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  • New York Times, December 8, 1854 page 4 column 4.
    Yesterday morning the principal officers of the Market Bank, in Pearl street, discovered that William P. Sackett, the receiving teller, has proved a defaulter to the amount of $25,000. He managed this by balancing his books fraudulently. The first information of the fraud was obtained through the assistant receiving teller, who observed the discrepancy in Sackett's account and last Sunday morning informed the Secretary of the Bank. This led to an immediate investigation of the books, which furnished sufficient grounds for Sackett's arrest. He was taken into the custody of a Committee of the Bank on Monday last, but has not yet been handed over to the officers of justice. The directors of the bank are awaiting the arrival of Sackett's father, who resides on Long Island, when an examination will take place.
    Sackett has a wife and one child and resides in Brooklyn. The bank think they will secure a portion of the amount taken, and that their loss will not exceed $15,000.
    [Researched & transcribed by Thurmon King]
  • The New York Herald, 9 Dec 1854
    "The directors of the Market Bank were engaged yesterday afternoon in investigating the defalcation of the second teller, Mr. Sackett. It was said that the bank would, under no contingency, lose more than $12,000 or $14,000. It was reported that when Sackett was asked what he had done with the money, he stated that he had spent it in "spreeing" it with Candee; that he had enjoyed good things at Mr. Candee's, and gave them in return, and that if the directors had allowed him four days he would have added $20,000 more to the sum [?] his defalcation. It was said that he used to drive a pair of very fast gray horses, and dash about Y[?]kers with them, where he had a country residen[ce] and frequently in company with his fast confrére of the same place. Sackett was formerly assistant teller of the American Exchange Bank. From what we could learn, the bank directors were trying to see if they could not, through the aid of the young man's father or otherwise, fall upon some plan to have the amount of the deficiency made up."
    [Library of Congress. Chronicling America. Chris Sackett, Aug 2017]
  • The New York Times, February 13, 1855
    "New-York City
    The Market Bank Defalcation
    The Recent Embezzlement of $25,000
    Arrest of the Receiving Teller
    Yesterday evening Sergeant Mansfield and officer Patterson, of the Lower Police Office, returned to the City from the South end of Long Island, having in custody a young man named William Post Sackett, Receiving Teller of the Market Bank. In December last Sackett was detected in embezzling a large amount of funds from the Bank. An investigation was at once commenced by the Bank officials and the result of their labors exhibited a deficiency in the accounts of Sackett, to the amount of twenty-five thousand dollars. At the time of the discovery of the felony, the Teller was privately arraigned before the President, Cashier, and Directors of the institution, where he confessed his guilt, and restored a large portion of the missing funds. The brief particulars of the affair were given in the Daily Times, shortly after it occurred, and the Bank officers made no attempt to bring the offender to justice, and the case has been kept in secret until within a few days past.
    Meanwhile, Sackett was allowed to go on his parole, and finally proceeded to the farm-house of his father-in-law, at Smithtown, near Suffolk, L. I. On the 6th instant, Richard S. Williams, Esq., President of the Market Bank, appeared before Judge Connolly, at the Halls of Justice, in Centre-street, and made a long affidavit, wherein he accuses Sackett of purloining $25,000, during his two years connexion with the Institution in the capacity of Teller, for receiving all funds from depositors and others, doing business with the concern. Upon these representations of Senator Williams the magistrate issued his warrant of arrest for the defaulter.
    When the officers arrived at their destination, they had to proceed some four miles to the wherabouts of Mr. Sackett. The accused was brought to the City by the Western train from Greenport, and the sitting magistrate being absent, he was placed in custody of officers Webb and Patterson by Justice Welsh. Henry L. Clinton, Esq. is engaged for the defence, and a further hearing in the matter will take place some day this week. The prisoner states that during his employment in the above Bank he speculated rather heavy in Railroad Stocks and Bonds, and was, at one period, worth over $20,000 clear of the world, but in consequence of the hard times, he met with extensive losses and was unable to make good his account in the Bank. He also asserts that he returned all his assets, bonds and notes, amounting to some $17,000, to the Bank, and could not pay up the balance."
