John Sackett (the fisherman)

(btw 1585 & 1586-1634)
FatherThomas Sackett the younger (c 1557-1615)
MotherMartha Strowde (c 1560-1631/32)
John Sackett, son of Thomas Sackett the younger and Martha Strowde, and brother of Simon Sackett the colonist, was baptized at St Peter's Church, Thanet, KentG, on 9 January 1585/86.1 It is concluded below that he was very likely to have been the John Sackett, the fisherman, who made his will in 1628 and was buried at St Peter's ChurchG, on 2 December 1634.2 He was probably the 'godson John Sackett' mentioned in his grandfather Thomas Sackett's will of 1594.3 He was also probably the John Sackett who married Elizabeth Kitchen at St Peter's Church on 4 November 1611.4,5
     Information on John Sackett the fisherman is taken from his will, made in St Peter in Thanet on 1 April 1628. The description of him as a fisherman is taken from that will. The will names his wife Elizabeth to whom he left the bulk of his estate. The naming of Elizabeth in the will supports the conclusion that it was this John Sackett who married Elizabeth Kitchen in 1611. Most importantly the will names John's brother Simon. It also refers to other unnamed brothers and a sister to whom he left six pence each.6 The will was proved in the Archdeaconry Court, Canterbury, KentG, on 8 January 1635.6
     The conclusion that John the son of Thomas the younger and John Sackett the fisherman were one and the same is based on the reference in the fisherman's will to a brother Simon. This is the only reference in English records of this period to a Simon Sackett other than the records undoubtedly relating to Simon Sackett the colonist – his baptism in 1595, his two marriages in 1618 and 1627, and the baptisms of his three daughters. Given the rarity of the name Simon, it would seem a remote possibility that there would have been two pairs of brothers named Simon and John. It is a reasonable conclusion that the sons John and Simon born to Thomas Sackett the younger were the same as the brothers John and Simon of John Sackett’s will of 1628.
     If the family tradition, as recounted by Weygant in his Sacketts of America, about the emigrant brothers Simon and John Sackett is correct, then it would have been this John Sackett who accompanied his brother Simon to the New World in 1630/31. He would thus have been the proposed colonist John Sackett and father of John Sackett of New Haven, colonist who was to marry Agnes Tinkham in New Haven in 1652.
     If this John did indeed emigrate with Simon, then it must follow that he returned from New Haven to Kent sometime before or during 1634. However, none of this is supported by the detail of the will which makes no mention of any children, the beneficiaries being John's wife Elizabeth, and his brothers and sisters.
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