Col. Jacob Blackwell

M, #6076, (1717-1780)
FatherJacob Blackwell (-1743)
MotherMary Hallett
Weygant #92sp
Birth20 Nov 1717New York.
MarriageFrances Sackett, daughter of Judge Joseph Sackett and Hannah Alsop.
Death23 Oct 1780Newtown, Queens, New York.
NotesNotes for Col. Jacob Blackwell:

On page 33 Weygant gives the name of the husband of Frances Sackett as Joseph Blackwell. On pages 63-64, given below, he has his name as Jacob Blackwell:

Robert Blackwell, was, prior to 1676, a merchant doing business in Elizabethtown, NJ. In that year he contracted marriage with Mary Manningham, of Mannings Island in the East River. After his marriage he established his residence on said island, which took and has since retained his name. Mr Blackwell also owned and conducted a plantation on the main land of Newtown, opposite said Island.

Jacob Blackwell was the youngest son of above mentioned Robert. He resided near Astoria, L. I., and was a man of unusual size, being six feet and two inches in height and weighing over four hundred pounds. He was married, May 10, 1711, to Mary Hallett, daughter of Capt. William Hallett, and died Aug. 26, 1743, aged 56 years.

Colonel Jacob Blackwell, son of above and husband of Frances Sackett, was a enterprising business man. Prior to the French and Indian war he held a Captaincy in the Newtown militia and later became Colonel of a Queens County regiment. On the breaking out of the War of the Revolution he stood prominent among the Whigs, but being forced to flee at the invasion of the British, his large estate was seized and despoiled by the enemy. Deeming his presence in the Provisional Convention, of which he was a member, to be of little importance, now that Queens County was overrun by foreign troops, he returned to Newtown, trusting to the assurances contained in the proclamation of Lord Howe: but the privations and pecuniary losses which he continued to suffer from the enemy, are believed to have hastened his death, which occurred Oct. 23, 1780, in his 63rd year.
deputy in the New York Provincial Congress.

Children of Col. Jacob Blackwell and Frances Sackett

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