    [Researched & transcribed by Thurmon King]
  • Evening Post, New York, NY, 13 Feb 1855, p. 3
    "Embezzlement of the Funds of the Market Bank.
    Arrest and Examination of the Receiving Teller.
    Bail Fixed at $10,000.
    It will be recollected that in the early part of last December it was stated that William Post Sackett, the receiving teller of the Market Bank, in this city, had absconded, after a defalcation discovered in his accounts to the amount of $25,000. The accompanying affidavit furnishes the history of the transaction, and as a result, a warrant was entrusted to Sergeant Mansfield and office Patterson for the apprehension of the defaulter. It was only yesterday they received information that Sackett was living on Long Island.
    They set out by the railroad for the place at which they hoped to find him. On arriving at the depot they observed a person among the passengers waiting to come to New York by the 1 o'clock train, who answered to their description of Sackett, and without further ado they took him into custody and brought him to the city.
    The affidavit of "Richard S. Williams" upon which the warrant was issued, recites that he resides at "No. 16 Jefferson street, in the city of New York." He "says that he is the President of the Market Bank, that William Post Sackett was receiving teller of said bank, and was engaged at a yearly salary; that he was in the said situation from November 1, 1852, to December 2, 1854, and that during that period he has embezzled the funds of the said bank to the amount of $25,000.
    Deponent further says that on the 2d of December last, it was discovered that the footing up of his accounts was wrong on his books, by making false entries of figures, thereby intending to mislead and deceive the officers of the said bank.
    Deponent also says that he was informed by a clerk of the bank, namely Walter Hendrick, that he examined the accounts of Sackett on Saturday afternoon, the 2d December, after bank hours, and that Hendrick informed deponent that he told Sackett in the bank that the footings of his accounts were wrong, and that Sackett said that he would come down on Monday morning and make it right.
    Deponent says that Sackett did not come to the bank on Monday, but on Monday evening Sackett called on deponent at his residence, and acknowledged to deponent that his accounts were wrong, and that he had abstracted at various times from the bank, and in all the sum of $25,000.
    Deponent further says that he charged the said Wm. Post Sackett, while he was in employ of said bank, as receiving teller, with having feloniously embezzled and converted to his own use the sum of $25,000, thereby cheating and defrauding the officers and stockholders of the said Market Bank out of the said amount.
    Richard S. Williams
    Sworn before me, February 5, 1855,
    Michael Conolly, Police Justice.
    At 11 o'clock this morning, the accused, accompanied by his professional adviser, Mr. Clinton, appeared before Police Justice Conolly. Mr. Williams, President of the bank, and Mr. Garnett, one of the bail for Sackett, being present, the object being to determine and state the amount of bail to be taken for his appearance. The Judge fixed the amount at $10,000. Mr. Garnett offered to become bound for one half that sum. The case was adjourned until half past 4 this day, when it was expected Sackett's mother would take the other half."
    [ Chris Sackett, Aug 2017]
  • The New York Herald, 13 Feb 1855
    "William Post Sackett, late receiving teller of the Market Bank, of this city, was arrested yesterday, on Long Island, and brought to this city, to answer the charge preferred against him of embezzling twenty-five thousand dollars of the funds of the bank."
    [Library of Congress. Chronicling America. Chris Sackett, Aug 2017]
  • Title not recorded.
    "On February 24 and 28, 1855 the case was argued before Justice Connolly. Mr. Clinton, counsel for Sackett, presented a three and a half hour closing argument. He contended that the Bank had treated the matter as a loan account, rather than embezzlement, by accepting payment from Sackett and several others to reduce the amount of the indebtedness. One payment he cited:
    "Received, Dec. 4, 1854, of Mrs. Jerusha Sackett, a certificate of deposit for four thousand one hundred and forty-three 40/100 dollars, on account of money due the Market Bank [signed] by Richard S. Williams, President"
    At the close of the day, the case was handed to the court."
