedules of the Eleventh Census (1890) Enumerating Union Veterans and Widows of Union Veterans of the Civil War; (National Archives Microfilm Publication M123, 118 rolls); Records of the Department of Veterans Affairs, Record Group 15; National Archives, Washington, D.C. (Researched by Chris Sackett, 2011).