California births

8 records

  • "Sackett, male, b. Stonedraker's Mill, El Dorado, California, 17 Aug 1869, father Herman S Sackett." [Abstract from Ancestry image]
  • "Sackett, Brett A, b. Orange County, California, 12 Feb 1969, mother Dubose." [Abstract from Ancestry transcript]
  • "Sackett, Donna May, b. 2956 Finch St, Los Angeles, California, 6 Mar 1927, father Golden Noble Sackett of Los Angeles age 29 b. Utah chauffeur truck driver, mother Viola Victoria Adam of Los Angeles age 22 b. Ontario Canada housewife, third child of mother." [Abstract from FamilySearch image]
  • "Sackett, Dorothy C, b. Solana, California, 1 Jul 1907, father Louis A Sackett, mother Clara Graham." Delayed birth registration filed 29 Aug 1968. [Abstract from Ancestry image]
  • "Sackett, Gloria Gay, b. Los Angeles County, California, 15 Mar 1933, mother Adam." [Abstract from Ancestry transcript]
  • "Sackett, Golden A, b. Los Angeles County, California, 11 Jul 1924, mother Adam." [Abstract from Ancestry transcript]
  • "Sackett, James Bruce, b. Orange County, CA, 9 Dec 1944, mother Bandfield." [Abstract from Ancestry transcript]
  • "Sackett, Leo Grant, b. Orange County, California, 6 May 1943, mother Banfield." [Abstract from Ancestry transcript]

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