    [Researched & transcribed by Thurmon King]
  • New York Daily Times, Saturday, March 24, 1855
    "The Market Bank Embezzlement.
    The examination which recently took place before Justice Connolly, in regard to the charge against Sackett, for embezzling the funds of the Market Bank, was closed several weeks ago, but as yet no decision has been rendered by the Magistrate. It will probably be given to the public in the early part of the coming week."
    [Researched & transcribed by Thurmon King]
  • Poughkeepsie Journal, Dutchess County, New York, 28 Aug 1967, page 18
    "Mrs. Elliot, Town Resident
    Mrs. Anna Sackett Elliott, 31, of 2 Silver Lane, Town of Poughkeepsie, died yesterday at Highland Hospital, Beacon, after a short illness.
    Mrs. Elliott was born in Poughkeepsie on Dec. 26, 1935. She was the daughter of Benjamin Sackett, Staatsburg, and Ruth Pataki, Poughkeepsie.
    On Dec. 17, 1955, she married Frank L. Elliott in Pleasant Valley. She was a communicant of St. Mary's Church, Wappingers Falls.
    In addition to her husband and parents, Mrs. Elliott is survived by three sons, Dale Robert, Gary Frank and Kevin Joseph; three daughters, Linda Marie, Debra Ann and Patricia Ann; four brothers, Charles, Hyde Park, Joseph Vienna, Va., and Frederick and James, Poughkeepsie; one sister, Mrs. James (Edna) Schwartz, Rhinebeck, and several nieces and nephews.
    Funeral services will be conducted Thursday at 9:15 a.m. at McCornac Funeral Home, 11 N. Clinton St., and at 10 a.m. at St. Mary's Church, Wappingers Falls, where a Mass of Requiem will be offered. Burial will be in St. Mary's Cemetery, Wappingers Falls.
    Friends may call at 11 N. Clinton St., Wednesday from 7 to 9 p.m."
    [Transcript from digital image, (Researched by Ted Smith).]
  • Meadville Tribune Republican, Crawford County, Pennsylvania, Wed, 12 Jan 1916
    "Death of M. W. Sackett"
    "Myron Ward Sackett, one of the oldest and best known citizens of Meadville, passed away Wednesday morning about 7 o'clock at his home on Liberty street. He had been ill for several weeks but had recovered sufficiently during the past two weeks to be out and visit his office, but suffered a relapse recently. The end came peacefully, the direct cause being a cerebral hemorrhage. Mr. Sackett was born in Trumbull county, Ohio, October 24, 1841. He came to Meadville in 1861, arriving by the first train run eastward on the A. & G. W. railroad, now the Erie. He engaged in the clothing business with his half-brother, E. W. Tanner, the firm being known as Sackett & Tanner. In 1869 he went to Pittsburgh where he entered the wholesale crockery business. While there he became interested in the work of the Ancient Order of United Workmen, the oldest of the fraternal insurance orders, and to this organization he devoted the remainder of his life, serving as the general secretary or Supreme Recorder for 36 years. During this time Mr. Sackett also served for 12 years as secretary of the National Fraternal Congress, an association of the principal fraternal associations of the United States and Canada. He was recognized as a leader in fraternal insurance work and was widely known throughout the county on account of his long association with the work of the Ancient Order of United Workmen and of the National Fraternal Congress. He returned to Meadville in 1879, and this city has since then been the central office of the A. G. U. W. Mr. Sackett was married August 15, 1866, to Miss Sarah V. Barber, of Meadville, who survives him, together with their five children; Mrs. Seth S. Terry, of Montclair, New Jersey; Mrs. William P. Haines, of Buffalo, New York; Mrs. Walter Irving Bates, of Meadville; Ward M. Sackett, of Corvallis, Montana and Edgar H. Sackett, of Meadville. Two half brothers also survive; E. P. Tanner, of Canfield, and Horace Tanner, of Youngstown. M. W. Sackett was a man of genial and friendly disposition, who had many devoted friends who knew his value and admired his character. He was a devoted husband and father, and outside of the demands of his business most of his interest and pleasure were in his home. His nature was loyal and sincere; simple and natural in his tastes, he was of an independent cast of mind and despised all shams and pretenses. The services were conducted by the Rev. Henry T. Secrist, pastor of the Unitarian church, the church of Mr. Sackett and his family, and were impressive in their simplicity. Reading from the Beatitudes, and a few appropriate selections from familiar poems, Mr. Secrist closed with an earnest prayer. There was no eulogy, no sermon, the well known life of Mr. Sackett and selections that were read harmonizing as a fitting testimonial to his memory; and after the attending friends had departed the family and those remaining with them accompanied the remains to Greendale, where the final rites were conducted and the earthly chapter of an honored and esteemed life was closed."
    [Find A Grave transcript]
  • Mahoning Dispatch, Mahoning County, Ohio, Fri, 14 Jan 1916
    "Home Happenings—Mr. E. P. Tanner received a telegram Wednesday morning advising him of the death of his half brother, Myron W. Sackett, in Meadville, Pa. No particulars were given as to the cause of death. Deceased was born and reared in Canfield Township and was about 72 years of age. He had resided in Meadville for many years and was grand recorder of the AOUW. He is survived by his wife, two sons and three daughters."
    [Find A Grave transcript]
  • Meadville Tribune, Crawford County, Pennsylvania, Mon, 17 Jan 1916 "Supreme Recorder Ancient Order United Workman—The Last Obsequies" "Republican of Jan. 17th, we clip the following as to the last obsequies of our deceased brother; In the presence of a very large gathering of friends, including many of the representative business men of the city and a large number from a distance, services in memory of Mr. Myron W. Sackett were held at the residence on Liberty street, at 2 o'clock Saturday afternoon, and the interment was made in Greendale cemetery. There were members present from the various Orders to which Mr. Sackett belonged, and from the Chamber of Commerce, the latter attending in a body. The offering of flowers was very large and beautiful. The casket was banked with flowers, largely of roses, and many such tributes were arranged in the adjoining rooms." [Find A Grave transcript]


  • The London Gazette, 22 Oct 1830.
    "The Court of Relief of Insolvent Debtors.
    The Matters of the Petitions and Schedules of the Prisoners hereinafter named … are appointed to be heard at the Court-House, in Portugal Street, Lincoln's-Inn-Fields, on Friday 12 November 1830 ….
    Sackett, Vincent Edward (sued and committed by the name of Vincent Sackett), formerly of White's Grounds, Bermondsey, and at the same time of No. 21, Salisbury-lane, Dock-Head, Bermondsey, Fellmonger, and late of No. 21, Salisbury-lane, Dock-Head, Bermondsey, aforesaid, all in the County of Surrey, Journeyman Fellmonger."
    [The Gazette ( (Researched by Joan Leary)]
  • The London Gazette, 31 Jan 1834.
    "Notice is hereby given, that a meeting of the Creditors of Sackett Darby, late of the parish of Saint Lawrence, and of Ramsgate, in the Isle of Thanet, and County of Kent, Shoe-Maker, an Insolvent Debtor, will be held at the Spread Eagle Inn, Ramsgate aforesaid, on the 20th day of February next, at the hour of Eleven in the Forenoon, to approve of the manner and place at which the real estate of the said Sackett Darby shall be sold by public auction; also to consent to and authorise or dissent from the Assignee of the estate and effects of the said Sackett Darby commencing, prosecuting, or defending any suit or suits at law or in equity, for the recovery of any part of the estate and effects of the said Sackett Darby; or to the compounding, submitting to arbitration any differences or disputes between the Assignee and any person or persons for or on account of or by reason of any matter, cause, or thing whatsoever relating to the estate and effects of the said Sackett Darby."
    [The Gazette ( (Researched by Chris Sackett)]
  • The London Gazette, 16 Apr 1897.
    "Notice is hereby given that the Partnership formerly subsisting between us the undersigned Edward Sackett and John Sackett carrying on business as Ironmongers at Nos. 17 and 19 Hare-street Woolwich in the county of London under the style or firm of Messrs. E. and J. Sackett has terminated the said Edward Sackett having retired from the firm. The business is now carried on at 17 and 19 Hare-street Woolwich aforesaid under the style or firm of J. Sackett by the said John Sackett alone to whom all sums owing to the late Partnership may be paid and by whom all debts of the late firm will be paid.—Dated this fifth day of April one thousand eight hundred and ninety-seven.
    Edward Sackett.
    John Sackett."
    [The Gazette ( (Researched by Chris Sackett)]
  • The London Gazette, 3 June 1913.
    "Notice is hereby given, that the Partnership heretofore subsisting between us, the undersigned, Edward Gaskell Sackett and Edward Stewart Gordon Sackett, carrying on business as Chartered Accountants, at No. 1, Middle-pavement, Nottingham, under the style or firm of E.G. Sackett and Son, has been dissolved by mutual consent as and from the thirty-first day of May, 1913. Each of them, Edward Gaskell Sackett and Edward Stewart Gordon Sackett, will carry on business in future on his separate account.—Dated the 31st day of May, 1913.
    Ed. G. Sackett.
    E. S. Gordon Sackett."
    [The Gazette ( (Researched by Chris Sackett)]
  • Daily Nonpareil, Council Bluffs, Iowa, Thursday April 13, 1933
    Special to The Nonpareil.
    GREENFIELD, April 13.—Relatives have received notice of the death of Gibson Sackett, former Adair county resident, who died at Washington, Kansas. Funeral services were held last Thursday. Mr. Sackett is survived by his widow and two daughters. Death was due to a stroke of paralysis."
    [Researched by Ted Smith.]
  • The Belleville Telescope, Kansas 7 Jan 1982
    "Ceremony Unites Washington Countians
    Ilah Sackett of Washington and Robert B. Henderson of Mahaska were united in marriage in a private ceremony at the Christian Church in Washington at 12 p.m., December 28.
    The ceremony was performed by Rev. Robert G. Molby of Kansas City, nephew of the bride; Steve Burkun of Washington.
    Musicians were Mr. and Mrs. Cain of San Antonio, Tex.
    The bride was escorted by her nephew, Eugene G. Molby of Ulysses, Kan.
    Attending the couple were: Mrs. Bernard Miller, niece of the bride; Mrs. Harold Root, sister of the groom; Harold Root of Hollenberg; Bernard Miller of Lawrence.
    A luncheon was served at the Steak House in Washington following the ceremony.
    The bride is a former Mahaska grade school teacher.
    The groom is a retired mail carrier.
    The couple is at home in Mahaska."
    [Transcript from digital image, (Researched by Ted Smith).]


  • Winn Parish Enterprise, 18 Apr 1935
    "Mrs. Mary E. Lasyone, 83 years, 1 month, and 25 days of age, died at the home of her son, R. A. Lasyone, in Verda, Saturday, April 13, 1935.
    Funeral services were conducted at the Verda Baptist Church Sunday, April 14th with the Rev. G. B. Foster in charge.
    Mrs. Lasyone was born February 18, 1852, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Reuben Sackett of the Black Creek Community. She was the wife of John B. Lasyone. She was a devoted member of the Baptist Church of Verda, a loving mother, and a friend to all who knew her.
    The surviving children are R. A. Lasyone, Verda; R. J. and R. R. Lasyone, Winnfield; W. S. Lasyone, Dry Prong; step children: Mrs. J. M. Lashley and F. E. Lasyone, Atlanta, Route 2; Mrs. A. J. Keith, Dry Prong, Route 2; A. Lasyone and Mrs. Senda [sic Serena] Lashley of Verda."
    [Src: Find A Grave, Ron Manley]


  • The Daily News, Genesee County, New York, 3 Apr 2017.
    "Ralph E Sackett, 91, passed away on April 2, 2017 at Cedar Ridge Center in Skowhegan, Maine.
    He was born Sept. 27, 1925 in Bergen, last of nine children of Burt and Mary Sackett (seven boys, two girls)—all born in the family home located on Rochester Street. In 1932, at the age of 7 he was inflicted with polio. This was the same year the buildings on east side of Main Street burned.
    He attended Bergen High School, leaving when he was a senior to work on an agricultural farm (Curtis Brothers) due to war, working there until August of 1950. In 1950, he began work at Gerber Baby Foods, working there until 1980 when the plant moved to North Carolina. At this time, he began work for the DOT in Spencerport and The Park Way until his retirement in 1992.
    He married Dorothy Stein in 1947 and they had three children. He built his home on Leroy Street in Bergen in 1950 to 1951, living there until 1993 when he moved to Florida. He lived in Florida 1993 to 2007, moving to Maine to live with his son Michael.
    He was an active member of the Bergen Fire Department until 1980, being assistant chief for many years. He was one of the five founding members of Bergen Rod & Gun Club started in 1949. He was a member for a short time of Odd Fellows.
    He is predeceased by his wife Dorothy and a daughter MaryBeth. He is survived by a son Michael Sackett (Nancy) of Solon, Maine and a daughter Anne Maturi (George) of Gettysburg, Pa.; five grandchildren—Teresa Matthews, Jennifer Park, Sarah Raji, Nicholas Maturi and Brenda Maturi; nine great-grandchildren and three great great-grandchildren, several nieces and nephews.
    In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to Mount Rest Cemetery Association, 76 South Lake Road, Bergen, NY 14416.
    Graveside services will be held at Mount Rest Cemetery at a later date."
    [The Daily News ( Researched by Chris Sackett]


  • Steele Enterprise, Steele, Missouri, 1 Apr 1937
    "Like a thief in the night death called to rest Mrs. Mandy Margaret Johnson, the beloved wife of Samuel Roy Johnson, of the Gobler vicinity. She was age 39 years, 2 months and 7 days.
    Mrs. Johnson died at her home March 20, 1937 after a short illness of acute indigestion.
    Mrs. Johnson was born in Kewanee in New Madrid County. In 1920 she moved to near New Survey and has since made her home there. Mr. and Mrs. Johnson had been married almost 25 years. To this union eight children, seven boys and one daughter, were born, who with the husband survive. They are as follows: Leroy James of St. Francesville, Ill., James Franklin of Berkley, Calif., Rufus R., Wesley Vines, Margaret Ann, Dallas Terry, Hubert Elmer, and Richard Ralph of Steele.
    The deceased had many friends and was one to always lend a helping hand in sickness and death and it is said that she would lay down her life for a friend—no greater love has no man that he that lays down his life for a friend.
    She is sadly missed by all who loved her. She has gone to Heaven and we cling to the thought that "she cannot come to us, but we can go to her."
    The body was laid to rest in the Coleman Cemetery near Denton on March 23rd. Services were conducted by friends."
  • Daily Republic, Mitchell, South Dakota, 6 Jul 1971
    "Funeral services for Edmund S. Sackett, 82, will be at 9:30 pm Wednesday at the United Methodist Church with the Rev. Joel Rickenbach officiating.
    The body will lie in state Tuesday evening at the Cazer Funeral home in Plankinton. Burial will be in the White Lake Cemetery.
    Mr. Sackett was born March 3, 1889 in Plainview, Brule County, Dakota Territory to Mr. and Mrs. Charles Sackett and died July 2 at a Mitchell hospital.
    Survivors include two daughters, Mrs. Edgar (Alice) Nelson, Seattle, Wash. and Mrs. Floyd (Lorraine) Mahoney, Detroit; one sister, Dora Beddoe, Kasson, Minn., nine grandchildren, and two great grandchildren.
    He was preceded in death by his wife, the former Maude Overman, and a brother, LaRoy, 1 daughter Elsie Ruth Briggs,1 grandson and 2 great grandchildren."
    [Find A Grave transcription]
  • State, Columbia, South Carolina, 29 Sep 1993
    "Loretta Sackett
    Services for Loretta M Gille Sackett, 81, will be private in Minnesota at a later date. Dunbar Funeral Home, Gervais Street Chapel, is in charge. Memorials may be made to the National Wildlife Federation.
    Mrs Sackett, wife of the late Richard R. Sackett, died Monday, Sept. 27, 1993. Born in Minneapolis, she was the daughter of the late Hugh and Katherine Gille. She retired from the Department of Social Services and was a former member of the Pilot's Club.
    Surviving are a son, David Sackett of Darlington; a daughter, Katherine McLeod of Columbia; and one grandchild."
    [Transcribed from GenealogyBank image]


  • San Diego Union, 23 Jul 1954
    "Mrs. Matilda S. Borden, 94, of 4659 Mississippi St. died yesterday in her home. A native of San Luis Obispo, she had lived here 22 years. She was a member of the Native Daughters of the Golden West. Services will be held at 9:30 a.m. today at Lewis Colonial Mortuary with graveside rites to be at 2:30 p.m. at Sunnyside Cemetery, Long Beach. Survivors include two daughters, Ida M. Kennedy and Mrs. Ross M. Wilsie of San Diego." [Transcribed from Find A Grave image]
  • Boston Herald, 25 May 1964
    "Reginald Sackett, Orchestra Leader, Rites Wednesday
    Reginald L. Sackett, 63, of 46 Upham St., Melrose, dance orchestra leader, died yesterday.
    He organized and led the band that bore his name, and was widely-known throughout Greater Boston during the early 1950s.
    Born in Glen Falls, N.Y., Sackett was a member of the Wyoming Lodge, A.F.&A.M. and other Masonic bodies.
    He leaves his wife Doris (Estes) and two sons, David Peter, a student at the University of Massachusetts and Richard E. of Wakefield.
    Services will be held Wednesday at 2:30 p.m. in the Robinson Chapel, Melrose."
    [Transcribed from GenealogyBank image]
  • Boston Traveler, 26 May 1964
    Deaths, "Sackett—Suddenly, in Melrose, May 24 Reginald L. of 46 Upham St. husband of Doris (Estes) and father of Richard E. and David P. Sackett. Services at Robinson Chapel, 809 Main St., Wednesday at 2:30. Friends may call Tuesday 7 to 9."
    [Transcribed from GenealogyBank image]
  • Springfield Union, 6 Mar 1988
    "Doris E. Kenyon.
    Amherst—Doris (Estes) Kenyon, 80, formerly of Riverside Park Apartments, died yesterday at a local nursing home. Born in Cambridge, she was graduated from Everett High School and the Bryant and Stratton School of Business in Boston. She was a member of First Baptist Church in Melrose. She lived in Stoneham and Melrose before moving to Amherst in 1978. Her first husband, Reginald L. Sackett, died in 1964, and her second husband, Roland A. Kenyon, died in 1978. She leaves two sons, David P. Sackett of Hadley and Richard E. Sackett of Waltham, and five grandchildren. The funeral will be Tuesday afternoon at Douglass Funeral Home, with burial in Lindenwood Cemetery, Stoneham. Memorial contributions may be made to the Amherst Nursing Home."


  • New York Herald, New York City, 16 Nov 1872
    "Orchard–Sackett.—On Thursday, November 14, at St. Luke's church, Darien, Conn., by the Rev. Louis M. French, William Henry Orchard, of New York, to Hattie A. Sackett, daughter of the late James Sackett, Esq., and stepdaughter of John Jay Bell, Esq., of Darien, Conn. No cards."
    [CRS Jan 2017]